Carrie Lawson is Still Missing




Somebody Out There Knows

At one time there was a sizable reward for the person who told the family where Carrie Lawson’s remains could be found, and that subsequent searching found the remains.

If any of my readers know where Carrie is, or knows someone who knows, and would like me to verify whether a reward is still offered for her remains to be found, I will do that, and notify you by return e-mail.

If you do not wish for your real name to be known, I can arrange that.

If the family wishes to pay a reward for Carrie’s body being found, once I notify them that you know where it is, I will have them deposit the money with me.

You then will tell me where the remains are, and they will send searchers out to find her remains.

Once it has been verified that her remains have been found, I will send you the money wherever you want it sent, and erase from my computer where I sent the money.

No one except me will ever know who you are. The family, the police, the FBI.  No one except me.

Through the years I have maintained a confidentiality for any number of people I wrote stories about, and this is no different.

I have never broken a confidentiality, and never will.

Go to my website, then key in Carrie Lawson, and it will take you to her story.  Send me a comment.  Don’t tell me where Carrie’s remains are, but give me some type of information that I will know you are legitimate.

Neither your comment nor my comment will be made public.

I am not psychic. I do not have a particular belief in the paranormal.

One late night I was at my computer working on a story completely unrelated to Carrie Lawson. She had not even entered my mind that night.

I heard a woman’s voice from behind me that said, “Find me, find me.  I want to go home.”

I looked around, but no one was there.

I leave it to my readers’ judgment as to who you think it was.

That’s the reason I am so adamant about finding Carrie.

In 352 stories I have written for my site in 2 ½ years, that type of communication has only happened one other time. In that the person told me what to write, and I wrote it, and added it to the story I had already written.

Believe as you will, but I know that somebody knows where Carrie is.

If your name is ever conveyed to me, not by you, but in some manner, I will go directly to the police, and you can pay the consequences.

I think it will be much easier for me to see if there is a reward for your information, and for you to remain unknown.



If you link to my site, you will see an update that immediately follows this one.  I already know what it means to me, a possible solution to a case that is more than 25 years old.  I want to know what it means to you.  You can comment where this is posted on FB, or on my site where comments without profanity are always welcome.

Update  4/9/17

Comment from Jane Doe

They. Were looking in the wrong place for carried remains. If someone knows where they are what should they do?

Additional Note

If there is a private investigator, paid by Carrie’s family, who is still working the case, please send me a comment to that effect, and I will contact you. As with any murder stories I write where the story has not ended, I treat them as cold cases in my mind, sometimes thinking about them in the middle of the night, rolling what is known over in my mind again and again.

I may have run across something of value. I am too old myself, and do not have enough mobility to check this out, but I will lay it out to you, and we can work together on this.  It will be quite detailed, and require a lot of work on your behalf.  The original private investigator, paid by Carrie’s family, and who pursued many leads, may not still be alive. I’m not sure.

If there is no paid private investigator still working the case, but there is a private investigator who has an interest in this case to solve it, send me a comment. I know of no reward for the recovery of Carrie’s body, so you will be working for free.

The family deserves to know.


KAREN McPHERSON’S PAROLE WAS DENIED today August 16, 2016 in the Carrie Lawson kidnapping and murder case.

Original Story Below

Carrie Lawson disappeared 25-years ago this September from Jasper, Alabama where people discussed coal mining with their morning coffee at that time.

There have been about 25 versions of what happened. The only conclusive fact is that her body has never been found. I will give you the most logical info that is pieced together from various accounts.

On September 11, 1991, Carrie Lawson and her husband Earl Lawson, Jr. received a phone call at their home from a “nurse” that one of Carrie’s immediate family was gravely ill.

No information exists that either Carrie or her husband tried to verify that this was correct by calling the hospital that the nurse is supposed to have worked for. I would have been somewhat skeptical that a nurse was making that type of call. Administrative personnel of the hospital, yes. A nurse, no. Mistake number one.

They went outside and were met by a lone gunman. Earl Lawson, Jr. was tied up, and Carrie was forced into her own car. Never get in a car with somebody trying to abduct you. Mistake number two.

Her husband at first sight of the gunman should have told Carrie to run. Unless the gunman was a professional, he would have been stunned by the developments. Had he turned the gun toward Carrie as she ran, Earl Lawson, Jr. would have had time to lunge for the gun, because Bland still had to aim the gun at Carrie. We’re talking seconds here, but that is all that was needed. A lawyer must be able to think quickly in his office, on the phone, in a deposition, in court. What I am suggesting was in line with Earl Lawson Jr.’s necessary professional trait.

He may have chosen to shoot Carrie’s husband, but Carrie would have escaped. A husband always protects his wife, shields her from anything. Not this time, which in my opinion is about as selfish as you get.

