I’m Calling Out the Killer II


I’m Calling Out the Killer II. Someone contacted me yesterday. Are you the person who killed Tara Grinstead? Or do you know the person who killed Tara Grinstead? Tell me where Tara Grinstead’s body is. Give me the GPS co-ordinates.

I had a spike yesterday in readers for my story I posted in mid-February, “I’m Calling Out the Killer”. Did the killer of Tara Grinstead read my original story yesterday, “I’m Calling out the Killer”?

I don’t expect the killer to use his real name in a comment, and leave his real name and e-mail address. But I do need for him to send me a comment, and tell me what to do. Should I publish his comment? Should I contact the police? What?

After ten years the killer’s conscience should really be bothering him. There is no relief unless you confess. Do it now.

There was a confession in 2009 which proved to be false. The person got some bizarre satisfaction out of it. It’s time for the real killer to step forward, and give the family some peace of mind.

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