Baltimore II


Baltimore II. The situation in Baltimore is getting worse. What? How can I say that? The riots aren’t happening anymore. The looting. It’s the level of incompetence. It has increased.

The mayor has asked the DOJ to investigate her own police department. I’m not sure of everything they will be investigating, but racial bias seems to be one of them.

The Freddie Gray case involved three white officers and three black officers. Can you explain to me where the racial bias is?

The mayor is black. The police commissioner is black. The city council is majority black. The police department is majority black.

The state attorney, a black woman, announced all the charges against the six police officers, and that the arrest was illegal because the knife Freddie Gray had in his possession was legal. Apparently the knife was spring loaded, which elevates it into the category of a switchblade knife, which is illegal, and makes the arrest legal. I’m waiting to see how much more of the state attorney’s case disintegrates in front of all of us.

There is also a contention that Freddie Gray banged himself around in the police van, which seems to be a tactic used by criminals sometimes to warrant getting medical attention rather than going directly to jail, this being the real jail, and not the one in Monopoly. If Freddie Gray was in leg shackles and handcuffs, and wasn’t anchored with his seat belt, the reason might have been that he was acting violent. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have climbed into that small space in the van and tried to put his seat belt on.

And then there’s the lead investigator for the state attorney, a black man, who was once a police officer, but reports have him being kicked off the police force, and even tasered in his own home for some kind of disturbance. Is this guy supposed to be an unbiased investigator?

You can think what you want of the Freddie Gray situation, but you should think long and hard about what is happening in Baltimore.

I’m not sure by what margin the black mayor was elected in Baltimore. I’m not sure where she found the black police commissioner. Oftentimes appointments are political cronyism.

But is the mayor so stupid she can’t have her police commissioner run an investigation of their own police department? If she is that stupid and incompetent, she needs to be kicked out of office.

Is the police commissioner too stupid to investigate his own police department? If so, I’m sure they could find a couple of bucks to have an independent investigator come in and investigate his police department if he doesn’t know how. There are bound to be retired expert police officers all over the country who had enough rank as active police officers, who could come in and point out any perceived weak points, if there are any. I imagine his first recommendation would be to fire the police commissioner.

I am a little confused here. I thought Obama not long ago said the Baltimore Police Department was one of the best in the country. Now the Attorney General Loretta Lynch needs to investigate that same police department?

Are all of these people just mentioned relying on the people in Baltimore to be so stupid, they don’t have sense enough to figure all of this out?

They do seem to be relying on a lower level of intelligence to sneak all of this past the people in Baltimore.

If there is one thing my parents and sisters taught me it is that you try to elevate people around you in whatever manner you can. Make them feel smart. Make them feel they can achieve more. Make them feel better about themselves.

The Baltimore mayor, the Baltimore police commissioner, Obama and Loretta seem to be thriving on let’s degrade the Baltimore citizens, particularly the black youths, degrade them enough so they can’t figure this out. They are incompetent and stupid. We are the intellectual superiors. Bull.

I have to believe at some point the people of Baltimore will figure this out, including the black youths of Baltimore. They will say all of these aforementioned people have given us nothing, they haven’t shown us how to better ourselves, to get out of this hellhole of poverty, and we want something different. There is a better life out there, and we want to know about it.

It all comes down to whether the Baltimoreans will allow the collective political people to think they are stupid, or whether they will speak up and say, “You are the stupid politicians if you think we are stupid enough to continue to accept your stupid ideas”.

On the streets of Baltimore, the local and national politicians prefer to show the people of Baltimore the steps that lead to the basement. I prefer to show them the steps that lead to the first floor.


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