A Serial Killer Stops Killing, or Does He?


The FBI is offering a $50,000 reward for the killer best known by the name Golden State Killer or GSK. What’s unique is that he killed his last known victim 30 years ago.

The anniversary of his first attack was on June 18, 1976, so they are hyping the fact it’s been forty years since that time.

This guy is a multi-criminal. He’s known to have killed at least 12 people, mostly women, but in some cases married couples. He’s committed 45 known rapes, and innumerable burglaries.

When you talk about cold cases, this one must have been in the back of the freezer for years.

Why do they think he’s still alive? That is not made clear by any public officials. Are they afraid he will strike again? Has he struck again? Your guess is as good as mine.  Maybe they don’t want to alarm the public.

The 12 murders have been linked to one person by DNA, which the tests for that were not available back when the murders were committed, and other evidence which they do not specify.

The murders were basically in the Irvine, San Francisco area, and Sacramento.

What’s shocking to me is that all people who are in prison do not have to give their DNA. He could have been in prison since 1986 on an unrelated crime, and they don’t have his DNA in the CODIS database. Maybe he was released from prison, and is again out there.

Was that last paragraph fiction. I wish it were. Any criminal admitted to prison should have to give their DNA. Apparently they cannot force a person to give their DNA.

And the creepy aspect of this is that when police on the outside are tracking a possible suspect, and he won’t give his DNA, they simply follow him to a fast food place and collect his DNA when he has discarded a cup he drank from or straw, or whatever.

In a prison, it would seem the authorities cannot collect DNA even though it is available every day when a prisoner eats. The rights of the prisoners take precedent over the rights of the victims and their families. Absolutely amazing.  What kind of PC has been perpetrated here?

Early on this fellow was described by surviving victims as of average height, blonde or light brown hair, and young. The FBI says that now he is probably 60-75 years of age.

Did he really stop killing or just simply move in another area, maybe even outside California, and use a different method of killing, and the connection has never been made in the two areas?

It’s difficult to believe a serial killer would stop killing, unless he was caught for another crime, or suffered a physical condition that prevented him from being able to continue, or was killed himself.

Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific killers ever, never stopped until he was caught. He did try to bargain out information about the women he killed to gain him more time before his execution.  To a degree he was successful, but at some point that didn’t work, and he met the grim reaper one night in the electric chair. There is no telling how many women he ridiculed before he killed them, and he himself was ridiculed when they shaved his head before the electrocution, and ruined his good looks and charming personality. The shaving of his head did make good contact to complete the electrical circuit through his body for the ramped-up voltage to do the job. If I had been the executioner, I would have gone low voltage first to let him suffer, and gradually increased it. When questioned afterwards about my cruel and unusual punishment of Bundy,  I would have simply said, “Oops, my mistake. Shall we have a do-over?”

Some speculate that GSK married and had kids. I don’t think a person could put a total face of innocence forward for a wife and kids, and never once slip up to where his wife did not know.

GSK took various things in the murders, rapes, and burglaries. Items that were not easily disposed of through pawn shops, items like coins, silverware, etc. By 1986 he had to have a large stash of these items. Did anyone who knew him ever see any of these items, and wonder?

Oh, by the way. He had a couple of periods within that 10 year span where he was not active. Why?

The FBI must think someone knows who he is, and the money will cause them to come forward. Maybe a relative. But blood is thicker than money, to paraphrase, or is it? Maybe it wasn’t worth it to the relative to turn GSK in because their conscience bothered them, but fifty grand might be a different matter. Didn’t the unibomber’s brother turn him in, and collect a substantial reward?

I once heard a detective say that if the DNA was available on all people in prison, at least 50% of the murders in this country would be solved.

What kind of dumbinality has been concocted here?

GSK might have slipped through the gaping hole of sensibility in the criminal justice system.

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