A Trifecta in Death


Note 2: Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Finally today, Tuesday, Obama ordered the flag at the White House and other federal installations to be lowered to half-staff. He was making an appearance before the VFW Convention. Almost seems political, doesn’t it?

Note 1: The authorities are so willing to say the Chattanooga shooter had nothing to do with terrorism. His family, through their attorney, says he was depressed, and that he may have been on drugs, and that he was not contacted by ISIS. Pardon me while I throw up again.

How long have you heard on TV that ISIS is targeting military personnel and military installations? Correct me if I’m wrong. Those were military personnel who were killed, and the attacks occurred at military installations, one of them a recruiting station, and the other a military training center. The shooter, a Muslim, with an electrical engineering degree he obtained here in the United States, just out of the blue decided to do this. BS. He was contacted by ISIS—on TV. Please.

Original story below.

A Trifecta in Death. When four marines and one sailor went to work Thursday, they had no idea they would not return home, and had probably never heard of a trifecta in death. Unfortunately, that’s how it turned out.

The trifecta—Obama, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Empire State Building.

Five American service personnel died on American soil at the hands of a Muslim, yet Obama did not see fit to lower the flag at the White House to half-staff. He lit up the White House in rainbow colors the night of the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, yet five Americans, five innocent Americans, dying at the hands of a Muslim, were not worthy of any outward display at the White House. What is one to gather from this? That Obama loves LGBTs and Muslims, and hates American military personnel? You tell me. If I recall correctly, Obama’s father was a Muslim.

I don’t know Obama’s thinking, but I’m not alone. Millions of Americans are trying to figure it out like I am.

The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, plans to picket the funerals of all five murdered military personnel killed in Chattanooga. How a small church, (40 members by some estimates) refused affiliation by other Baptist Churches and churches of other denominations, can be allowed to do this is beyond me? The Supreme Court decisions allow them free vitriolic speech it seems anywhere. Some states have enacted laws in which Westboro picketers must maintain a distance (300 feet seems to be the most predominant distance) from the cemeteries anywhere from one to two hours before and after the funeral services. I’m not sure that the all the states where the five military personnel will be buried are protected by their own state laws. I hope so. There is a federal law as well

America no long is a democratic majority rule, but any single person or small splinter group can have the Supreme Court decide with them, and themselves rule. I don’t think our Founding Fathers envisioned the hate that this world has today. The nation was just getting started, and that was not a factor. If they had only had an idea, I’m sure they would have taken care of it in the Bill of Rights

On Friday night The Empire State Building was lit up to mark the end of Ramadan, celebrated by Muslims. They claim the lighting is an annual event. On Thursday five American military personnel were killed by a Muslim, and on Friday night one of the most recognizable buildings in the world celebrates a Muslim tradition. Would the person who authorized the lighting of the Empire State Building step forward? I, along with millions of other Americans, have a few questions to ask you. The most American of buildings, the Empire State Building, catering to a group of people, one of whom murdered five courageous Americans who dared to wear their uniforms and believe in the United States of America. Why couldn’t you have just darkened the building for one night to show Americans and not Muslims what you thought.

A trifecta in murder—Obama, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Empire State Building. Pardon me a moment, while I throw up.

The family of the Muslim who murdered the five military personnel has lawyered up, and they are saying through that lawyer that their son was depressed, and had not really known him for some time. Might they not have wanted to check to see if he had a gun? If they had, he might be receiving psychiatric treatment, and the five military personnel would still be alive.

Their son was depressed. Well, right now five families are depressed, (I’m not counting that Muslim family, because I don’t really care whether they are depressed or not) and millions of Americans throughout the United States.

I’ve yet to hear them or their lawyer apologize for their son’s actions, and the grief he caused these five families. But they are Muslims, and don’t know about an old American custom that you accept responsibility first. But then the Muslims don’t adapt to our ways, do they? They abide by Sharia law even while living in the United States, and I’m not sure apologies are allowed under Sharia law.

There are a number of Muslims in the United States. Has any one of them stepped forward to denounce these murders? Has there been a hue and cry from a large number of Muslims in America? I haven’t heard them? Have you?

I don’t care about being politically correct. Profile these people. Go in their mosques. Find out what they are doing. The entire American Muslim population is not worth one of those four Marine lives that were lost on Thursday and the sailor two days later.

If you are an American, and love Muslims better than you do Americans, then I suggest you go and live in a Muslim country for a year under their Sharia law. You will find what I am suggesting to be done here is much less than what Sharia law would do to you in their countries.

Trifecta in death. May it never happen again, but I am afraid that it will, and maybe worse. Do I think Obama’s attitude will change? No. The Westboro Baptist Church’s attitude will change? No. The attitude of those who control the lights at the Empire State Building will change? No.

God help us. Am I allowed to say that?

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