Heroes and Cowards; the Khan Story


Khizr Khan is  the father of a Muslim son, who served for the United States in Iraq, and died protecting his men there in 2004, Khan should have talked to Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith and Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, both men killed in the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12. Khan should have done that before he took center stage at the DNC Convention to support Hillary Clinton. Surely the parents of three men who had been killed by terrorists would have more in common than being drawn into Hillary’s web.

When the plane arrived carrying the bodies of all four men killed in Benghazi, and the caskets were honorably carried out of the back of the plane and presented, as I believe it is called, in the hangar, at Dover Air Force Base, Hillary Clinton, then as Secretary of State, told both Patricia Smith and Charles Woods independently of each one hearing what she said, that their sons died because of people angry over a video condemning Mohammed. Patricia Smith and Charles Woods both confirmed that on TV numerous times.

Hillary Clinton knew it was a lie at the time she told it, because that night she e-mailed her daughter Chelsea and two foreign government officials that it was a terror attack.

When the bodies of those men were lying in their caskets in that hangar, that became consecrated ground where Hillary became the ultimate liar. Hillary, one can not stoop lower in life than that.

Susan Rice on that following Sunday was on several TV shows reiterating that it was the video that caused the attack.

Hillary Clinton within the last week has called Patricia Smith a liar. She has then said she was sorry that Patricia Smith and Charles Woods misunderstood what she said. Hillary can not make up her mind what lie plays best in public.

Mr. Khan, this is the person you are supporting. Why? Are you saying that Hillary Clinton is honest in the Benghazi matter, and that Patricia Smith and Charles Woods are lying?

Their sons were killed in Benghazi (Hillary Clinton had a chance to send our military out of a base in Spain for rescue operations and did not). Your son was killed in Iraq.

Surely you identify more with Patricia Smith and Charles Woods than you do with Hillary Clinton. But you haven’t, have you?

The biggest fool, Mr. Khan, is the fool who does not realize he has been a fool in the first place.

But it’s worse than that. You are a coward, Mr. Khan. You have desecrated the name of your son, a true hero, by politicizing his death. One can not stoop lower in life than that.

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