Alabama’s Dynasty


The media has given up on Alabama after their loss to Ole Miss on Saturday night. They say it’s the end of their football dynasty. They say they’re just one of many good teams now.

They might need a reminder of last year’s national champion.

In 2014, Ohio State lost to an unranked Virginia Tech team in their second game of the season. They were ranked as high as No. 8 in the AP poll before the game and dropped as low as No. 22 after the game. The loss was unexpected and set the stage for a major comeback for the Buckeyes.

Back to the point at hand, in Saturday’s game Alabama was ranked No. 2 going into the game and fell to No. 12 after the game.

Ole Miss entered the game ranked as high as No. 11 with a 2 -0  record and scored more than 70 points in their first two games.

Make no mistake, The SEC is a fierce conference. They’re extremely competitive. In fact, the conference had a record 10 teams in the AP Top 25 poll in week two of this season. The SEC also dominated on the field from 2006 – 2012  by taking home the national championship trophy.  Auburn also played for the championship in 2013 but lost to Florida State, 34-31.

On Saturday night, Ole Miss showed that they should be taken seriously. They were impressive in their victory against Alabama. They brought their A game. They capitalized on the turnovers. They had some key plays that drove them into the end zone, as well. They even had the unbelievable Tip Six play that would have any team shaking their head in disbelief.

While the outcome is not what Alabama hoped for, the team still deserves respect. Despite the fumbles and interceptions,  Alabama  never gave up. The Crimson Tide came back not once, but twice during the game. Once was from a 20-point deficit and the other, a 19-point deficit. Both times they pulled within six points of Ole Miss.

Alabama is said to have the toughest schedule of any team this year. Their opponents will continue to raise their level of play because of the standards Alabama has set. Alabama will have to step up their game if they want to stay in contention for the national championship. While the road is definitely tougher now, it’s not an impossibility.

The season is still young and chances are no team will go undefeated this year. Even the defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes struggled against Northern Illinois.  Also, how many prognosticators thought an unranked Northwestern would upset No. 21 ranked Stanford in its season opener? Then, Stanford ends up beating No. 6, USC last Saturday.

This is what is so great about college football. It’s both predictable and unpredictable at the same time. Movement will continue in the polls as the season goes on and the level of intensity will be high.

One other point that needs to be addressed is the fan base at Alabama. They’re very passionate about their team. They expect to win the national championship every year.

There’s no question that the loss to Ole Miss is a setback. However, think of 2011. A loss to LSU in the regular season didn’t keep Alabama from winning the national championship that year. Alabama was crowned national champions again in 2012 even after a loss to Texas A & M during regular season play. The loss to Ole Miss in 2014 did not prevent Alabama from winning the SEC Championship and playing in the first College Football Playoff.

Alabama fans do need to get a grip.  It’s easy to spread the blame around.  Let the player’s play and the coaches coach. Winning is part of football but so is losing. If you’re a fan that truly bleeds Crimson, rally behind your team no matter what.

The Alabama Crimson Tide fought a hard battle and can hold their heads high. They’re not hanging up their cleats. This loss does not have to define them but rather it can act as a catalyst for the rest of the season. It’s not the first time they’ve faced adversity and it won’t be the last.

To those doubters, Alabama’s dynasty is still intact. Alabama claims 15 national championships. They have the most of any team in the BCS era. Alabama is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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