I’m Calling Out the Killer VI


I called the killer of Tara Grinstead, and left a message. He did not return my call. He’s still walking around a free man. And he still has his family, but read “I’m Calling Out the Killer V” to see what he has done to them. His family is totally oblivious to the fact he is a killer.

For those who did not read my other five stories on this, Tara Grinstead was almost 31 when she disappeared on the weekend of October 22, 2005. She has not been seen since.

The killer has a new worry. Tara Grinstead. She has only stuck a nightmare into his nights a few nights since her murder. But now she is coming after him with a vengeance. Nightmares every night until he confesses. She will replay in his mind the murder over and over and over, until he sits bolt up- right in his bed one night, and screams out, “I killed her. I killed Tara Grinstead,” to the amazement of his wife. She doesn’t know he killed her, but she doesn’t know that she knows, but will know when he confesses. An odd conundrum, but true.

A woman who is alive has limited ways to seek vengeance. A woman who is dead, but lives in an ethereal world, is not bound by anything in what she can accomplish.

These nightmares will be in color, none of that black and white bland diabolical, macabre setting. And each of the nightmares will be in real time. You will relive every gruesome second as though it is happening now.

You think you are tough, and nothing will faze you. You’re wrong. Detectives on real murder stories on TV always seem to have one murder case that is embedded in their minds forever, the way a person was killed, the viciousness of it, the staged crime scene, the utter disregard for human life, the discarding of the body like it was a piece of trash. That’s the way it is with murderers, the only one they committed or a series of murders with the one that always haunts them.

Tara knows you are about to have something major good happen in your life, and decided this is the time to come after you.

You probably don’t think I know what I’m talking about. Let this run its course, and then tell me how right I was.

Tara will never RIP until you are caught. She will be relentless, unwavering in her pursuit of you. Only when her body is found and given a kind and decent burial will she RIP.

Chief Billy Hancock in Ocilla will be glad to see you. An unsolved murder in a small town like Ocilla lasts forever, and never goes away. He deserves credit for solving the case.  Tara and I intend to see that happens.



    • I would like to talk to you, if you know anything that will further substantiate my case, or if you have a direct connection to the case, or are the killer. I have talked to the police chief of Ocilla and the GBI. However, if you are only speculating about the case, and don’t have at least some circumstantial evidence to back it up, I don’t know that we have much to discuss. There is certainly information about the case I am not yet ready to reveal. I do appreciate your taking the time to make the comment.

        • Jason—

          Thanks for your request.

          I have communicated with some of my readers by e-mail, but I always determined exactly why we should communicate in that manner.

          You must remember that I deal with my share of nuts. Their comments mostly come through as spam, and the public never sees those. I’m sure over the course of 2+ years I have made plenty of people angry. That would include murderers, jurors, maybe a few law enforcement, and people in general. I do not want anyone having anything for them to have the potential to find me. I’m quite certain some of these lunatics would seek revenge for whatever.

          I am certainly interested in contacting you by e-mail, if you know who the killer is, and can furnish some type of proof.

          There are probably a few facts I have not included in what I have written so far for the case.

          There is speculation that a policeman was involved. I know his name, I know what police department he is with, and I know how to find him. In fact I have contacted that police department. He was not there at the time. I left word for him to call me, and also told the person taking the message that it was in relation to the Tara Grinstead case. He did not return my call. My readers can determine if they think in their own minds whether that indicates his guilt. I don’t have an opinion on that one way or the other. He could have just thought I was some kind of nut.

          I know who in law enforcement to contact regarding this case. They would be very quick to act. I do know a couple of people at the GBI but those would not be my first contact.

          Again, if you furnish me a legit reason, I will contact you via e-mail.