Deputy Lucas the Dog Takes a Bite out of Crime


Lucas sat in the back of his SUV, barking his head off. He’s a German shepherd lookalike, although his breed is a higher class. Lucas is also a well-trained K-9 officer in the Mississippi Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.

He and his partner Deputy Todd Frazier were on patrol in a remote area around Pearlington, Mississippi when Deputy Frazier stopped to check on a vehicle parked at a rest stop.

As Deputy Frazier approached the car, possibly thinking the one person in the car might be having a medical emergency, two men came from the woods, and the person in the driver’s seat came out of the car.

All three black men started beating Deputy Frazier, and dragging him into the woods, saying they were going to slit his throat. They had already cut his forehead, and he knew he was about to die. Then Deputy Frazier worked one finger loose from his attackers, and pressed the button on his belt.

Into the black of the night came a black Lucas, probably not even seen by Deputy Frazier’s attackers, and certainly not heard. His barking had ceased as he was about to do what he’s trained to do. Attack.

The criminals certainly heard him barking while he was in Deputy Frazier’s SUV, and must have thought he was secure. Criminals are often not known for their high IQ. You would think one of them might have remarked, “Do you notice the dog’s not barking anymore?”

It is unclear just exactly how many of the men Lucas targeted, but within a few seconds they ran for their car, and sped off into the black night. Lucas was bloody when he returned to the station, and they took some of the blood samples to see if they could run DNA on the criminals.

Lucas did have to visit his Vet for a torn ligament in his leg, something he didn’t bother to notice while on his sworn duty on this night. He did have to go to his orthodontist for some repair to his broken teeth, and he needed some Neosporin for some rash caused by rubbing against the pavement while doing damage to the criminals.

They haven’t found the criminal’s car yet, but it sounds like it’s very different from other cars you see on the road.

As for me, I think they should get the guy or lady who trains those dogs to drive the cars in those Subaru commercials, and turn Deputy Lucas loose in that SUV with Deputy Frazier in the passenger side.

This is what I say could happen. When it does, let’s see how close I am to the facts. Reverend Little Al Sharpton gets wind of this police brutality (Deputy Lucas) in Mississippi. After all they are three black men who aren’t bad, they were only practicing bad in case they had to be bad in self-defense in case of police brutality (Deputy Lucas).

Reverend Little Al (he used to be Big Al before he lost weight) breezes into Mississippi in a limo that the IRS hasn’t repossessed yet in that $4.5 million tax debt he owes them, locates the three men, and agrees to drive them around. That audacious Lincoln Town Car they were driving rather stands out.

Deputy Lucas has lowered the window on the driver’s side and has picked up the scent of the three men, and has stopped Rev, Little Al’s limo in the black of the night. When Deputy Lucas knocks on the driver’s side window with his flashlight, Rev. Little Al sees no one, but lowers the driver’s side window thinking the DOJ has said the sheriff’s office must employ at least one little person.

Rev. Little Al doesn’t have time to verify this as Deputy Lucas jumps through the window to finish the job he started on the first encounter with the criminals. Deputy Lucas failed to note the number of criminals he was dealing with initially and regards Rev. Little Al as one of them.

I sure hope Rev. Little Al brought an extra $1,000 suit with him to Mississippi, because when he gets to the police station and the $1,000 suit he is wearing is shredded, he won’t look prime and proper on TV as he always does. Rev. Little Al will accuse the police of brutality (Deputy Lucas), and Deputy Lucas will be at his dentist having his teeth cleaned.

Not all of the Sheriff’s K-9 cars had one-button release for their K-9 deputies. They do now.


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