Are You a Murderer?


If you support Hillary Clinton, you may as well label yourself a murderer.  Let me tell you why.

Megan Kelly last night had a review of the film “Thirteen Hours” that is about the attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans including Ambassador Stephens. She also had on the show three men who were heroes there because they saved others from being killed.

If you are supporting Hillary Clinton, you are supporting the death of those four Americans. Yes, you believe they should have been killed, murdered. You have blood on your hands, American blood, because you agree with what Hillary did , which was to sit on her fat ass and let them die. She was the Secretary of State.

The three men who were on Megan’s show said all four of the Americans could have been saved if they had not been given a stand-down order while at their compound, which was separate from the Embassy. They finally went to the rescue, defying the stand-down order which is a court martial offense.  There were other forces on high alert, and ready to fly in but they too had a stand-down order.

If you support Hillary Clinton, you support the fact that she called the family members of the men killed liars.  She said she never told them at Andrews Air Force Base when the bodies arrived  it was a video that caused the spontaneous reaction that night and not a terrorist attack. The three men on Megan’s show said they knew members of the families of the three men who were killed, and they believed them. One of the family members had written down what Hillary told them right after the ceremony at Andrews. That very night Hillary e-mailed her daughter Chelsea that it was a terrorist attack, and the next day e-mailed the Egyptian President that it was a terrorist attack.

If you support Hillary, you think the movie “Thirteen Hours” is a dramatization of what happened at Benghazi and not the truth. The three men, the heroes, were right there when the movie was made, and advised the actors and director Michael Bay about exactly what happened. That sounds factual to me.

If you support Hillary then you believe the movie “Thirteen Hours”   is not a true accounting of what happened, a “dramatization”, and that these three men are lying.

Exactly how many people does Hillary have to call liars before you begin to believe she is not telling the truth.

Original Story Posted 12/11/2015

Did you see the copy of the e-mail the Pentagon sent to the State Department? Military forces were ready to go to Benghazi during the attack. An okay was needed. Who was Secretary of State? Hillary Clinton. She had the call. If she didn’t, the only other person who did was Obama.

Did the call come? No. An order to stand down was issued, stand down meaning not to go.

That Hillary Clinton is the same Hillary Clinton running for President. That Hillary Clinton had a chance to save the lives of the four Americans who died that day and night. Instead she chose to align herself with the administration’s propaganda that it was a video ridiculing Mohammed that caused the spontaneous action that killed the four Americans.

No, according to Obama and Hillary and Susan Rice and others, a video film maker was responsible, even though they knew at the time it was a terrorist attack.

Some will argue other U. S. Embassies have been attacked. This is the only time that an attack on a U. S. Embassy has been blamed on a video. That makes it different from all the others.

The parents who were at Andrews Air Force Base when the bodies of the four men were returned were told by Hillary that it was this video film maker who caused the whole thing.

Maybe Hillary should have attended the funerals of all of the four men, and she and the parents could have had a good laugh about how such a silly mistake had been made about the video film maker being the cause when it was really terrorists.

All of these people who support Hillary now, or as Scarlett brought up-to-date might have said, “The mealy-mouthed” Hillary, must have never had a son to die as these men did. Does that make their lives worth any less because you have not had a son to die like this?

Oh, you say, just this one little discretion here should not disqualify Hillary from being President. This little discretion was four men. Four Americans. One of them an ambassador.

How will our troops function if Hillary is President? In fear, that’s what? Men who are normally fearless, because they will not know what else she will do to put them in harm’s way, and not send anyone to rescue them.

Let’s say there are 50 of our elite Special Forces surrounded by ISIS, and Hillary must act swiftly, and without second thought to save them. What will happen? She will be in the White House asking her maid, “Do you think I should wear my pink or my green dress today?”

And the daily White House security briefing that would bring her up to date on the 50 Special Forces trapped by ISIS, she would postpone it for a manicure.

What would her staff be doing all this time? Coming up with an excuse such as the video in Benghazi to rationalize why she didn’t act, and save the 50 Special Forces.

You think I am exaggerating here? What was she doing when the four men were being killed in Benghazi? Having her nails done? Having her hair done? Seeing a movie? You tell me. It certainly was not what she was supposed to be doing.

Do you want a President who will leave an American or Americans behind? That has always been the motto—no American will ever be left behind.

You are tired of reading or seeing about Benghazi. The families of the four men who were killed are tired of knowing they are dead. You can hit a key on your computer to stop reading about Benghazi, or switch channels on your TV to stop seeing about Benghazi. Were it possible for the families of the four men killed at Benghazi to hit a key on their computers, and the men would not be dead anymore, or switch channels on their TVs and find they are alive on another channel. That will never happen.

What bothers me is that so many of the American people are willing to forget about this. Are willing to blindly follow a woman who could have changed it. You who drool over Hillary, what would you have done? Would you have been a coward like she was?

Being a coward is not the American way, and we have never been willing to accept cowardice. With Hillary, we are. Some will argue with Obama we have. The American landscape has changed, but I hope not forever. John F. Kennedy never accepted cowardice, he proved that on torpedo boat PT109. Ronald Reagan never accepted cowardice when he said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that (Eastern Berlin) wall”.

Four men died at Benghazi. Four brave men, not cowards. Next time the men who die may be your family members. I would think long and hard about that.



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