I’m Tired of the Liberal Media Ripping the Police


I’m Tired of the Liberal Media Ripping the Police. The thin blue line is the only thing that stands between a civilized society and chaos.

The latest incident occurred when the McKinney, Texas police were called to the scene of a disturbance at a pool/graduation/birthday/drug party.

Let’s set the scene first. Someone goes on social media and says there is going to be a party. Maybe that was the party organizer, I don’t know. Is there a very good likelihood somebody or somebodies are going to show up who really weren’t invited in the first place, and want to cause trouble, and perhaps see an opportunity to sell drugs?

A DJ from Dallas is providing music or rap or whatever, that was inappropriate for a faction of the kids at the party, that’s according to a couple of people there. And the DJ was playing it very loud. Perhaps the DJ was trying to send a few decibels up to Mars.

A young boy starts shooting a video, maybe he’s a would-be TV videographer/journalist who would be fired the first day because he didn’t shoot the whole story.

The video shows one policeman weighing into the middle of an unruly crowd. He tells some people to get on the ground. They do. He tells some other people to leave. They argue about it. He tells them again to leave. They finally leave. Meanwhile there is the 14 or 15 year old black girl in question who is seen out in the street with an opportunity to leave. Does she leave? No. The video is not clear, nor audible at times, but I want to know how many times the police officer told her to leave? She didn’t. How many times did she mouth off at the police officer? Finally he wrestles her to the ground, and she is sitting there, seeming to mouth off some more. He forces her on her stomach and brings her arm behind her back as is done with anyone not complying with what a police officer tells you to do.

In the meantime two youths, I think they were black, come very close to the police officer. He can’t possibly know what they are about to do, or if they are armed. He gets up and starts chasing them, pulling his gun in the process, but not pointing it at anyone. Two other officers come into the video. He holsters his gun.

That police officer has resigned. The protesters cite this incident along with the fact he was using profanity. The crowd can listen to raucous music with the most vile of lyrics, and those protesting are concerned about the profanity he used?

Now black people want the police officer prosecuted criminally.

This police officer should have arrived on the scene and observed the goings-on at a distance. The other policer officers should have done the same. Just let a fight or fights ensue. Let the crowd be as uncivilized as possible. Let them kill each other. I can assure you when the first wild shoot was fired by someone in the crowd, the entire group would have dispersed in all directions, and that girl would not have stopped to argue with anybody. Do you want to bet that somebody or somebodies in that crowd didn’t have guns on them?

What would the liberal media have said? That’s wrong. The police should have intervened. Yet when the police intervened, the liberal media accused the police of brutality.

I think the Baltimore police have come up with a solution. Stand down. That’s what the black mayor wanted them to do on the first night of riots there, when the mayor, as reported by more than one police officer, told them through the black police commissioner to hold off, and let the riots and lootings and burnings progress, after all it was only property they were destroying.

It’s time for the police to stand down all across this country. To let everyone do as they wish for a week. Put up signs to that effect. Get on TV. A nationwide campaign. And post this notice everywhere, especially on social media. “During the week of July 5-11, we will be at our local precincts. We will not be making house calls. In fact we are organizing a pool/graduation/birthday party (no drugs) for each local precinct. You rabble rousers are not invited. Do as you will that week. We don’t care. Drugs, shootings, murders, riots, lootings, burnings. This is a good week to do these, because no one will be prosecuted. And you thought only Monopoly had a ‘Get out of Jail’ free card.”

Perhaps when a liberal TV person is killed during this one week hiatus in July, or one of the protesters is killed by someone who just felt like it, they might not think that the tactics police used to walk into an unruly crowd are out of line.

Whenever I see one of our local police officers, I’m inclined to shake his or her hand, and tell him or her I appreciate them. I saw a Birmingham police officer shopping in a grocery store in our community not long ago. He was out of his official jurisdiction while on a personal shopping trip, but I stopped him anyway, and told him I thought police officers don’t get enough respect. The black police officer thanked me. I didn’t really care whether he was black or white. He wore blue, that’s all that mattered to me.

The thin blue line. Support them. Get vocal about it. Their detractors certainly are, especially the liberal media.

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