I Think I’m Haunted


I have gotten three calls over the last week that went to message.

On the last message I finally learned that it was Dr. Casey’s office calling.

I called Dr. Casey’s office to tell them I was not a patient of Dr. Casey, never had been, and didn’t think I would be.

They couldn’t find my name in their computer system to delete it from the automatic call.

They said if I received any more calls, to just ignore them.

I said what if the calls kept coming.

They again said I’m not in their system.

When I hung up it dawned on me.

A lot of things dawn on me because I’ve been around so long.

Dr. Casey, Dr. Casey?  Huh?  Dr. Ben Casey? I should have asked Dr. Casey’s office what Dr. Casey’s first name was, but I think Rod Sterling has come back to write another script for, “The Twilight Zone”.

I have entered “The Twilight Zone” as Rod used to say.

I’m not in their system, yet their system keeps calling me.

I must admit I have a lot of doctors, a lot of doctors. I went down an alphabetical list of them (took me three days) but I couldn’t find a Dr. Casey. The reason it took me three days was that I wanted to make sure I had not failed to correctly alphabetize his name and put it in the X’s.

What does this mean? I’m not sure.

Vince Edwards, who played Dr. Ben Casey, must be trying to contact me. I’m just a simple blogger with a decent number of readers on any given day.

Frankly I don’t think many of my readers would know who Dr. Ben Casey or Vince Edwards was.

After I explained them, my readers would have lost interest in what they had to say, even if they were trying to contact me from beyond.

After all Harry Houdini promised his wife if she held a séance on Halloween night, he would come back and say a few things. She tried it for a few years, but finally gave up, because Harry didn’t come back and didn’t say anything.

When she died that further complicated everything, because if Harry had been able to talk in a friend’s séance his wife would have probably told Harry that he had his chance to talk, and he should shut up because she wanted to say something now.

Dr. Ben Casey was a surgical resident. The program started out with a crisis, had fourteen more crises during the program, and ended with another crisis.

That’s the reason you always saw Vince Edwards in a stern mode in his pictures as Dr. Ben Casey because he couldn’t get out of character even when they finished shooting the TV program, and he went home for rest and relaxation.

Dr. Ben Casey, a.k.a. Vince Edwards, is not exactly the person I want chasing me in their afterlife. He had all those surgical instruments around, and probably still does.

Here, let me stop and meditate about why he’s trying to communicate with me. This may take a couple of minutes.

I have it now.  He said I was not the person he was trying to contact.

I told him I’m in the system. Somebody in his office (Well, Dr. Casey’s office) put me in there, and I can’t get out.

Vince said he was going to contact his office (Dr. Casey’s office), and get this all straightened out.

I told him good luck on that one.

I asked him if I should contact Dr. Casey’s office to let them know Dr. Casey would be calling them.

He said no, he wanted it to be a surprise.

I told him more than likely it would be.

Nice fellow Vince, uh I mean Ben.

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