He stood there to be tied up. It was a residential neighborhood, and shots fired, even at 3 in the morning, would have quickly attracted some neighbors which the lone gunman could not afford to have. Earl Lawson, Jr. was an attorney, and Carrie had just graduated from the University of Alabama Law School in Tuscaloosa. When you add the fact that Carrie’s family was wealthy, I don’t imagine the neighborhood Carrie and her husband lived in was shabby.

The gunman took Carrie to his house, which was the house of Jerry Bland, a man who either was or had been president of a coal mining and reclamation business. His accomplice, and probably the “nurse” who made the call about Carrie’s ill relative was later identified as Karen McPherson, a cousin of Bland’s. She identified Bland as the kidnapper.

On September 13, two days after the kidnapping, Carrie’s parents, the Smith family, paid a $300,000 ransom. Evidence is sketchy here, but Karen McPherson admitted seeing Carrie two days after she was kidnapped, and she was still alive. Let’s see if we can translate that, and here’s my translation.

Karen McPherson was left alone with Carrie Lawson while Bland went to pick up the ransom money. Let me repeat that. Left alone with Carrie Lawson. Karen McPherson held Carrie Lawson’s life in her hands. She knew once Bland returned with the money, he could never let her live, because she could identify both of them.

In a town the size of Jasper, with Carrie alive, identifying Bland might have taken up to an hour. Karen McPherson might have taken a little longer because she lived in Cullman.

Karen did nothing. I hate to keep repeating myself. She did nothing.

Karen McPherson is serving a life sentence, and her last parole hearing was in 2013. Her parole was denied. Her next parole hearing was to be in 2018, but in some kind of convoluted, contorted  manner of the justice system, her parole hearing has been moved to Tuesday August 16, 2016. Carrie Lawson’s sister intends to see that Karen McPherson stays in prison, and is never paroled.

Exactly who was heading up the FBI that was in charge at that time I rather doubt wants to be identified. The FBI had a tracking device in the ransom money bag, and another either on the person delivering the ransom or in his car. They were on the same radio frequency. The FBI followed the car of the person who delivered the ransom money instead of the person and car that picked up the ransom money. I have never heard of that type blunder, have you? Mistake number 3.

When the FBI finally got a tip from an anonymous tape that suddenly appeared, and played the tape, Bland’s voice seemed to be in evidence on the tape.

We have a couple of versions of what happened at the Bland house when the FBI went to arrest him. They confronted him at the door, and demanded to search his house, but had to go back to their car to get the search warrant. He locked them out of the house while they were retrieving the search warrant. Another report said Bland was holed up in his house overnight, while the FBI waited outside. Bland then killed himself early the next morning. We won’t call both of these separate mistakes, because it was an either or situation. Whichever report you choose to believe, call this mistake number 4.

The FBI had been negotiating with Bland’s attorneys. Yes, I said attorneys, which indicates more than one. The FBI was trying to find out where Carrie Lawson, or her body was. I can understand lawyer-client privilege where your client is alive, but after he’s dead, if you have info about where a body is, the attorneys should tell. If they knew, and did not tell the FBI, those lawyers are the scum of the earth.

Once Bland was dead, and there was no live Carrie Lawson, the FBI should have gone to the Alabama Surface Mining Commission right there in Jasper, and found out every square foot of where Bland had mined coal or done reclamation. The Surface Mining Commission had that information.

Bland would have dumped and buried her body on land that he knew. A search of those areas might have turned up some kind of recent disturbance of the surface, if it were an inactive mining or reclamation site, and that is where Carrie would have been. Mistake number 5.

Bland probably took her body to dispose of it at night, and that reinforces the proposition that he had to know the lay of the land. Sometimes coal mining or reclamation sites are rather isolated, but if there is activity at an unusual time around any of these sites, you can almost bet somebody heard a vehicle, or something. The FBI should have canvassed the sites where Bland’s company either had been active or was still active, talked to the people. Had they been able to isolate one particular site, the recovery of her body would have been much quicker, than a vast wide area.

If Bland’s company was doing reclamation at an active coal mining site where a dragline was operating, he could have simply put her body a few feet under dirt in the area his company was reclaiming and a big Cat dozer would have come in the next day to pile dirt on top of it, and her body would have disappeared forever under thirty or forty or fifty feet of dirt, which is way below what any cadaver dog could smell. Cadaver dogs were brought in with no success. The reason I say a dragline operation is that a dragline can move thousands of tons of dirt in a day, and the reclamation has to be an almost daily operation.

