Does WBRC 6 Fox TV Not Know Who Roger Ailes Is?


At 12:40 P. M. today the person I talked to in news, sports, and weather at WBRC Fox TV didn’t. He asked me who Roger Ailes is. I told him the Chairman and CEO of Fox News in New York. I told him I wanted Roger’s address. The fellow said I could probably find the address on the Internet.

I told him I was writing Roger a letter, and asked for his name, so I could tell Roger the WBRC Fox guy didn’t know who he was, and Roger might want to call him and give him his address in New York. The WBRC guy hung up on me.

In the letter to Roger I should have suggested Roger send him a business card as well.

I had a similar situation one time when I was trying to determine who the U. S. Postmaster was. I wanted to write words of praise for a couple of our local postal employees. I called the downtown post office, and although they had a picture of the U. S. Postmaster hanging in the building, they didn’t know who he was. Finally after going through four or five people one of them said they thought his name was Tisch. I called the downtown library and got his full name, which, as I recall at the moment, was Preston Tisch. I wrote him, gave the words of praise to our local good postal workers, and then suggested should he ever be in Birmingham, to go to the downtown post office and introduce himself. He wrote me back, and said he would indeed specifically visit the downtown post office, should the occasion ever arise.

The reason I wanted to write Roger Ailes at Fox national was a suggestion I had. Last Wednesday night on Megyn Kelly’s show, she had the father of Alison Parker, the Roanoke news reporter who was killed on live TV. Her cameraman Adam Ward also died, but not before turning his camera on the gunman as Adam fell, one of the most courageous acts I’ve ever seen. The lady from the Chamber of Commerce, who was being interviewed, was shot but is recovering.

How Alison’s father gathered the strength to come on TV the night of the morning his daughter was killed, I’ll never know, but in talking to Megyn he mentioned that his daughter was like one of the “Fox girls”.

That registered very strongly with me. Here was a young lady who might have made it to Fox national, and she was denied that right by an insane gunman.

It’s true there is a long road between a small, local TV station, and the bright lights of New York, but from all accounts, Alison had the staying power to do it. I think the station she worked for in Roanoke was an ABC affiliate, but I’m certain she could have transitioned to Fox. I think her chances for being an anchor at Fox national would have been very good, much more exposure than at ABC national, in my opinion.

I suggested to Roger that he put a picture of Alison on a wall in the NYC studios with a plaque below it saying, “Alison Parker, Honorary News Anchor”. I might be wrong, but I do believe there would be nothing that could please her parents more.

I’m not certain what Adam Ward’s ambition was, but if it were national, Roger might want to put Adam’s picture at the opposite end of the wall as an honorary Fox national cameraman. Whether that would be acceptable to his family could be determined.

I remember remarking to my wife Wednesday night after all of this happened, what’s next? Then the sheriff’s deputy was killed at a gas station on Friday night.

Bad things happen, but why does it have to happen to a 24 year-old TV reporter, a 27 year-old TV cameraman, and a 47 year-old deputy sheriff with two kids?

Some things I don’t understand, and never will. I guess if you asked people what they wanted most, a great number of them would say a million dollars. I think I would want to be able to change certain situations. These would be two of them.



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