I’m Calling Out The Killer


I’m Calling Out The Killer. The Tara Grinstead killer from 2005. Yes, there is a possibility she is being held captive for almost ten years, because her body has never been found, but that is not likely. There is the Cleveland case of women being held, but so many more times it’s murder and not being held captive. Tara was even reportedly seen in Birmingham, Alabama after she disappeared, but that turned out to be a false lead.

The reason I’m doing this is that my cousin was murdered, and the killer was never caught, and I saw what it did to his parents until the day of their deaths. Later on I will appeal to you, the killer, to contact me, and when you do, I will give you one horrifying detail about the aftermath of his death. I do not know the parents of Tara Grinstead, but based on what I saw with my Aunt and Uncle, I have some idea of what is happening to them.

I don’t like to refer to myself in the first word of anything I write, unless I’m writing humor with me as the brunt of it, but I don’t want the killer to have vengeance on his mind for anybody but me.

This is directed at the killer. Let me tell you how I think you committed the crime. You didn’t know Tara Grinstead. You had heard of her from somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody, and they told you about her, and the fact she lived alone. The distance that created allowed you never to be connected to the crime

I doubt you even lived in Ocilla. Georgia, which is where Tara lived. But you had driven by her house, and perhaps even seen her somewhere. Sometime after midnight that Saturday night, you unlocked the front door (you have some familiarity with locks) surprised her as she had gone to sleep on the sofa watching TV, and did whatever you thought necessary in your mind before you killed her. Her dog was outside barking all this time.

You didn’t leave the body in Ocilla, but I’m guessing it’s within a fifty-mile radius of Ocilla.

If the FBI compiled a profile on you, it hasn’t been made public. A body and how the person is murdered is a great help in the FBI compiling a profile, and that gap might be one of the reasons you have not been caught.

Here’s my profile of you. You only killed this one time, even though authorities have tried to connect you to other crimes. Why did you only kill once? You’d need a psychologist or psychiatrist for that. I’ll give you my best guess. You reached the pinnacle of murder in your first attempt—a beauty queen.

You’re now in your fifties. You were married, but now are divorced. You have two kids, late teens at the time, mid-twenties now. Your kids and your ex-wife have no idea you are a killer.

You like TV crime stories, and that’s what caused you to use the latex gloves, which concealed your fingerprints in the house, but you dropped one as you left the scene with her body. They were able to lift your fingerprints from the glove, but you’re not in the database, because you’ve committed no other crimes.

I am asking my friends on Facebook to pass this story onto their friends, and those friends to pass the story onto their friends, etc. I’m quite certain you are on Facebook, and at some point this story will reach you.

We are not friends, and will never be, so when you contact me, it will leave the message in my other folder, as Facebook calls it, which I assume is my email.

I will not contact the police, but I will talk you into going to the police. No, I am not smarter than the police. I don’t have the resources the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has. They did the investigation, and still continue to follow leads to this day. I have no FBI training.

What I’m saying right now is that the murder has weighed on your conscience all these years. You don’t know whether confessing will give you any relief, but you have no other outlet.

You saw that special on TV last night that Greta Van Susteren did on Tara Grinstead. You will see the rerun tonight. It produces some strange fascination for you, but some conflicting emotions as well.

I will be waiting for you to contact me. It’s past time.

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