I’m Calling Out The Killer VII


The Tara Grinstead Murder

Update 3/01/17 

As specified in Update VI, I know the killer of Tara Grinstead.  I have tried to call the killer, but he will not call me back.  I can’t prove it yet, but I will keep hounding him.

In the meantime, other names have come up, rumors I’m sure, but some of these people don’t need rumors attached to them. Let’s get those cleared up.

More than once I have run across a police officer’s name whom some allege may have been involved in what happened to Tara Grinstead. There is no proof offered for this allegation.  I think we can assume after all these years that Tara is dead.

The many police officers across this country, both men and women, are hard-working individuals who are intent on keeping you and me safe.

They do not like to be accused of being involved in any crime, nor to have the appearance of being involved in any crime. They will do whatever it takes to clear their name should the situation arise.

I am sure this police officer knows who he is.

I ask him to send me a comment explaining where he was on the night of Tara’s disappearance.  His relationship with Tara, if such existed, should also be explained.

Let’s quiet these rumors that keep popping up from time to time, clear your name, and let any investigative agencies that might have any interest to then direct their attention someplace else.

My readers will not accept the simple statement that, “I didn’t do it”. They are much more sophisticated than that, as I’m sure your comment will be.


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