Dems Support Radical Group “Black Lives Matter”


How can I say that? The Democratic National Committee (DNC) passed a resolution to appease “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). BLM didn’t like it, and rejected it. Based on that evidence, how can I still say Dems support BLM? I’ve yet to hear a Democrat condemn anything the DNC has done. Silence is acceptance.

Last Saturday at the Minnesota State Fair BLM marched and chanted “Pigs in a blanket. Fry ‘em like bacon.” In case you are not familiar with the term, “Pigs in a blanket” was the term put out on social media by the fellow who then killed two NYC policemen sitting in their police car. “Pigs in a blanket”—kill policemen or policewomen.

Darren Goforth, the Texas police officer had been killed at the gas station the night before in cold blood by a black man who walked up behind him, and shot him in the back of the head, and then stood over him and continued firing until his gun was empty. Excellent timing BLM.

Dems are content to see policemen or policewomen killed, murdered? Silence is acceptance.

That is difficult to believe, and I do wish some Democrats would explain it to the contrary for me. Surely their party affiliation has not led them down this path. I know good people who are Democrats, and I can’t understand why they won’t condemn the DNC for pandering to the BLM, and flat out condemn BLM.

Obama called the widow of Darren Goforth, the officer killed in Texas to console her. He might have gotten on National TV, in the Rose Garden, and said the killing of policemen or policewomen is unacceptable, and if you are black and kill a white police officer, it will be treated as a hate crime by the Department of Justice, and if you are white and kill a black police officer it will be treated as a hate crime by the Department of Justice. But all we get from Obama is silence, and silence is acceptance of what is happening.

That pains me to have to say that about the President of the United States, a person who should be admired, but how can you admire anyone who just lets this continue without saying anything. I suppose to him going to Alaska to talk about climate change and hiking on a glacier was more important than cop killing. What’s the old expression, “Nero fiddled, while Rome burned?”

In the suburb where I live, we have one of the greatest police forces, and have been fortunate that the only police officer killed in the line of duty lost his life while chasing a moonshiner on his motorcycle. That tells you how many years ago that was.

I remember several years ago when our neighbor was away, he asked me to notice if I thought anyone might be attempting to burglarize his house. One night I heard what I deemed to be strange noises coming from the direction of his house. Our houses sit back from the street a good distance, and then there are woods behind.

I called the police and explained the situation. They were here in about three minutes. Two officers left their patrol cars at the street, and started up to our neighbor’s house with flashlights in hand, and hands on guns in their holsters. There were so many places that a criminal could hide, and fire a gun unseen, yet these two brave men never hesitated because they considered it to be their duty. They checked out both the front of the house and the back yard, and the inside of the house with their flashlights. Fortunately there was no one.

How many thousands of times does this repeat itself over the U. S. in one night, along with traffic stops, not knowing what they are about to encounter, or a domestic disturbance involving a gun, or countless other incidences?

And yet the President can’t get on TV and call a halt to all of it. Is he afraid he will offend black people? Well, if they condone the killing of police officers, they need to be condemned.

And what does the liberal media do? Try to portray policer officers in the worst of light. Police departments should notify liberal media, both TV and radio, that their personnel will no longer be afforded police protection at home, on the job, or any other time, and put that notification out publicly. How long would it take for the liberal media to change their tune about police officers? About two minutes.

Now another white police officer has been killed in Illinois, south and not too distant from Chicago. They’re looking for two white men, and one black man. They were in an area where they weren’t supposed to be, and apparently a foot chase ensued. When backup arrived the police officer was dead, and his own gun and paraphernalia were missing. Whether he was shot with his own gun remains to be known. Whether these men were engaged in criminal activity is not known, but is likely. Color does not seem to be connected to this crime, because there were both white and black involved, but the police officer is still dead, a veteran of at least thirty years.

I’m tired of seeing widows and widowers and children on TV. I’m tired of seeing funeral processions on TV with the Blue Line in honor of the fallen. I’m tired of it? Are you?

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