Did the FBI check any of this? I doubt it. If Bland’s company was conducting active reclamation at the time of Carrie’s disappearance, that would have been ground zero. Tons and tons of dirt would have had to be moved, but it would have been worth it.

The mining interests of Bland’s company seems to have been down Highway 69 which runs from Jasper to Tuscaloosa. At one time the FBI received a tip that the body was buried in Tuscaloosa County, home of Tuscaloosa, and adjacent to Walker County which is where Jasper is. That search, for whatever reason, seems to have never taken place.

Karen McPherson maintains she does not know where Carrie Lawson’s body is buried. Really. She participated in the kidnapping, she was there with Carrie Lawson alone. In my opinion she had to know Bland was going to kill Carrie, and yet she does not know where Carrie’s body is? She says Bland said Carrie walked away into some dense woods.

Karen McPherson’s daughter wrote a piece that you can read if you type in Carrie Lawson on Google. She was ten at the time. Her name seems to have gathered harassment from outsiders then and to this day. There is no need for that. Let me repeat. She was 10-years old at the time. Leave her alone. Don’t taunt her or her kids (not sure whether there is one or more).

Karen’s and Karen’s daughter’s older relatives at the time were harassed by outsiders at the time and even today, and maybe even by the FBI. I see no need in anyone harassing them. The FBI can certainly tell when someone is lying, and they would have already figured that out by now.

Karen’s daughter wants her released from prison. That’s understandable. Said she’s been a model prisoner. I do have one question that Karen’s daughter needs to ask Karen on her next visit to Tutwiler Prison where Karen is housed. Here is the question. “Momma, when you had the chance to save the life of Carrie Lawson, when you were alone with her while Jerry went to pick up the ransom, why didn’t you save her?”

Karen’s daughter says that Jerry Bland’s wife made tapes of conversations about the kidnapping, perhaps phone and otherwise. If that’s the case, she should have been prosecuted as an accessory to kidnapping. Karen’s daughter says Bland’s wife burned the tapes afterwards to destroy the evidence that could have incriminated Bland’s wife as an accessory.

That mysterious tape the FBI got that put them on the trail of Bland? I have a feeling that was one of Bland’s wife’s tapes which was not destroyed. Maybe she got immunity for that.

Carrie’s husband, Earl Lawson, Jr. remarried. I hope he protects this wife better than he did Carrie. I’ve never found selfishness is a trait that is easily disposed of.



  • I find this story sad but at the same time this writer is a bit of an ass to say things that she does about the husband of the missing woman. I feel like you blame him and the victim for evil peoples actions. I hope you never end up in a situation because it will be great to know how well you think on your feet in a similar situation.

    • Thanks for your comment. I much prefer a comment from someone who disagrees with me, because I learn much more than a comment from someone who agrees with me. I presume you are siding with the husband, and considering the fact you are the only one who has done that, and this is one of my best read stories, I do think that is noteworthy.

      I think some of the difference in our opinions occurs because of the difference in our ages,

      In my day, a man, and I am a man, protected his wife (or girl friend) at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing his own life. If he did not do that, he was considered to be a coward.

      Nowadays I guess it doesn’t matter.

      I must make some assumptions because I do not know you. I assume you are a lady by the spelling of your name. I also assume you neither want nor need the protection of a man. Is that the way all women think today? You tell me.

      If you are a man, tell your girl friend or wife how you feel about the protection situation. Do let me know how that turns out.

      I do not blame the victim. If your phone rings at 3 in the morning, and the call concerns a severely injured or sick loved one, there are two trains of thought available to you—-emotion and reason.

      Reason says you call the hospital and verify the information.

      Emotion says you get to the hospital as soon as possible because the person may be dying, and this will be your last chance to speak to them.

      I’d guess that 19 out of 20 people would go with emotion.

      However, if I do not analyze and break down a story, what is the purpose of writing the story? And that’s what I do.

  • Today marks the anniversary of two horrible tragedies. We all, of course remember the terrible events that transpired 15 years ago that have changed the world we live in but it also marks the 25th anniversary of Carrie Lawson’s kidnapping. I was from Jasper and in college at the time. It was completely dumbfounding that those events could have happened in sleepy little Jasper back then. My mother and stepfather lived in the same neighborhood only a couple of blocks from them and as it was and is the nicest neighborhood in Jasper was as safe of a place that you ever imagine.
    Five years later I was a reporter at the Daily Mountain Eagle in Jasper. I began to work on a piece about the case and what had transpired in those five years. I had access to all of the reporters and local law enforcement that were involved and proceeded to investigate. I went to all of the locations. The Lawson’s house, Bland’s house (the spot on the side of the house where his suicide bullet exited still clearly visible) the ransom drop site, the pay phone where Carrie made her last phone call. I discussed it with investigators who worked the case. I attempted to contact Earl Jr. but he would not talk to me. I immersed myself in it and it is one of the reasons I left journalism. After all of the work I put into it, I ultimately could not submit the story. I was 26 at the time, the same age that Earl was when it happened and I was soon to be married myself. It affected me so deeply that I became depressed and had to close myself off from it. Now all of these years later I picked up the Birmingham News this morning to see that photo staring back at me. I have spent the morning going back over all of it and I find that I am still bothered by the story. How McPhearson can live with herself knowing what she knows and still refusing to give these families closure is incomprehensible and in my opinion downright evil. I do feel for her daughter but that woman should never see the light of day until she comes clean and then only through bars!

