Does this White Woman’s Life Matter?


Let’s get one thing straight at the beginning. If I saw a black man being threatened by any group of people, black or white, I would move in to protect him. So don’t call me a racist.

Black Lives Matter (BLM), as one lady on Fox put it, was a noble gesture to begin with, but with the kill cops rhetoric that has been issued by some of its members and the illegal blocking of highways by BLM members, and other illegal activities such as throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails at police, it’s time for you to get a new name.

This story starts early on Saturday morning, just after seven.

A young lady, 22, drives up to the gas station/ convenience store which is adjacent to the family hardware store where she has come to work. Whether she stopped for gas or a cup of coffee, I don’t know.

As she comes out of the convenience store building, she is kidnapped by a black man, the police have in custody the man they say who did it, taken across the street to the cemetery, and shot in the head.

At last report she is still alive with a bullet in her head they have not been able to remove.

This happened in a small town in Louisiana called Winnsboro. A town of about 5,000, the majority of whom are black.

A town of that size almost everyone knows everybody else. Whether the black man knew the white lady, I don’t know, but his family must have known her, because some of his family members called the police and told them who he was.

All Lives Matter, it’s as simple as that. That includes everybody. That’s what we need to be concerned about. To say that only BLM is a very selfish approach to the problem. Exclusive to the problem, and not inclusive to the solution.

If you are a black person, and you think this black man should have shot this white lady, then you are sick yourself.

This innocent white lady is not the only one I’m worried about. What about the three and four-year old black kids who were killed in Chicago. All the other black teens there who were killed and never got a chance of fulfilling their dreams. That is disturbing to anyone who calls themselves a human being.  The victims’ family’s grief can know no bounds. And absolutely senseless as this lady’s shooting was.

As senseless as the five white Dallas police officers who were marching along with the BLM peaceful protesters there, gunned down from a higher position in a parking deck, or should I say two parking decks, because the shooter was able to switch his position. Or the senseless killing of three Baton Rouge policemen (one of them black, and one a sheriff’s deputy). Or the ruthless shooting of a police captain in St. Louis Tuesday.

Blue lives matter. No. All Lives Matter. I think the motto of Blue Lives Matter was a counter to the BLM motto.

As Rudy Giuliani said in his speech at the Republican National Convention, when a policeman comes to save your life, he doesn’t ask the color of your skin.

All Lives Matter.

If we go by the theorem of BLM, then this black man who shot this white lady is the only black person in this two person scenario, and his life is the only one that matters?   Does this scum of the earth fit into the BLM? That’s the reason you need a new name, and don’t need BLM. Surely you would agree this white lady’s life matters.

But as in every other situation, including the police who shot the black men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, I’m willing to let the justice system play out and determine the guilt or innocence of this black man in Winnsboro, Louisiana. If he is guilty, then I don’t even think BLM will support him. If they do, they have lost their everlasting mind.

All Lives Matter, not just BLM.

Meanwhile life will never be the same in this small town, as this lady fights for her life.

In case you’re not familiar with a bullet to the head, provided the person even survives, let me tell you one medical fact you may not be fully aware of.

Among all the other factors doctors are dealing with, one of the most significant is the swelling of the brain. Common sense tells you there is not much extra room in the skull for a brain that is not normal size.

The brain starts swelling. The doctors are administering drugs to stop the swelling, but the drugs are basically not going to have an effect until the brain stops swelling, and you’re trying to decrease the size back to normal. The brain keeps swelling. What’s the alternative? To remove the top of the skull so the brain can swell beyond the skull. That gives the top of the brain an outlet, but what about the sides of the brain? There is not that much that can be done for the brain to swell to either side inside the skull. About the only treatment is to pray, because medically speaking the limitations are astronomical.

One shot to the brain to change this beautiful young lady into a medical mess.

All Lives Matter.

You want to be divisive? Keep using BLM. I will keep thinking of all the illegal activities and kill cops rhetoric that some of your group promotes.

I had nothing to do with what happened to black people in the past. I know of no one who had anything to do with what happened to black people in the past. Like Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County says, BLM is a hoax perpetrated on the American people. If you didn’t know it already, David Clarke is black?

If the police in Baton Rouge and Minnesota are guilty, they will go to jail. If this black man in Winnsboro, Louisiana is guilty, he will go to jail. That’s our justice system.

Meanwhile, cut out all the rest of the crap, and let’s unite, but if you think I will stand behind BLM, you might want to check to see if Hell has frozen over before you check with me.



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