Infidels Win Round Two; Christians Need to be Heard From–Note Two


Note Two: Well Christians, it’s time not to turn tail and run. When I coached boys’ baseball, I always told my boys they were never to start a fight, but also they were never to turn tail and run. The fight has begun. An LGBT group has a billboard  in Kim Davis’ hometown in Rowan County, Kentucky attacking her. It’s time for Christians not to turn tail and run.

I rather doubt that billboard belongs to the LGBT group, but to a billboard company who was paid by the LGBT group to put the sign up. Perhaps they had to put the sign up or be sued.

A large majority of billboards advertise local businesses and services. Christians in Kim Davis’ hometown and the entire county need to start calling the businesses and services that advertise on those billboards, and tell them they plan  to not do business with them or to not do business with them again, if they have done business with them in the past. That’s all they have to say.

When the businesses and services get about fifty or sixty calls or more, they may begin to reach a conclusion about what’s happening. Whatever the conclusion the business or service decides is the reason you’re not doing business with them is up to them. It is certainly your right not to use a business or service if you so choose, and nobody in the world can force you to tell why that is.

When this local billboard situation becomes a success, then it is time to move on to the national businesses or services that advertise on those billboards.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Christians are the majority in this country, and it is about time that they not turn tail and run.

Note One: Constitution. Bill of Rights. Amendment I—Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…. That’s about as clear as you can get it. In all of its wisdom, or lack of, an activist Supreme Court can not countermand that. The only way to change it is for Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution, and for a majority of states to ratify it. No law enacted by an activist Supreme Court can change that. The Constitution is the law of the land, and takes precedent over any law passed by the Supreme Court or law passed by Congress. There is nothing that says Kim Davis can not exercise her freedom of religion while holding public office, and she did that.

Our forefathers deemed this the most important factor to be covered in the Bill of Rights, placing it in the First Amendment, and at the very beginning of that amendment. They knew somebody somewhere at some time would be trying to mess with it.

I’m quite certain the gays and lesbians can find someone who will issue them a marriage license, hold their ceremony, bake them a cake, and drool at their feet. Why not go to them, and quit causing such a ruckus? Whatever rights the Supreme Court gave you do not supersede the rights spelled out in the Constitution to others.

Original story below.

A judge has sent Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis to jail for contempt of court because she refused to issue a marriage license to gay couples. Would that be persecution of Christians, like in the old days? Guess we finally got past slavery, but the persecution of Christians that occurred many years prior to that seems to be hanging around.

Wasn’t that Caesar who had something to do with the persecution? I can’t remember. I must admit I was around at the time of Caesar, but I just didn’t pay that much attention to what he was doing, him and Mark Antony. What with the lions and all. But you know I believe I’d rather take my chances with the lions than federal judges. I guess Brutus didn’t too much like what Caesar was up to, and took care of the situation, but I don’t think you can resolve the situation in the same manner Brutus did. “Et tu”, Brutus.

Of course if a federal judge went up in the hills of eastern Kentucky, where this occurred, and told a moonshiner that what he was doing violated federal law, just like refusing to issue gay marriage licenses, the judge wouldn’t be killed, but I can guarantee he wouldn’t sit down for a while. Those fellas always hit what they aim at with their shotguns.

You know another thing I found out when I was out and about in Kentucky, there is a whole heap of Christians running around in the state, and I just don’t think you’ve heard the last from them.

U. S. District Court Judge David Bunning had U. S. Marshals take Davis into custody, and if protocol were followed, in handcuffs. Judge Bunning was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2001 for the life-long position. If I’m not mistaken David Bunning is the son of baseball great Jim Bunning. Really Jim, did you raise your youngun like that? I think Judge David claims to have his religious beliefs, but they ain’t much in evidence.

The other clerks in Davis’ office have agreed to issue gay marriage licenses, except Davis’ son, but Judge Bunning isn’t worried about that. Kim Davis’ mother was county clerk before her daughter Kim was elected.

Christians should not go silently into the night. They should prepare for round 2.

The lawyer for the next person who refuses to service gays should tell the judge as Davis’ lawyer did, that the objection is under God’s Authority.

Then the lawyer should ask the judge in the brief that he/she files for the court, whether the judge will rule under God’s Authority.

The judge will be forced to say he/she will not rule under God’s Authority, and will cite the Supreme Court Ruling approving gay marriage.

The lawyer should then state that because the judge is not ruling under God’s Authority, that the judge is showing atheistic tendencies, and will be biased toward his client, and should not rule on the case at all, and should recuse himself or herself.

If federal judges are going to rule against God’s Authority, they should be on the written record for it. Then let them go on down to their church on Sunday, and let the other church goers stare at them, and the preacher stare at them, and pretty soon the judge and his or her family will get very uncomfortable, and be searching for another church. I’m not sure they will find one among the Christians, but I guess they can join a LGBT church, if such a thing exists. If not, they can become fulltime atheists.

Guess pretty soon, the federal judges will be ruling that other people can’t stare at them or their family because of rulings the judge makes that they don’t like.

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