How Could This Happen?


Two freaking incidents result in the murders of two college women.

ID had a program about this on TV.  Other reports vary in the details of exactly what took place.

Morgan Harrington came down from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia to attend a Metallica concert on October 17, 2009 at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

ID reported that she was locked out of the concert when it began.  She was last seen on a bridge where at least two witnesses saw her trying to hitchhike, presumably back to Virginia Tech.

She disappeared.

Her body was found on January 27, 2010.

On September 13, 2014 ID said that Hannah Graham was going to attend a party at a friend’s house, but texted them to say she was lost.

She vanished.

Her body was found on October 18, 2014.

Jesse Matthew had a taxi permit in Charlottesville from 2007 until later in 2010.

Is that how he met Morgan Harrington?

Jesse Matthew was working at a hospital when Hannah Graham disappeared.

Surveillance videos from various locations show him following Hannah Graham.  One of the detectives recognized him on the video.

How could these unrelated incidences result in two murders by the same man?  How could that happen?  How can one man cross the paths of two women and both of them are murdered?  Happenstance, very unfortunate happenstances.

Several women disappeared in the area when Matthew could have committed their murders. He has not confessed as to what happened to any of those women.

One thing ID did not point out is that there was a serial killer operating in the same area at the time who was eventually convicted of one or two of the disappearances and murders.

The question becomes how many women died as a result of these two? Nobody knows, and I doubt ever will.

I have no doubt both of these women were taught by their parents to use caution when they were outside of their safety zone. One fleeting moment and it happens.

Couldn’t they have friended up and had one or more of their friends with them, which would have made what happened to them unlikely?

Did they think they were invincible? Or maybe they thought just this one time nothing will happen?

I’ve written of other incidences where a longer chain of events than these two led to murder.

How could Matthew have been in the right place at the wrong time for these women?  Why wasn’t he someplace else?  I wish I knew the answer.  I’m sure the two families wish they knew the answer.

Matthew was on the Liberty University football team for a short while earlier on.  Sure you hear of college football players being accused of rape, but overall for most football players, it is not a commonality, especially considering that some would regard Liberty University as a religious college.

Perhaps I should go through all the murders I have written about, the incidents that happened that resulted in the murders.  I should compile those, and post them to Facebook every day to make sure women, all     women do not fall prey to the same circumstances, with a notation to all college women that if they only stray slightly from their safety zone, it could happen to them.

But no, they would say, this only happens to other women, not me.  And they would be dead the next day, and their families, not them, would have to deal with the results.

Maybe I shouldn’t belabor the point of these freaking incidences, but I hate to see these creeps end the lives of those who meant much more to so many people than they did.

If one woman’s life is saved by reading this, one woman out in the world, or one woman attending college, then my efforts would not be in vain.

I will probably never know, because we can’t know about a murder that was prevented, only the murders that did happen.

The only advice I can offer is quite simple. “It can happen to you”.





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