Big Ingenuity Comes in Small Sizes


I was on my way to get pizza.

Late October and 75 degrees, even down South here, are not a normal combo, but they were on this day.

What I saw on my left as I rounded a bend in the road took advantage of the weather.

A lemonade stand run by what looked to be a six-year old girl with her mother.

The price signs are often not readily readable.  I assumed it was 50 cents per serving, as is the usual fare.

I fished around in the console for a dollar I keep there for such purposes, rolled down the window, yes, rolled down the window, and handed the currency over to the mother, while the little girl insisted I have the concoction I wasn’t sure whether she or her mother had made.

One thing I did note.  Inflation has hit the lemonade stand industry.  How many times have I stopped at various lemonade stands, and been treated to a 10 to 12 ounce plastic cup of too much lemon, and not enough sugar.

This one was a three-ounce plastic cup deal.

No matter though.  I told them the purpose of my journey, that I was about to eat supper, and I’d best skip their offer of a thirst quencher.

They thanked me for the dollar, both daughter and mother with wide Southern smiles.

I picked up the pizza, was driving back by the lemonade stand again, and decided to stop once more.

There had been a changing of the guard.  This time the father had replaced the mother, the approximate six-year old was still there, but she had been joined by her three or four-year old sister.  I assumed the mother had retreated to the kitchen to prepare supper.

I leaned over to the passenger side, rolled down the window, stuck out another dollar, the six-year old thanked me, and the three or four-year old asked me what kind of lemonade I wanted.

I had not realized before I had a choice.  I declined the second time.

The father wished me a good day, both girls were smiling, and I drove away.

I do think the girls were disappointed I did not drink the lemonade.  I did realize as they grow older, some of their wishes will probably be battered and shattered by the rocky road of life, but they’re too young for that now.

Maybe next Saturday I will be going for pizza, and the weather will be warm.  Perhaps the lemonade stand will be there.

This time I will drink the lemonade.

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