Dead Woman’s Body and Her Murderer on Facebook


I have little doubt Facebook will take this down as soon as they see it. They’re good at snatching something off of Facebook, but not very good at someone calling them to task for a gigantic blunder they committed, at least in my opinion, and a few million other people.

How long was her body and the bloody murderer on Facebook? I’m not sure. One person commenting on the murdered woman’s Facebook page said 36 hours.

Why was her body even allowed to be on Facebook at all? I don’t know, but another person who came to her Facebook page said that Facebook said that it didn’t violate their policy.


A couple of weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg met with some conservatives to get their point of view because Facebook had been accused of posting only liberal views on their news spurts on the right hand side of the page.

Some people will argue this is Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to what he thinks about conservatives, who never would have allowed a dead woman’s body to appear anywhere public except at the funeral home, and in compliance with the wishes of the family.

Some people will argue this has nothing to do with liberalism, but more to do with idiocy. That being the case, then the person who allowed the dead woman’s body to stay posted on Facebook should be rewarded with her/his face on Facebook. That’s right. For all the world to see. Full name no less. I don’t advocate the person’s address be posted on Facebook, because there are some irrational people out there who might want to cause this person bodily harm. No bodily harm should come to this person, but a whole lot of public humiliation should.

If the decision to leave the picture of the dead woman’s body on Facebook was made by more than one person, then the face of each of those people who made the decision should be posted on Facebook. They should all be subject to public humiliation.

I’m not so idealistic I believe Facebook will post the pictures of the person/persons responsible for allowing the picture of the murdered dead woman to remain on Facebook, or to even be there in the first place. Lots of luck with that one.

Again a post on the dead woman’s Facebook page says the family begged Facebook to take down the picture. If this is true, it was to no avail.

What the person/persons who allowed the dead woman’s body on Facebook has done is irreversible. It was out there, and will be out there forever. Some people have the ability to see that happens. If it’s on Facebook, forget privacy.

I would think the parents of the dead woman can bring a lawsuit against Facebook for several reasons, the first one that comes to mind is desecration of a dead body. I know many people think that would only involve an actual disturbance of the body. That’s not so. Unlawful display of a dead body falls within the legal definition of desecration, and the parents of the dead woman get to make the call on what that is, not Facebook.

If I were the parents, I would add an unusual codicil to the court case. The faces of those responsible for posting their daughter’s dead body should be posted on Facebook, and that they be identified by name.

I have intentionally not identified the dead woman or her murdering boyfriend. I’m sure you can find it without great difficulty. But not from me.

I am appalled at the gall of Facebook. Maybe with it being Memorial Day, a lower level employee, and not the regular employee-employees, made the decision to allow the post to remain up. In Facebook with their disclaimer, they have the right to remove anything in their opinion that violates their policy. The employee didn’t have to worry about Facebook being sued for violating the rights of the boyfriend who posted the bloody picture of him and his dead girlfriend. With him in jail, I rather doubt any lawyer, even the sleaziest lawyer, would have taken on the case that his rights were violated because Facebook didn’t post the picture.

I call upon Facebook to do the right thing, to leave this story up for people to read. After all, it is coming from a conservative, and Mark you did want conservatives’ views, at least in theory. But this is real, it is not the contorted world that one or some at Facebook seem to operate in.

Mark, you have brilliant people working for you. Do any of them have common sense?

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