A Prediction for Hillary


Update 11/9/16

Is There Still Something Wrong with Hillary’s Health?

Well, my psychicism didn’t work.  Hillary did not have a stroke before the election or a brain aneurysm. Her loss to Donald Trump may have produced some apoplectic shock. We don’t know about that.

What I based my prediction on is what had happened to Hillary in 2012. She fell at her New York home, and suffered what her campaign said was a concussion when she hit her head.

She was out of sight for six months.  More than one doctor said it did not take six months to recover from a concussion, that it sounded much more like a stroke. Concussions can cause damage that is discovered long past the time they occurred. Football players know that. But it is not ordinarily immediate, and have outward appearances that everything is fine two or three weeks after the concussion.

Blood clots cause strokes. It must have been in 2012 she started taking Coumadin, a blood thinner used to prevent the clots that cause a stroke.

It also prevents clots that can go to the lungs, (a pulmonary embolism) and cause instant death.

That fall in 2012 also caused bleeding in the brain which to me is a precursor for a brain aneurysm because of a weakening of the blood vessels in the bleeding area, although I’m sure some people would disagree with that. A brain aneurysm is such that you have to worry about dying immediately, not how many electoral votes you’ll get.

There are much better drugs available for blood clots than Coumadin. In fact now Coumadin is considered an out-of-date drug.  It is unpredictable in its reliability, hard to regulate, has internal bleeding, and you have to be concerned with your diet when you take Coumadin. The best drug on the market now for blood clots is Eliquis. Internal bleeding with it is non-existent, it is easy to control, and there are no dietary restrictions. Why Hillary would still be taking Coumadin is a medical mystery.

Hillary did have a collapse while at the memorial on 9/11. Her campaign said it was dehydration from pneumonia that she had had for about three days. She was off the campaign trail for three days, and then back at it.

In my opinion, and I hope I’m wrong, because you wish this on no one, she has the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease. That’s dumb, you say. She couldn’t have conducted such a strenuous campaign. She could have sustained a rigorous campaign with shots of adrenaline and a shot to combat whatever else she has—at least temporarily, even for the three debates that she and Trump engaged in.

There were reports that she had to take long periods of rest at times. Whether that occurred on the campaign plane or she was able to go home for a day or two, I don’t know. Any form of transportation I’ve ever taken was not conducive to any decent rest.

There are a few things that peak my curiosity. On one of her campaign stops she was talking to some ladies and suddenly her head started shaking up and down violently. The ladies were bewildered, and didn’t know what to do. Finally the situation returned to normal, and she completed her conversation with them. That shaking is indicative of Parkinson’s.

There were times on the campaign trail when she had long pauses in which she seemed to be lost.

WikiLeaks had e-mails between her staff members who expressed concern for her health.

A doctor who examined videos of Hillary detected saccadic eye movement, which causes a person’s eyes to lock in position extreme left or right (right in this case), and the only way to correct it is to blink your eyes and they return to center normal. He had a very conclusive video showing that happened to Hillary. Again this is indicative of Parkinson’s.

As I said before, this is not a partisan issue. Somebody’s health never is. I would imagine she was very adamant about revealing anything of her health to the general public because of the negative impact it would have had on her campaign. I’m quite certain her campaign workers were warned not to say anything.

There were a couple of reports that Obama suggested to Hillary that she go to Walter Reed Hospital for a thorough checkup. Again these reports said she refused to do that. Was she covering up anything?

Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s. I always enjoyed him on TV or in the movies.  Sometimes he could take a line that was not particularly funny, and deliver it in such a manner that there was a laugh in it. But he could be serious as well. I remember in “Doc Hollywood” there were at least five or six scenes where he got down to the basics of life and delivered that well.

The best I recall he still appeared on TV after he announced he has Parkinson’s, and the signs that he has it were not very evident until about two years after the initial diagnosis.

We may have two to three years before we know about Hillary. Even without having won the election, I’m not sure Hillary would reveal it now, because people, even people who voted for her, might feel like she lied to them about her health, and should have been forthright about it.

For a third time I will say no one wishes this type of disease on anyone. We’re talking a human being here, regardless of how you feel about her personally.

I’ll repeat myself. This is one prediction I hope I am wrong on.

Original Story Posted 4/17/15

This is not the prediction you are expecting.

I’m not sure what name Hillary uses today. She doesn’t seem to like Hillary. Maybe Hillary Rodham Clinton? Maybe HRC?

The drooling reporters on her campaign trail seem to want a coronation, and not an election. The Clinton Foundation is still accepting money from four or five foreign countries, one of them the UK. Maybe one of the English donors can borrow Queen Liz’s coronation crown from 1952. Where do they keep that crown? Buckingham Palace?

Hillary has been in Iowa for a few days and had a lunch with vetted Demos that was staged to look like ordinary folks.

That seems to be what Hillary wants—to look like ordinary folks— who don’t answer any questions.

That’s not what this prediction is.

At some point Hillary may have to say who issued the stand-down order before the Benghazi attack. Troops were poised to go. The only two people with the authority to issue a stand-down order were Hillary and Barack. I doubt all four of the Americans could have been saved, but two had a good possibility of surviving if the troops had arrived

And what of her State Department business on her private computer. She didn’t allow an independent investigation to determine if her e-mails related to State Department business. She just said here are the ones I think are pertinent, and I destroyed the rest of them. If people are gullible enough to vote for her on that basis, so be it.

That’s not what this prediction is about.

And that Clinton Foundation accepting money from foreign governments that have atrocious women’s rights before it stopped accepting money from foreign governments that have atrocious women’s rights. Did I say rights? I think their Sharia law concept of women is more wrong than right. And Hillary is a champion of women’s rights?

But that’s not what this prediction is about?

What is the prediction? I’ve never had major psychic moments, only minor ones that have very little impact. Some people call them coincidences. Some of mine are, but then some move just beyond that. This prediction is moving into the big-time.

I hesitate to even mention it, but it has been recurring in my mind, and that generally means it is going to happen at some time. Here’s what my psychic element says. Hillary will have a stroke or brain aneurysm before the election in November, 2016.

That’s a harsh thing to predict, isn’t it? Absolutely nothing to do with the election, but something that will greatly affect the election.

Where does this info come from? I have no idea, somewhere out there. There will be serious skeptics who say this will not happen.

Only time will tell. I wish no ill health toward HRC, but that has no bearing on my psychic element.

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