I’m Calling Out the Killer IV


Note Two: A psychic moment? No, but this one vividly came to me last night. You wanted to have sex with Tara. She refused. You then raped her, and murdered her and disposed of her body to keep from being caught. What kind of monster are you? You didn’t tell your wife, did you? She knows, but she’s too afraid to come forward. Murder one, murder two. Why worry about a second murder? You can only be executed once.

Note One: This is directed solely at the killer. I know who you are. You know I know who you are. You read my site. I know now you read my site. You’re ticketed straight for Hell, an eternal Hell. There’s no Get Out of Hell Free Card as there is for getting out of jail in Monopoly.

Right now you’re protected. But look around you, and know that protection will be gone. Those who protected you all this time will pay the price for protecting you.  They will be prosecuted too.

You think you will get out of this life without being prosecuted for Murder One. Wrong.

We do have something in common. We know each other through this site. And we do have common ground. I’ll be glad to throw the switch when you’re fried, or turn loose the chemicals in a lethal injection. Think of that. Somebody you know carrying out your execution.

You knew Tara. Now tell everybody else who you are. Give the family closure, although I don’t think you have the conscience to worry about the family. Write me a comment. I’ll withhold it from the public, and contact Police Chief Billy Hancock in Ocilla. He’s a nice fellow. He deserves to solve this case. You have put him through the hell he does not deserve.

Use that as a rationalization —that you confessed to the murder. If you’re looking for something to relieve your conscience, maybe that’s it. I don’t really care.

And if you’re thinking you can solve your problem by killing me, come right ahead. I’ll be waiting, unlike a defenseless Tara.

Original story below:

I’m Calling Out the Killer IV. There is little doubt in my mind that the killer of Tara Grinstead has read all three of my previous postings on the 2005 homicide. This is my last post on this, but not before I deliver some devastating news to the killer.

The killer will suffer a personal tragedy. Not he, himself, but a relative of his who has no idea he is a killer.

If he comes forward and confesses to the murder, will this personal tragedy happen to him? That one goes well beyond me.

Am I psychic? No. I’ve had small psychic, non-important moments in the past, some might even call them coincidences, but sometimes it edges beyond coincidences, because it involves two or more unrelated incidences that come together at one time.

My mind is pushing me on this one, and I figured I’d better put it out there. You might say give the killer one last chance to confess.

The killer is probably laughing at me, but if I were he, I wouldn’t laugh too hard and too loud. I’d develop a wait-and-see attitude, because that’s what you’ve done up to now.

You’re waiting to see if there is some evidence the police have found in retracing the case, or someone comes forward who points the finger at you, and knows something to tie you to the crime.

Sit there in your desperation. Sweat a while. Crawl into your creepy, wholly, unholy hole, for one day when you come out, the police will be waiting for you.

Or maybe you will just crack one day. I rather doubt that. You think you’ve developed nerves of steel. But you haven’t. A day of reckoning will come, and you will pay the price. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

There is no end to your thinking about what you did. Day and night. Night and day. 24/7/30/365. Murder creates a permanent memory in your mind.

No need in asking you to come forward. I’ve done that already. But tragedy awaits you, an innocent relative in your family. Rather like an innocent Tara Grinstead whom you killed. How ironic this is about to be.

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