I Thought This Was America


Fifty-three Muslim workers are terribly unhappy that Ariens Manufacturing in Wisconsin has told them they will have to pray on their scheduled breaks or lunch.

Ariens had been allowing the Muslims who worked for them to take prayer breaks, which deviated from their long standing policy of when breaks would be taken. Muslims pray five times a day at a specific time, and some of those prayer breaks caused the assembly line at Ariens to shut down until the Muslims came back from their prayer breaks. They even have their own prayer room, which is separate from everything else.

I’m not being facetious here folks, but I sure hope no woman has ever entered that prayer room, because the horrible way Muslims treat women, if a woman accidentally entered the prayer room, that would contaminate it, and Ariens would have to build a new prayer room. If that happened, and I were Ariens, I would build the new prayer room in Iran.

The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has said Ariens is within their right to do this. What? The EEOC? I can’t recall the EEOC siding with an employer on anything since just before the War of 1812.

CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, sides with the Muslims of course. One report has them filing a lawsuit against Ariens, but I don’t know whether that’s true.

Ariens manufactures lawn mowers and snow blowers, and with the weather looking like it is at the moment, with the smaller number of snow blowers Ariens can produce, the Internet will be showing a guy sitting on top of a snow pile which has covered his house and roof, and he’s waiting for his Ariens snow blower, because some Muslims took a prayer break, and it didn’t get made. Maybe the Muslims will volunteer to help him shovel the snow off his roof and house, and that video will go viral.

When did America not become America? I thought when you came to America, you adopted American ways. The Muslims want us to adopt their ways. Bull.

Occasionally when I go to the grocery store, I see a Muslim woman. I assume she is Muslim. She has the long dress and a scarf around her head, but her face is not covered. She looks to be of Middle Eastern descent. I never had paid that much attention to her before, just regarding her as another customer.

But now the actions of these Muslims in Wisconsin are forcing me to take another look at this woman. Is she radical to the extent she wants to take away rights we’ve had here in the States for years upon years? I don’t mean radical in the sense of an Islamic Terrorist, but for instance the way the food is displayed on the shelves is objectionable to her and that all the Muslim food has to be put on certain shelves at a certain time facing in a certain direction. That would be facing Mecca I assume.

That is a pity, because this woman always goes about her grocery shopping very quietly, and would not even be noticed by anyone except for her method of dress, which does attract some attention, but never unduly so.

Why doesn’t some Muslim organization come out and say the Muslims at Ariens in Wisconsin are wrong, and that Mohammad or whoever their Deity is grants them a special dispensation, or whatever you call it, to double up on their prayers when they get home?

I was raised Baptist, and I can assure you some Baptists on Saturday night imbibed to the extent they were well drunk, and then they showed up at church on Sunday morning, blood shot eyes and all, to be washed of their sins. I’m not talking about literally being washed of their sins in the baptismal pool, but figuratively speaking. If they had to subscribe to the Muslim way of thinking to never deviate from the religious doctrine, these Baptists would be tossed out of the church, to never be allowed in church again, and their souls would surely be a prime candidate for Lucifer. That’s not the way it works. Those sobered Baptists would be given another chance.

That’s what is frightening about Muslims being in this country. They refuse to compromise. They refuse to assimilate into the general population. Maybe this lady at the grocery store is an exception, and she truly thinks American ways are okay. As a writer I would like to engage her in conversation to see if I am right, but contrary to just about everybody else in the grocery store I talk to, I cannot talk to her.

How many customers are always speaking to me in the grocery store, and I speak to them, and that’s what makes America great? Yet I must stay at a speaking distance from this woman.

Muslims want to maintain all of these customs, their customs, not American customs. As a long time American, one who has logged in more time on this earth than many of you, I’m not willing to accede to the Muslim ways.

You Muslims came here because you thought America is great. If you intend to stay here, leave American values alone. If not, leave and go home to wherever you came from.

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