    • Joy—

      Thanks for your comment.

      Haven’t read your book yet, but would like to.

      According to a quick read I did on Google, there is a communication between the two protagonists in the book, one dead and one alive.

      Sounds like you did your homework.

      I need to order it from Amazon.

      Thanks again.

  • This is going to sound ridiculous, but I once participated in a seance. Carrie Lawson’s name just came to mind. Immediately, I heard “Brewster Road”, which I’d never heard before. Two days later I read that gas line work was being done on Brewster Road in Birmingham. I was really affected by this. I’ve never been able to get that out of my mind.

    • Thanks for your comment

      I don’t laugh at anyone, because there are so many elements of life people do not understand, and sometimes those elements become reality, and people who were laughing aren’t laughing anymore.

  • Her husband had everything to do with it. He had debts up his rear end and had to pay up. Had her kidnapped for the money and it went wrong. Get your facts straight. I went to high school with Carrie and this is still horrible to this day.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I need to point out this is the writer’s opinion, and not fact. She is certainly entitled to her opinion, but scrawldrawl cannot present this as prima facie evidence.

      What proof do you have of all of this?

      I think you need to get your facts straight.

      How much did her husband owe and to whom, the bank, the mafia? Who told you you he was deep in debt, Carrie? Were you and Carrie close friends after high school?

      Can you offer any facts that he arranged for the kidnapping. Do you have police reports I do not have that state he was responsible for the kidnapping? Then why is he not in jail?

      You have not given me any facts. What are your facts, not you opinion?

      My readers want to know what you know factually that nobody else seems to know.

      I blamed her husband for not putting his life on the line at the time of the kidnapping, because I felt like he could have saved her, perhaps at the expense of his own life, but that is what husbands are supposed to do.

      Does her husband know where her body is buried? I don’t know if her family were able to bring her body home if that would bring closure, but I would hope in some manner that it would.

      Again, thanks for your comment. If you have any solid information on the smallest of details, let us all know about them.

      My readers cannot turn this case loose either, because it is well-read among all the stories I have written.

  • I think carries body is around where the ladie held her hostage .I live in the neighborhood and have been looking the surrounding area,lots of woods ,creek, I can almost see her running through those woods to her death and berried there,i have seen unexplained indentions in the ground. I want her family to be reunited with her, I feel that she was being hunted for in the wrong place ,I believe the ladie that sets in prison knows exactly where the body is,atleast the area but she is hoping to get out one day and never would if she tells what she knows

    • Thanks for your reply.

      A plot of ground that has been there for a long time is compacted naturally.

      If the ground is dug up, there is normally a 35% increase in the area that the loose dirt will cover.

      If Carrie were buried where you think she is and dirt were only thrown on her body and not compacted, the loose dirt would sink into the ground from rain over a period of time and make an indentation the shape of how the grave was originally dug.

      Bland had no way to compact the dirt in the location you say and the dirt on top of the grave would have been loose. Stomping his feet on the grave would not have compacted the dirt very much.

      Also there would have been extra dirt to dispose of.

      I’m sure the area you are referring to (in and around Bland’s house) was searched many times, over a period of time.

      It would have probably taken the rain 5-6 months to cause an indentation at the grave.

      However the loose dirt on top of the grave and the scattering of loose dirt Bland would have had to do, would have been clearly visible to the people searching.

      However, if you feel there is still an indentation or two that might be a grave, a place where the dirt has sunk at least 6 inches, I would go to the police and point this out to them.

      The police are just as anxious to find Carrie’s body as you are, and I do think they would send a crew out to check on what you have found.

      It is nice of you to try and help the family find Carrie.

      I’m sure the years have not been kind to the family in at least not being able to find her body.

      If Karen McPherson, the woman in question, would tell authorities where Carrie’s body is, I do feel like Carrie’s family would appear before the Pardons and Parole Board to seek her release, and no further charges would be filed against McPherson.

      Again thanks for your comment. If more citizens had been concerned as you are, Carrie might have been found by now.