Baltimore. I have a solution for what is going on in Baltimore. Sit down in your easy chair, and buckle your seat belt. I don’t want you to fall out of your chair onto the floor when you find out what I have to say.

First some necessary info.

The protests started because of the arrest and death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year old black man. What happened exactly will not be known until the investigation is completed. If you look at pictures of his arrest he seems unable to walk to the police transport vehicle, and his death revealed very severe spinal cord injuries. Police brutality comes immediately to mind, and if they rely solely on the report of the police officers (six, I believe) who were involved, that is wrong. I think Freddie was on a bicycle prior to the confrontation with the officers. Whatever illegal activity the officers perceived that he was doing, should have resulted in his day in court, and not a trip to the funeral home.

What ensued in Baltimore last night after Freddie’s funeral yesterday, has very little to do with Freddie. It seemed to be based on people’s personal agenda.

On Saturday the mayor of Baltimore, a black lady, made a speech on TV. She mentioned the peaceful protestors, then made a statement the likes I have never heard in similar situations. I don’t have her exact quote before me, but the essence went something like this—Those who are going to do damage should be given their space to do it. What?

She denied making that statement Monday night, blaming the media for distorting her words. The media has the video of what she said. If you would like my interpretation of what she said try the looters and rioters can vent their violence without repercussions.

And that’s exactly what happened on Monday night on TV. No need for TV to distort the actions of those criminals. They were right there on TV for all to see. The police formed a line, then retreated about a block or so. The rioters and looters were about three or four hundred feet up the street looting, burning buildings, setting a fire in the middle of the street, driving cars through the fire and eventually parking at least one, maybe more, right in the middle of the fire in order for the car to burn. TV reported that particular car was stolen.

The police did nothing. Who gave them their stand-down order? Considering what the mayor said on Saturday night, and then trying to lie her way out of what she said on Monday night, I’d say the mayor told the police commissioner for the police to just stand around and do nothing.

The police commissioner, a black man, came on TV last night, and went through a whole litany of locations where the police were stationed. If he had bothered to look at the TV monitor he would have seen what I just described. But if the police commissioner had a stand-down order from the mayor, he wasn’t about to do that.

There was talk of oppression by some of those interviewed on TV last night, even some living in the neighborhood where all of this took place. I don’t think that can be based on race, which I’m certain will be discussed in coming days. Obama and Congress passed that $831 billion stimulus package in 2009. Did it help any of these people get out of poverty? I don’t think so. It may have given them more welfare payments and food stamps. Is Obama black? Is the mayor black? Is the police commissioner black? Is the majority of Baltimore’s police department black?

This whole fiasco started yesterday in the schools. Students tweeted that when they got out of school, they were going to confront the police, and they did by throwing rocks, bricks, sticks, and anything else they could hurl at the officers.

The small town I live in has an officer who is assigned to monitor the Internet for such garbage. I’m certain Baltimore with its size has the same. The police knew this was going to happen long before school let out at 3:00.

Not sure where the mayor was during this time. I assume in her ivory tower. She didn’t send a request for a state of emergency to the governor until 6:00, at least according to reports on TV. He signed it immediately. The mayor is a Democrat, and the governor is a Republican. Maybe that had something to do with her reluctance. I’m not sure whether the rioters and looters were Democrats or Republicans.

Why didn’t the mayor order a curfew last night? Apparently, based on what she said, she had to get the executive order just right. Let me give you my executive order which took all of fifteen seconds to write—“To the Police Commissioner—Get the hell out there, and stop this!”

Okay, here’s my solution, which would have begun at three o’clock yesterday afternoon, but I would have been on TV and social media long before that. I would not have blamed TV for distorting my words. I would have welcomed TV, and asked them to keep repeating it.

Here’s my proclamation for TV, newspapers, social media, and any other news outlets. It would also have been posted on every street corner, and in the windows of stores.

“If you leave school, and go to throw rocks and bricks at the police, you will be shot.

When I say shot, I am not telling the police officers to shoot to wound you, they will be shooting to kill you.

To any others who throw rocks and bricks at the police officers they will be shot, as in dead.

A police officer will be stationed in each business, and should you enter that business to steal merchandise, you will be shot.

Should an officer for some reason not be in the store, but outside the business, and you enter that business to loot, you will be shot and killed as you exit the store with stolen merchandise.

To those who steal cars, drive them through fires, and then park the cars in the middle of the fires, you will be shot as you exit the cars.

Peaceful protests will be tolerated. Protests that are not peaceful will not be tolerated, and I will condone whatever police action is necessary to stop them.

And to the gangs identified as the Crips, the Bloods, and The Black Gorillas who have reportedly held a joint meeting and agreed to kill at least one police officer for their individual gangs, bring it on. There will be many more of you dead than our police officers.”

The Black Gorillas? That’s an insult to African gorillas. In my opinion, they have more sense than any of these Baltimore people starting yesterday at three o’clock.

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