My Prediction for Baltimore: 334 murders in 2015


A writer seldom wishes they were wrong about anything. This is one story I wish I had been wrong on. But I wasn’t. There have now been 336 murders in Baltimore this year, and there are still 10 days to go. There is a site you can go to that lists each of the murder victims, their ages, and how they died.

Does that tell the whole story? No. They were people who were loved by others. Even if they were  gang members, they were still loved by their family. That’s not to excuse the activities they might have been engaged in.

All that’s left of them is a grave marker, if their family was able to afford a grave marker.

In my opinion the states’ attorney can be held accountable for some of these murders. She rushed to judgment, and said the police officers were guilty in the Freddie Gray case. The trial of the first police officer ended in a mistrial,. Did the jury think Freddie Gray intentionally injured himself in the van to try and go to the hospital instead of jail? Was he trying to collect money for his injuries? Ask the jury. Seven blacks and five whites. Did they vote on racial lines? Ask the members of the jury. They can talk now. If the vote in the jury room was along racial lines, the blacks might want to think about it if a member of their family of a close friend is murdered subsequent to their decision.

There will be a retrial of the police officer, and another, and another, and another, if necessary.  As for me, the states’ attorney is not going for justice, she’s going for mob rule satisfaction.

Have the police slowed down their apprehension of criminals, and that is the reason the murder rate is high? Perhaps. If I had been the precinct captain, that would have been my instructions at roll call. I would have said if that is the game the states’ attorney wants to play, we will play it.

Except it isn’t a game, is it?  The police know that. They don’t want people to be murdered. Yet the states’ attorney seems to almost want to hold them liable if they take a breath.

If you live in Baltimore, and you are black, I would consider the fact there are  ten days left until the end of the year, and those ten days happen to include Christmas, and you might not be spending time with your family , but over in the cemetery, where you will be spending a considerable amount of time.

Mob rule or police protection.  Your choice.

Original story below posted on  9/10/15

At last count the murders for 2015 in Baltimore stood at 229, but that changes on an almost daily basis. Why am I saying there will be 105 more murders this year? Why am I saying 105 people who are walking around now, living, mostly blacks, will not be walking around at the end of the year, and be buried in the cemetery? Like dead, dead, dead.

The protesters have taken over the city. Mob rule. Let’s just skip the trials of those six officers who were hauling in a convicted drug dealer. Freddie Gray had a long rap sheet. I would not call Freddie Gray your typical Cal Ripken of Baltimore. Let’s just skip the trials and hang ‘em. The mayor and states’ attorney and the judge who decided that the trial should remain in Baltimore seem to have bowed to the mob rule. That’s rather odd, I thought we had a legal system in this country.

The mayor and city board yesterday approved an unprecedented $6.4 million dollar settlement for the Freddie Gray family. Although the passenger in the van with Gray when he was arrested could not see Gray, he said he heard Gray banging himself around in the van, trying to injure himself. A civil lawsuit was never brought. And this settlement comes one day before the judge decides the trial of the officers stays in Baltimore. The judge’s comment, the citizens of Baltimore can be, “Fair”. The mayor said the settlement should in no way indicate the guilt or innocence of the officers.

The max payout by state law which was decided by the legislature is $950,000 if you can prove emotional distress to the family, or $400,000 otherwise. While the Gray family lawyer in court would have been trying to prove emotional distress for the family caused by Freddie Gray’s death at the hands of the police, I would have been trying to prove Freddie Gray was an emotional distress to Baltimore for his entire 25 years on this earth, and his mother and father were responsible for Freddie Gray being here, and they should pay the city of Baltimore $950,000.

There was a police wrongful death suit in Maryland where the jury awarded $11 Mil. On appeal the court cut it to $400,000 which matches the normal max dictated by the legislature.

Who’s paying that $6.4 Mil? A city can insure general liability for whatever amount they want. Let’s say they insure for $10 Mil by the primary insurance company, which would carry a hefty premium. However they could get a second $10 Mil coverage at a fairly reasonable rate. The primary insurance company would do what they call lay off to a reinsurance company who would assume the coverage on the second $10 Mil. However, with the cap at $950,000 as dictated by the legislature for civil lawsuits involving police, in the general liability coverage there would be an exception which would exclude police cases, and the coverage would be $950,000 for that. Would the insurance company have paid out $950,000 to the Freddie Gray family? Probably. That doesn’t make sense you say, considering the fact they might have only had to pay out $400,000. Going to court would have cost them a minimum of $200,000 in their attorney fees, and in some states they would have to pay the attorney fees for Freddie Grays’ family. It would be simpler to pay the $950,000 and forget it. At some point the insurance company would raise the rates on the city of Baltimore, and recover most of that anyway. A little bit of math here shows the taxpayers of Baltimore are on the hook for $5,450,000.

Wait a minute. I got to thinking hanging’s not severe enough for these six officers. Let’s drag them behind a pickup truck like those idiots dragged Emmett Till several years ago in Texas.

It’s not true, but police officers are depicted eating donuts and drinking coffee. I think the police department should do more of that the rest of the year. Investigate very little. If there’s a murder, go out to the crime scene, lift up the sheet covering the body, and say, “He’s dead.” Of course that can’t be an official opinion because the medical examiner (ME) has to make that call, but maybe the ME can be detained for three days, and the body can lie out on the street during that time.

The state’s attorney when she charged the six police officers said something about she heard the call. I’m assuming she was talking about the protesters and their mob rule.

Wait a minute. Let’s take these six police officers and go to a museum that has those medieval stretching machines, where you eventually fall apart.

Frankly if I were the police, I’d board up the police stations, sit my rear end in a comfortable chair, and not answer the phone. But first I would go on TV, and say to the protesters, “I heard your call, Baltimore is yours.”


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