How is Hell, You Murderer?


How long have you been there? What you did to Elizabeth Short in 1947 has probably never been duplicated in American murders.

For those who want the gross, you can simply type in Elizabeth Short murder, and get a full report.

I’m not going into all of the atrocities you perpetrated on Elizabeth. There are three or four things I would like to mention from the Los Angeles police files.

Elizabeth was still alive when you took that scalpel, and cut her from her mouth to her ears, on both sides. Shall we use a medical term to describe what happened next? The body exsanguinated. That’s a rather clean sounding word to explain that her body bleed out, that she died of blood loss, painful, knowing it’s happening.

Scalpel? Why do I say that? It was a clean cut. Unless the killer was in possession of a knife that had just been sharpened, the edges of the cut would have been jagged. Are rough cuts mentioned in the medical examiner’s report? No. That would have been a key, and a necessary factor for notation by the medical examiner.

You had inflicted a beating to her body, and perhaps she was unconscious when you cut her, but you were willing to take the chance that she would feel her self dying, that you wanted her to feel herself dying.

The killer was no young twenty-something year old. He had training. The sadistic portion of his training must have been further, advanced self-education from anatomy books. Were you a doctor? Sounds like it.

If you were alive now, you would have to be at least in your late nineties. I’m really guessing you were in your forties then, which would put you past a hundred now.

What did you do the rest of your life? Did you have any regrets? No. did you kill again? Yes, just not in the same manner. Elizabeth was your signature kill. A once in a lifetime mutilation that you knew could never be achieved again. You would be famous forever. And you are.

And before you cut the body in half, you used that same scalpel to get to the backbone, because the saw that you severed her spine with was a medical saw, and not a hack saw or ordinary saw you would buy at the hardware store. Again, it’s what the medical examiner’s report did not say. The medical examiner would have noted a severe disturbance in trying to do that.

Again according to police reports, Elizabeth was wearing a tailored suit. Some reports have her wanting to be an actress. She never achieved that. As many who aspire in Hollywood, she had worked as a waitress, might have even been at the time of her murder. Do waitresses buy custom tailored suits? I don’t think so.

Who bought the suit for her that she was wearing? The killer? Was she a kept woman, as they referred to it in those days? In other words a customized hooker for this one person? That’s possible. The police determined that she was no street prostitute for whomever might come along.

Her sugar daddy was an odd one, because she had very bad teeth, and normally sugar daddies go the full route of seeing their trophies are top-notch beauties. And she was good looking. You might have to bring her hair-do and make-up to today to be convinced of that, but she was one beautiful young woman. One small break, and she might have been a huge movie star who lived well into old age.

There were innumerable confessions, none creditable. No detail the police had not revealed that the killer only knew. None of that in those confessions. Why people confess to crimes they don’t commit, I have no idea.

The police did have ten or fifteen men that they considered legitimate suspects, a couple of them doctors. I saw on TV that the son of one of those doctors was convinced his Dad did it. Others disputed that, but his son pointed to a parade of women who passed through the residence. The son was probably too young at the time to gauge his father’s mental condition, and whether at the time he could have done it. His Dad was a surgeon.

We do have the theater and now TV movie of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” in which a killer hid behind the façade of innocence, and got away with it for quite some time. Perhaps the killer portrayed Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde his entire life, and no one was ever the wiser.

Why did you never confess on your death bed, a redemption at the Pearly Gates, if you will? Maybe you figured, “What the hell, I’m going to wind up in Hell anyway”.

Well, you got that right. I do wish the devil would have allowed me to see if you were given extra credit for what you did, and that earned you some special diabolical punishment. Maybe he assigned an executioner to do the same to you once a day, every day as you did to Elizabeth. Maybe the devil reassembles your body, and it’s repeated the next day, and forever.

I’m not sure that’s enough for this murder. I suppose it’s the best we can hope for. An exsanguinating of the body, and you watch as the blood flows from your body, and you know you are dying again, and again, and again.



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