A Small Detail in the UVA Frat House Sexual Assault Case


A Small Detail in the UVA Frat House Sexual Assault Case. I’ll give you my opinion as to what happened and why.

On September 28, 2012, “Jackie” claimed she was sexually assaulted at a fraternity party at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

It wasn’t reported to the police.

On April 21, 2013 “Jackie” met with a dean of the school to talk about her poor grades. There’s the clue. Unless times have changed, you make poor grades, and you get kicked out of college. Could it have dawned on “Jackie” while she was on the way to the dean’s office that she was sexually assaulted at a frat house on 9/28/12 six months before? If so, how convenient.

I don’t think any university is going to kick a woman out of school who claims she was sexually assaulted on campus. Not sure what happened to the poor grades. I suppose that became a non-academic issue

“Jackie” at that time would not identify the fraternity allegedly involved.

That brings us to 4/21/14 when “Jackie” meets again with the same dean saying earlier that month she was physically assaulted when one of four students threw a glass bottle at her, and struck her in the face. Her nursing student roommate helped her pick pieces of glass from her face. The nursing student said she never helped “Jackie” pick pieces of glass out of her face.

On 4/22/14 “Jackie” meets with the same dean, and in the presence of UVA police to again say she was physically assaulted earlier that month. She again refers to the sexual assault on 9/28/12 and finally names the fraternity.

She doesn’t want a report filed with the Charlottesville police department. However a detective from there does meet with her a time or two shortly afterwards. Info does get around.

On 11/19/14 Rolling Stone comes out with a story about rape and sexual assault on campuses in the U. S. “Jackie” is the focus of the story.

After that “Jackie” zips her lip and will make no statement or answer questions with her legal counsel by her side.

Here’s another tidbit. In one of her previous meetings with the same dean, “Jackie” indicated there had been two other sexual assaults at that same fraternity in 2010 and 2014.

“Jackie” goes from poor grades to the star pupil at UVA. If it had not been for the murder of a UVA college student during this span of time, the spotlight would have probably remained on “Jackie” fulltime.

Then the walls began to crumble. The Rolling Stone story has inexplicable holes in the details. Charlottesville police can find no party at the frat house on the night of 9/28/12. They can find no frat house expenditures in the frat’s bank account for a party on the night of 9/28/12, the party “Jackie” was attending on that night when the sexual assault occurred, at least that’s what she alleges.

Odd that “Jackie” would allege a sexual assault at that frat house in 2010, and yet she would go to that frat house in 2012. And then the frat house was at it again in 2014, according to her. By the way those 2010 and 2014 sexual assaults have been confirmed by no one, no victims have come forward, no witnesses, nobody.

I have no doubt there are women on college campuses who are sexually assaulted and raped, some not drinking at all, and some drunk out of their minds, and cannot remember what happened, and by whom. And the spring breaks result in additional cases, maybe even more numerous for all I know.

I don’t think “Jackie’s” case is one you would want to put in college textbooks to help resolve this problem.

Read the entire Charlottesville police report. I don’t think they plan to include “Jackie’s” case in their textbooks either.



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