Hound Dog Places 7th by a Nose in Half-Marathon


What’s this nonsense about nobody knows where Elkmont, Alabama is? Ludivine Hamlin decided to do something about it. Ludivine is not your ordinary town’s spokesperson. Ludivine is a bloodhound, between 2 and 3 years old.

Ludivine told her owner April Hamlin she had to go outside. Sometimes after Ludivine takes care of the necessary, she roams around her farm, and then into the small Alabama town of less than 500 people. Everybody knows her. Some might even call her the town dog.

On this particular day, Ludivine must have decided to become famous, although she didn’t quite know what being famous is. If it meant an extra box of milk bones, that might have been appealing enough.

Bear in mind that Ludivine after all is a bloodhound, and bloodhounds do track. In fact she must have been tracking the Trackless Train Trek which is a half-marathon that was being run earlier this month to raise money for the Elkmont High School cross country and track and field teams.

That might be the only logical explanation of how Ludivine wound up at the starting line for the half-marathon, which covers 13.1 miles.

The runners took off. Ludivine took off. Maybe Ludivine was saying there must be something interesting down there somewhere for all these people to be running so fast to get there.

Ludivine did stop every now and then to check scents, to see if there might be something more interesting. Apparently she didn’t find anything.

Surely as much as these people were running until their tongues hung out, a trait Ludivine could demonstrate to them exactly how to do it, there had to be chicken or ice cream or some rewards at the end of whatever this was.

At some point Ludivine got serious about her running, and probably decided those people out front might eat all the chicken and ice cream before everybody else got there, and she took off in earnest.

She finished seventh in the race, only to be disappointed that there was no chicken or ice cream as a reward. They gave her a medal which did not taste very well if she tried to eat it.

She put Elkmont on the map, and in the process became a celeb herself.

Her owner April Hamlin says Ludivine is not exactly a high energy dog, and she is surprised she ran the whole race. Guess you’ll have to ask Ludivine about that, and at the moment she is not giving any interviews.

They renamed the race the Hound Dog Half-Marathon.

Ludivine’s thoughts on the matter? We’re not sure, maybe, “Where’s the chicken and the ice cream?”

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