Note One: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and the only Jewish woman in Congress, has come out in favor of the Iran nuclear agreement. Are the Jewish people going to stand by, and say nothing about that?

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On August 6, 2016, a bomber will take off from Tehran, Iran at 5:00 A. M. Jerusalem time. It will be accompanied by four decoy bombers, two bombers to check weather, and two bombers for photographic purposes. There will be thirty fighters to shield the bombers from an air attack.

The bomb run over Jerusalem will begin at 8:09 A. M. Jerusalem time. The nuclear bomb will be dropped at 8:15 A. M. from 31,000 feet, and will fall for 44.4 seconds, exploding at 1900 feet above Jerusalem.

Why such precise timings and measurements? The terrorists use times we are familiar with. Does 9/11 sound familiar? The number we call in emergencies.

The timings and measurements above duplicate those of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima according to Wikipedia. I’m sure other sources would confirm that.

The nuclear bomb will be 200 times more destructive and detrimental than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and will kill 300,000 people immediately with another 200,000 to die in coming months.

Wait. Iran can’t get a nuclear bomb. The deal with Iran precludes that. If you believe that, there’s that swamp land in Florida to be bought.

The United States got nothing out of the deal. They can’t even inspect the Iran centrifuge sites. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) does that—after they’ve given Iran 24 days’ notice.

And $100-$150 billion is freed up (unfrozen) for Iran to do with as they will. I’m betting $50 billion stays in Iran and $100 billion goes to terrorist organizations. Iran is currently the largest country to fund terrorist organizations in the world. The “Death to America” we hear coming out of Iran is no idle threat. They will change the chant slightly to, “Death in America”, because when the terrorists have $100 billion pumped into their coffers, how long do you think it will take them to get here?

In WWII President Harry Truman (back when Democrats were Democrats and not radical left-wingers. And oh by the way, Truman was a Patriot as well) had to make a choice about whether the U. S. would invade Japan. I’m sure the generals gave him a projected U. S. casualty count if we did.

He said no more American casualties for an invasion, and he gave the okay on the atomic bomb for August 6th. The Japanese still would not surrender, and came the second bomb on August 9th on Nagasaki. Actually that was a plutonium bomb, even more powerful.

A small number of Americans being held as POW’s in Hiroshima and Nagasaki died as a result of the bombings. Judging by Harry’s actions at the time, I’m sure he spent many long nights in the Oval Office thinking of that very thing. What was unknown was whether the POW’s had already been executed before the bombs were dropped.

Harry said there will be an unconditional surrender of Japan, and there was.

Let me give you my idea about what Harry would have done on this Iran deal.

The Secretary of State would have delivered a one-page document to the conference table with Iran. The Secretary would have then left the table, and flown home to the U. S.

The one-page document would have been written in long-hand by Harry, and typed by his secretary. Here’s what it would have said.

“To the President of Iran:

I have no idea who in the hell is running your country. You have a President, and mullahs or mullets and religious freaks running around everywhere shouting, “Death to America”. First of all, we’re not coming back to the conference table until you shut them up. Is that clear?

We have a nuclear bomb. You don’t. If you choose not to destroy the centrifuges that are enriching uranium to build a nuclear bomb, we’re turning over a nuclear bomb to Israel to drop on your heads. By the way, we have more than one nuclear bomb.

And the IAEA inspecting your centrifuge sites is a bunch of crock. Our folks will be over there when we please and when we choose. Oh we can’t do that, you say? “A second nuclear bomb is on its way to Israel. In case you’re wondering BB Netanyahu has full authority to use the bombs when he chooses.

We Americans believe in numbers as well. Like three is a good number, so we’re sending a third nuclear bomb to BB. Those bombs are hard to guide to the exact target, what with wind drift, and clouds and all that stuff. If they don’t land on your head, they will still be close enough to fry you.

I have a slogan on my desk, “The buck stops here.” I have asked one of our fine American craftsmen to make you a metal plaque with a wooden base, much as mine. My Secretary of State will bring it to the next conference, and you can put it on your desk. It will say, “The bomb stops here.”

Good Luck, although knowing what I know, I don’t think that will do you much good.


P. S. I have a few hats left over from my haberdashery business. Give me your hat size. I’ll have the Secretary of State to bring you one.”

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