Aren’t We Americans First?


I’ve been walking around on this earth a goodly number of years under the assumption that we regarded being an American above any other place we’d rather be, and that we would stand up for it. I was wrong. The Democrats have caved.

About two weeks ago, Republican senators tried to amend the Iran nuke deal with two things. Send the four American hostages home, or it’s no deal, and have Iran quit shouting, “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” every five minutes, or it’s no deal.

Forty-two Dems blocked the vote on that. If you’re not familiar with Senate rules, it’s necessary to have sixty votes to cut off a filibuster that would allow the amendment to even come up for a vote, and the Republicans did not have sixty. The amendment never came to a vote.

Do the forty-two Dems have an American flag hanging in their offices? Why? They’re party-line Dems first, and questionable about whether they are even Americans second. The American flag should never be subjugated to any other flag, but they might as well have the Iranian flag hanging in their offices. They were willing to leave the four American hostages in Iran. One of the hostages is a pastor who went to Iran to try and show the people the religious freedom we have in this country, and the importance of our religion.

Obama had already threatened to veto the amendment. He had already bathed the White House in the LGBT rainbow colors the night the Supreme Court said gay marriages were legal every place, including Mars, but not Heaven. I don’t think God listens to the Supreme Court. Obama should have had the White House bathed in the colors of the Iranian flag.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you have got to be concerned that Obama is not concerned about our four American hostages held by Iran. He swapped Bo Bergdahl for five Gitmo high-level terrorists, and said something about no American being left behind. Is Obama so dumb that he doesn’t know when he threatened to keep the $100-$150 billion Iranian assets frozen until the four American hostages were returned that Iran would have had those four American hostages on the fastest airplane Iran has, and it would be bound for the United States or a neutral site agreed upon? You might also be concerned about the fact that Bergdahl is getting a whitewash in the court proceedings at the moment. Ask the fellows in his platoon about him, and you will get an honest opinion.

Is Obama thinking like a Muslim, and thinking the American hostages should be held by Iran forever? That is disturbing. Ben Carson was criticized by the liberal media for saying a Muslim should never be President of the United States. I think Obama proves you don’t have to be an announced Muslim to think like a Muslim. If you have a different explanation for his actions, let me know what it is. He certainly won’t call extreme Muslims terrorists

I would never trust your run-of-the-mill Muslim to be President of the United States, because even if he said he had renounced his Muslim faith and Sharia law, I wouldn’t believe him. Look what everybody thought they were getting with Obama, and look what we got. I might make an exception with a Muslim who had fought in a war for our country, and been shot at by other Muslims.

At one time I had respect for Senator Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) when he was minority leader in the Senate. I thought he would make a good majority leader. I was wrong. He had a nuclear option of his own that would have allowed passage of the amendment by a simple majority of fifty-one votes, and he wouldn’t use it. I’m talking about the amendment to get the four American hostages home. Obama would have still vetoed it, but at least there would be an official record of the fact that Obama wanted to subjugate American hostages to satisfy his ego of some kind of misconstrued legacy of a very dangerous deal with Iran.

I used to travel through eastern Kentucky, and I saw more than one Kentuckian sitting on his front porch with long rifle in hand. His attire might not have been the greatest in the world, maybe even frightening to some. I think one of them should be in Mitch McConnell’s Senate seat at the present time, dressed in the same attire as I saw them, and that the Dems should tell the Senate majority leader with his long rifle in hand, they were not going to allow a vote on the amendment to bring the American hostages home.

Remember when the info came out that a side deal had been made between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the IAEA swore that Iran would not be allowed to inspect their own nuclear sites. They lied. Iran just took environmental samples at their large nuke site and submitted them to the IAEA. Now the IAEA says that is in line with the agreement they had with Iran. How can you believe anything the IAEA says? And the side deal between Iran and the IAEA that the Senate did not initially know about should have been submitted as part of the deal the U. S. made with Iran. I think the Republicans could have successfully argued that they did not have the whole deal, including the IAEA agreement, and the courts would have agreed with them, and blocked it.

I wish I had been able to decide my own punishment in school when I was naughty. I would have simply told teach, “Now don’t you worry your pretty little head about what you should do about me. I’ll decide that.” I could refer to teach as pretty back then. Nowadays it’s not P. C.

Whatever the budget for hauling the Democrats garbage out of D. C. can’t be enough. The budget needs to be increased because the stench of the Democrats garbage is covering the entire United States of America, and there has to be an effective way to dispose of it before it becomes totally overwhelming. I was a huge fan of Democrat President Harry Truman. Wonder what Harry, who was a staunch American, would say about the current Dems? You know, I don’t think I could print it.

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