Did the Murderer Drive a Blue Pickup?


Nobody knows who murdered Jennifer Odom, the 12-year old whose life came to a sudden end on 2/19/93.

She got off the school bus near her home in St. Joseph, Florida, and disappeared, her home being in a rural area of Pasco County.

Her body was found six days later on 2/25/93 in another county, Hernando, close to a horse riding trail.

I won’t go into the details about the body, but let’s just say sexual assault and rape were probably involved, though not confirmed by the police.

In the 1994 “Unsolved Mysteries” the show’s producers used a psychic to  give some of the details of the crime. The police said some of those details were accurate. She was not able to name the killer.

There was an older blue pickup spotted by students on the school bus near Jennifer’s bus stop on the day she disappeared. The police have never found that pickup, even though they had amazing details about additional equipment on the truck.

They did search a lake behind the house of Al Keifer in June, 2013, but found nothing. The Keifer family is prominent in Dade City, owning several businesses. Al Keifer, 46 at the time, was questioned by the police in April, 2013 when he came home for a visit. That was two months before they searched the lake for the old pickup. Keifer lives in Anchorage, Alaska now, and acknowledged that he was questioned by police, but would answer no more questions without an attorney present.

People always assume if someone refuses to answer questions without an attorney, they must be guilty of something. That may not necessarily be the case. Nothing has been proven against Keifer.

Over time, the investigators in the case have interviewed many suspects who were guilty of other murders, in fact the investigators have almost traveled the Untied States doing so, but there was never a connection to the Jennifer Odom murder that they could prove.

Jennifer’s book bag and clarinet case were found on 1/9/95 in Hernando County about 12 miles from where her body was found in a spot so secluded authorities think the killer knew the area.

Here’s my theory. I’m sure my readers have some of their own.

Twenty-three years later the truck has not been found. That was probably the means of transportation for the person driving it. What did he do afterwards? Walk? No. I think he was furnished transportation by someone else.

What we are talking about here is two pedophiles working in tandem. I have never run across a pedophile who worked with another pedophile. One pedophile does not like to share his “rewards” with another one. He wants the victim all to himself.

What I think happened is that two pedophiles knew each other, and one was in a position to provide a form of transportation for the first pedophile without participating in the crime. Do you really think if someone knew this pedophile, and was normal, they would not have turned him into the police once they found out a 12-year old girl had been murdered? That’s the reason I am saying we are dealing with two pedophiles here.  Was the second pedophile jealous of the fact he did not get to participate in the assault and crime? Probably.

Fingerprints were lifted when the book bag and clarinet case were found in 1995, but nothing has turned up in the national database.

Whether there would be DNA in what I think was the assault and rape remains to be seen. If there had been a match in CODIS, I’m sure there would have been a suspect named. In 1993 when the murder was committed DNA was still in its early stages, but if evidence could have been sufficiently saved over the years, it was still viable.

Most psychics are not psychics at all. There is one psychic, although I can’t recall her name, who has been remarkable in working with the police on many cases. She may be the only true psychic walking around, but even she cannot name killers, only details about the crimes

The psychic used by “Unsolved Mysteries” in this case in saying she thought two people were involved may have only been depending on logic. If the person in the blue pickup were the killer and disposed of his pickup, I don’t think he had another vehicle, and would certainly have needed the aid of someone else to provide him with another vehicle. That’s simple logic, not psychic.

Somebody other than the owner of the blue pickup knew he had a blue pickup, but never came forward to tell the police. Why? They think a potential murderer should walk free because they are related to him or is a friend of his? All of those things should come to a sudden stop when murder is involved. The police should have been called, and let them sort out the details.

Families of pedophiles in the area at the time should have called into question whether their relative could have been the killer. Many people who kill, especially pedophiles from what I have read, have great difficulty acting normal after they have committed a crime, a murder. The murder of a 12-year old girl. Call the police. Let them sort it out.

Whether your family is rich or poor, you owe it to Jennifer Odom, to her family, to come forward and tell what you know. You shouldn’t be defending a murderer. For all you know that person might have repeated the crime, repeated it more than once.

Nowadays a pedophile has to register as a pedophile. If you think because a pedophile is registered with the police that will stop him from committing a crime if he is given the chance, or even makes his own chances, then you are a misguided individual, and about as sick as the person who committed the crime.

There is someone who knows something, enough to convict someone of the murder of Jennifer Odom. Yet they sit on their ass, while their conscience burns. May you rot in Hell.

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