Get Well Cop Killer


Get Well Cop Killer. That’s what the third grade students of a New Jersey teacher wrote to the convicted killer of Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner who died in 1981. The convicted killer and ex-black panther’s name is Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Sometimes my memory’s not too good. Didn’t two or three black panthers stand out in the front of a voting place in one of the recent elections with night sticks, and AG Eric Holder said they were not harassing any voters? Was that Philly?

At last report the third grade teacher is on suspension with pay while the school board tries to decide what to do about her. Duh. Fire her a__.

That’s bad, but it gets worse. Whom did she trust for the delivery of the letters to Mumia. Apparently her colleague in an organization called “Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal.” This colleague—a professor at Baruch College in New York City. Fire her a__.

I imagine the parents who are paying for their sons and daughters to attend Baruch College are thrilled at the fact one of their off-springs’ professors belongs to that organization.

The New Jersey teacher apologized for what she did—surrounded by apparent sympathizers for Mumia, with at least one of them shouting she shouldn’t apologize. The teacher tried to blame her students for wanting to write the letters after she mentioned Mumia. Me thinks she failed to note the fact she had mentioned Mumia in previous comments in her class.

How many of those sympathizers surrounding her are on food stamps and welfare? Fire their a____ from both of those.

I have no doubt mistakes are made in the justice system, but this ain’t one of them. I remember Hurricane Carter who was finally proven innocent before he died. The murder charge made no sense, because Hurricane was a prominent boxer, and had absolutely no reason to be involved.

Mumia has been through the appeals process, and the only thing he gained is to get off of death row into imprisonment for the rest of his life.

I wish someone would show me anything of substance that the NJ teacher and the Baruch prof have come up with, other than saying Mumia is innocent. Police officer Daniel Faulkner’s widow was on TV saying she was about the age of the NJ teacher when she had to go to the hospital to see her husband’s face blown off. I do not think Faulkner’s widow has seen anything in all of these 34 years to make her believe anyone other than Mumia did it.

There is a great opportunity here for two school systems to send a message about people with their causes who don’t seem to have any substance to their causes, other than to open their big mouths.

Will it happen? No. This will be swept under the rug as quietly as possible, which might not be easy with the publicity this has generated. Maybe the NJ teacher will be shown the door. I doubt it. And the Baruch College prof? You think something will be done? Good luck.

The only alarm I expect from all of this is characterized by the Pace Picante commercial where two cowboys are dismayed at the fact a third cowboy got his dip sauce from New York City. Expect no more.

And so it seems to go.

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