A Murder Victim Shot in a Bizarre Place


I have written numerous murder stories, some that the victim or victims was shot in some odd places, probably because the killer had a bad aim. This was no random shot, and this was unusual.

The kill shot was to the head, but the graphic police photo from the ID TV show “Killer Instinct” showed a shot to the, shall we say, sexual area of the woman victim Karen Harkness. Her fiance, the second murder victim, Mike Sisco was shot, but not there.

If you combine that with an e-mail that Mike Sisco’s ex-wife Dana Chandler sent to Hailey, her and Mike’s daughter, in 1999 in which Chandler said, among other things, that Karen Harkness only had to “spread her legs”, I’m assuming to satisfy Mike Sisco, then I think you don’t have to look too much further for the killer.

That wasn’t the case. The murders took place at the Harkness home in Topeka, Kansas in 2002, and Dana Chandler’s trial didn’t happen until 2012.

I’m not sure when the police became aware of the e-mail from Dana Chandler to her daughter Hailey Sisco. It might have been later when she and her brother Dustin were older and became convinced their mother killed their father and his girlfriend.

If I had been the police investigators, I would not have needed the e-mail to know who did it. A shot to the sexual area of a woman is indicative of only one thing, and that is that the killer had issues with whom her husband was having sex. I’m surprised her deviant thinking didn’t cause her to shoot him in his sexual area.

When Hailey and Dustin were young, Dana Chandler would take them along, and sit out in front of the Harkness house, spying on Mike and Karen. She would make harassing phone calls. At the time of the murders in 2002 Hailey and Dustin were old enough to tell the police that.

The Sisco divorce had occurred in 1997, and by 2002 Dana Chandler was living in Denver, which was 540 miles from Topeka.

When the police questioned Dana Chandler, she swore she was at home during the time of the murders, then at a later time said she had gone to hike in the mountains when forest fires around Denver made that story a lie.

The investigators could find no evidence that Dana Chandler had driven the 540 miles to Topeka and back to Denver, checking refueling locations along the route to see if she had stopped there.

By the time the case came to trial in 2012, the police investigators had found that she bought two five gallon gas cans in Denver, and knew between a full tank of gas, and two five-gallon cans full of gas, she could make it to Topeka, and start back to Denver before she needed any gas. Exactly where she refueled her car on the trip back to Denver was apparently never found.

According to the TV show both Hailey and her brother Dustin eventually wore a concealed tape recorder when they met with their mother, but she never directly admitted killing their father and Karen Harkness, only alluding to a vague connection to the murders.

An investigator in the trial reconstructed what he thought happened. Mike and Karen had been out for dinner, or some other place, came home, went to bed, Dana waited for them to go to sleep, then went in the house, with a key or otherwise, and shot them 12 times, although 1 or 2 of the bullets missed them. She wore gloves to protect the crime scene, and a disguise, I suppose, in case anyone outside saw her. Of course she couldn’t disguise her car, which some witnesses testified they saw a car matching the description of hers parked in front of the Harkness house at the time of the murders.

Why do some people become so obsessed, that they are willing to commit murder? You tell me. I have no idea.

Divorces sometimes are quite vicious before they are finally concluded, and then there is resentment, much resentment, afterwards.  Mike was able to get a new life, but apparently Dana was not. Her life after the divorce must have been filled with total hate.

I don’t understand that because I like to look on the better side of life. I’m betting all of my readers like to look on the better side of life. Hate destroys you, and in this case, becomes so ingrained in your soul, you are willing to commit two murders.

What a pitiful existence from the 1997 divorce to the murders in 2002.  Then what? What did Dana Chandler feel after she killed her ex Mike and Karen? Relief?  Exhilaration? Euphoria? I have no idea. You’re have to visit Dana in the penitentiary and ask her, because that is when she will be for the rest of her life.

She got almost 10 years of freedom after the murders in 2002 and her trial in 2012.  Did she have any recriminations? Any remorse? Not that I found. I think that qualifies her as a cold-hearted killer. A person who cares not for human life.

If she had a replay for the murders that night, would anything be different? I don’t think so.

And the shot to Karen’s sexual area, I don’t think that would change either.

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