Jacqueline Gardner


Jacqueline Gardner. Who? You have no idea who Jacqueline Gardner is? Why should she be important enough to read about?

The basic info about her is on the Internet. There are several Jacqueline Gardners. She’s the one who was killed in May, 2012 for $85 in tip money she had earned on her day/night shift at a restaurant (reported to be Joe’s Crab Shack) in an Indiana town.

Had you ever heard of her before I mentioned her? I hadn’t.

What’s significant here is that three black men were charged in her murder, and were awaiting trial as of last year. Three hoodlums who attacked her in the breezeway of her apartment building right outside of her apartment shortly after 11 P. M.

Allegedly the girlfriend of one of the accused three black men said they were in her apartment barely an hour later playing a video game. This girl worked with Jacqueline Gardner at the restaurant according to info.

What’s wrong with this picture? You have a dead white woman, 24, who had two small children, according to a person who knew her, one of those still a breastfeeding infant, and three black men with consciences so guilt ridden they’re playing a video game afterwards.

Would you care to venture how many thousands and thousands of words have been written for print publications, and how many thousands and thousands of words have been said on TV about Michael Brown? The Department of Justice investigated the case thoroughly, with the entire Justice Department, it would seem. As we all know DOJ exonerated the white police officer of the shooting, verifying his account as accurate, backed up by the most creditable witnesses.

Have you heard Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or any of the other black leaders come out and say anything about that? Al Sharpton was on TV with his hands up in the air. Maybe Al could now come on TV, and say, “I was wrong. Michael Brown didn’t have his hands up.” An appropo time would be when Big Al, now slimmed down, enlightens us with a press conference after his next visit to the White House.

Let me repaint the picture in case I haven’t made it clear. Michael Brown lies in a Missouri cemetery, dead, after he, in a bullying manner, stole some cigarillos, walked in the middle of the street, was told to get out of the middle of the street, then attacked the police officer in his car, walked away, and decided to turn around and come back, thinking for whatever reason, he was immune to bullets. He wasn’t.

Jacqueline Gardner, tired after her shift at the restaurant, drove home, got out of her car, like so many other days and nights before, probably felt no fear until a shotgun blast ripped her body, and then she was held in a chokehold for whatever reason by one of the three thugs until he released her and her body crumpled to the floor.

What’s the purpose of all of this? If a black is killed by a white, the media can’t stop covering it. If a black, or blacks in the case of Jacqueline, kill a white person, liberal media coverage is almost non-existent.

That’s an insult to black people and white people. I’ve known many people of both races who worked hard to make sure their children respected the lives of others, and the children themselves worked hard to succeed, because that’s what they were taught.

Oh, the liberal media says, black children are disadvantaged, they have no father at home, and their mother works all the time to put food on the table, and isn’t home to provide discipline. The children go to inferior schools, and join a gang for the social benefits it provides.

Okay. I have a solution. If anyone, black, white, or purple can’t afford children, don’t have them. If they’re on public assistance such as welfare or food stamps, put out a public notice that only one child of that woman will receive aid, no more. This idea will make me very popular, but you will very soon see the crime rate go down, because undisciplined children in large numbers will not be roaming the streets.

I don’t know why these three black men decided on a May night to kill a hard working mother, and deprive her children of really ever knowing her. She was trying to pay her way in life, and take care of her kids. Were these criminals “disadvantaged”? I don’t know. Were they just plain mean? They decided it was better to steal $85 from someone who had worked hard to earn it, rather than go out and work for the $85 themselves. I don’t think these three were bright enough themselves to come up with that idea. They learned it from someone or somewhere else. Maybe the person or people they learned it from was disadvantaged.

How could the girlfriend of one of the killers, and reportedly working at the same restaurant, get up and look in the mirror at herself every day after the murder? Did she know this was about to happen? The police entered no charges against her for complicity, but those three guys didn’t walk in the restaurant and pick out Jacqueline Gardner to rob and execute? They had to know she existed. How?

I had a sister named Jacqueline. Maybe that’s what strikes a chord with me. We called her Jackie. Our Jackie lived a full life.

I’d like to think Jacqueline Gardner liked to be called Jackie. Jackie Gardner lived 24 years. Today, Jackie, I thought people who had never heard of you before, should know you.