Do You Know Chicago Murder Victim #28 from May, 2015?


Update 2/1/17

As you can see below in my original story posted on 8/4/16, there had been 385 murders in Chicago. It got worse. From that time until the end of the year, 2016, 399 more people were murdered. Each one of them a person, not just a statistic. You should go to the “Chicago Tribune” site and read the names of all 784 victims. As I’ve said before, they deserve people to know that they once lived on this earth.

It seems like the violence in Chicago has gone on forever. The other night I saw a follow-up to the HBO documentary “Hoop Dreams” first shown in 1994.  Arthur Agee and William Gates, star high school basketball players at that time, were the featured players in the film, both trying to make it to the NBA, which they didn’t. The follow-up caught up with  Arthur Agee and a person who had a smaller role in “Hoop Dreams” Shawn Harrington.

What struck me was not only the loss of their dream of not making it to the NBA, but the personal close losses they have suffered.  Harrington’s mother was killed during a home invasion in 1993.  As Harrington said, the robbers chased her out into the backyard and killed her there.  Agee’s father was killed in 2004.

Harrington said that while he and Agee were playing, there was in effect what he called a “hoopers’ pass” in which the gangs did not kill high school basketball players. That is no longer in effect today, because several high school basketball players, star or otherwise, have been murdered.

In 2014, Harrington was stopped at a red light. Two men pulled up in a car and started shooting. Harrington bent over to cover and protect his daughter, which he did, but a couple of bullets hit him and paralyzed him.  The two men were finally apprehended and tried January, 2017, and convicted. The shooting was a case of mistaken identity.  I’m sure that’s great news for Shawn Harrington.

Rahm Emanuel, the re-elected mayor of Chicago, last year I believe, maintains that Chicago is a Sanctuary City, and doesn’t want the federal government interfering in their business. To me that’s saying leave our criminals alone, they are only killing people, mostly our citizens.  What stark raving lunacy.

President Donald Trump, whether you like him or not, has said he will clean up the city, and lower the murder rate considerably by deporting gang members who are here illegally. That should get rid of some of the problem, and if it doesn’t cure all of the problem, I think he will continue aggressive action until it does.

President Donald Trump regards those who died as human beings, and that they were important to someone or a number of someones.

What about Rahm Emanuel? You’ll have to ask him, as he sits at his desk in the mayor’s office while more are murdered.

Original Story Posted 8/4/16

I doubt it. Nobody else knows him/her. Not the Chicago police, the coroner, CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), or the FBI Fingerprint Database. Nobody or nothing.

The Chicago Tribune runs the names of the murder victims each month, and numbers them as they occur. The list online goes back to January 1, 2015.

There were 490 murders in 2015, and 385 thus far this year. I read the names of all 385 for 2016. Yes I did read the names of all the victims for 2016. It tore into my soul, but I read them, and you have to remember this is a white guy talking, and we’re talking about mostly black victims.

There was another unidentified victim in 2015, #16 in August, 2015.

For 2016 there have been a total of 9 unidentified victims up to now, 1 in March, 1 in May, 6 in July, and 1 in August. I think there is a high possibility they will identify the 1 in August, and the 6 in July. The 1 in May. And the 1 in March may have to remain as John or Jane Doe.

The Chicago Tribune does not identify the unidentified victims by male or female, black or white, young or old, just simply unidentified.

The names I read from the 2016 list of murder victims contained some girls/women which is evident by their names. But the vast majority are of boys/men.

None are identified as to whether they are black or white, but based on many reports I have read and seen on TV, the wholesale majority have to be black victims of black on black crime. For purposes of writing, I will assume henceforth that I am dealing with black male victims.

I’m sure any Mom in Chicago and the Chicago area, if their son left home, and never returned, I would think of the 11 still unidentified , there is a possibility that the recent 7 might still be identified as being from Chicago or the Chicago area, and their Mom would be down to the morgue to identify them. I’m betting the Dad is nowhere to be found, and completely oblivious that his son is dead. What a shame.

The 4 remaining who are unidentified may be from outside Chicago, and never be identified.

Can you imagine a Mom sitting at home tonight wondering where her son is? She has no idea he lies in a pauper’s grave somewhere in Chicago or a close outlying area.  I don’t think the coroner can store the unidentified bodies in a refrigerated unit for an extended period of time, because Chicago has so many murders, they would run out of space. Perhaps these unidentified victims came to Chicago without ever telling their Mom or anybody else, and their Moms have no idea where to look.

So she sits waiting for her son to come through the front door, but that will never happen.

In reading the names of victims for 2016 (and this applies for victims of any period of time) I wonder what some of them might have been, doctors, lawyers, engineers, a credit to any professional vocation they might have chosen, and worked hard to get there?

But they were all denied that because of a senseless killing.  Very young, and I do know that from reports I have read, 3 and 4 year-olds, they never even got a chance to know what life is about. There is nothing in the world they ever did that would have warranted anybody killing them, or 10 or 12 year olds for that matter.

Older young men in their teens may have gotten involved in drugs and the drug trade, and gangs, but that is still no excuse for their deaths. We, society, were denied the opportunity of seeing these young men realize what they were doing, and re-applied themselves to life, and became a credit to society, as we called it in my day.

But the murders continue. Rahm Emanuel (D) was recently reelected as mayor of Chicago. He’s done very little to stem the murders. One weekend he did have the governor to call in the National Guard to quell the violence. Little good that did. Chicago needs a presence of force period to find the drug dealers, small and large, and where the drugs are coming from. They need to stop any criminal activity, and put pressure on federal judges to sentence these murderers to some legit jail time.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are natives of Chicago. In the case of Barack he hasn’t even mentioned that Chicago has a crime problem, and Hillary hasn’t either. Nothing like a loyal son and daughter to help you with a major problem. But both of them live in a surreal world, don’t they?

I’m quite certain the blacks of Chicago are going to vote 104% for Hillary for President, the extra 4% is for those who vote twice or more.  When you do, you will still have her ignoring your problem, and still have your normal number of murders in the streets, and murders of innocent victims in drive-by shootings. If Donald Trump sets his mind to it as President, he will send in the forces necessary to tell all the criminals Chicago is not a good place to operate, and he’s not even a native of Chicago.

Meantime, based on the number of murders already, by the end of 2016 there should be a total of 660 murders for the year. I will read the names of the additional, those of victims whose murders have not happened yet.

If there are less than 660 murders for 2016, I will ask those who were not killed, why do they think they were not murdered.

A horrible thought just crossed my mind. Suppose one of those unidentified was an errant son, who didn’t respect his Mom at home, or went out into a life of crime, and she didn’t care to claim his body?

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