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Update 5


Well, it seems Megyn Kelly is heading out for greener pastures. At least that must be what she regards NBC as, which according to reports, will be her new home.  When?  I haven’t heard, the expiration date of her contract, whenever that is.

Donald Trump graciously accepted her at Trump Tower for an interview a way back when the campaign was raging.

She let up for a spell on attacking him after that, but then launched into what I would call an all-out.

Every night now she is mostly negative about Donald Trump. Maybe a slight light of positivity now and then.

Now she is going to the network that bashes Trump all the time, in my opinion. She is certainly going to the network where she belongs.

if everything is true about what she will be doing at NBC,  she only missed by an eyelash of being President of NBC.

It’s always a little fuzzy about why someone leaves one network and goes to another. Fox bigwigs professed publicly to doing everything to keep her. Sometimes behind the scenes they are saying how soon is she leaving?  Hooray.  It’s difficult to discern the truth.

I’m not sure I will wish her well. I might wish to hell she would get off Fox, the sooner, the better.

Update 4


Megyn Kelly walked into the lion’s den. She called Donald Trump on her cell phone and asked if she could come over to Trump Tower to interview him. Donald Trump graciously agreed. It was shown on the main Fox Broadcast Network earlier this week.

We in the South don’t call that an interview. We call it a conversation. Some of the insults Donald had hurled at Megyn after her opening, horrendous question in the first debate came up, but they were so low-key, as for me, they could have been talking about mint juleps.

I thought the repartee was very good. Wait a minute. Let me look that word up. Okay, I can proceed.

Megyn has a new book which sounds like a good read. From what she said on her own nightly program, she spells out the bad and good times in her life. She said she also talks about her life after that confrontation with Donald at the beginning of the first debate. Apparently she had some repercussions that were not too pleasant, otherwise I don’t think she would have written about it in her book.

Megyn, you showed me a lot of guts. I like that, and, like you, I can change. I said I never wanted to watch your show again, but I’ve changed my mind.

Stepping into what could have been perceived as unfriendly territory, that being the Trump Tower, outside of the friendly confines of the Fox studio, you took a risk, a very big risk. You knew before you left Trump Tower the video could have been confiscated by some of Donald’s campaign team if he didn’t think you were “Fair and Balanced”, the Fox cable channel motto.

I think you found out Donald Trump is more of a gentleman than you thought he was, and that you had become much more of a journalist and human being than you were when you entered the building.

Way to go, Megyn Kelly.

She even gave Donald her cell phone number.

Update 3

Contrary to what my friend writes me sometime about the fact I can turn the channel to avoid watching Megyn Kelly, this about Megyn I found on the Internet. Apparently Megyn revealed to Vanity Fair magazine that she might not renew her contract with Fox when it comes up. Exactly when that is, I don’t know, but assume it’s this year sometime.

I’ve been around TV people. Let me give you my interpretation of what I think she was saying.

Where is Megyn going?

NBC, CBS, and ABC do not have the type programming at night that fits Megyn’s show she has now.

CNN just closed the location in Atlanta and aggregated everything in New York. Don’t I recall that was Ted Turner’s network, and I guess the consolidation and Atlanta vacancy might have caught him by surprise? I don’t think CNN is in a hiring mode considering the layoffs that occurred as a result of that move.

What’s left? MSNBC? I don’t think their ratings allow them to go out and hire a big name like Megyn Kelly.

What about daytime TV? I don’t think her tone would set well with the soft soap approach of daytime talk TV. And besides, the audience is not there, and the money’s not there.

I think if we translate Megyn’s statement in the right context, here again my opinion, I think she is about to be shown the door, front or back, her choice. Time will tell if I’m correct, but the whole truth may never be known.

Roger Ailes, President and CEO of Fox, certainly doesn’t want an announcement about this. Megyn needs to hang on to what viewers she has left, considering that a number of Trump supporters who watched her before, are no longer doing so.

She seems to have embarked now on getting Ted Cruz the GOP Presidential Candidacy. What little I have watched her lately, here again my opinion, she’s either bashing Donald Trump or praising Ted Cruz.

She should read this. Her programming blindness seems to be becoming in perpetuity.

Update 2 4/4/16

There’s the woman reporter who claimed to have been almost thrown to the floor at the Donald Trump press conference at Mar-a-Lago, at least that’s what she said in the beginning. Then Donald Trump’s campaign organization released the tape that proves that did not happen. I have not seen her on TV since then still claiming that happened after the release of the tape.

Whether the campaign manager grabbed her arm is up to you to decide when you watch the tape, which again was given to the media by the Trump campaign organization. If he felt like he was protecting Donald Trump, the campaign manager had the right to intervene. I’ve said that before.

But perhaps the most accusatory statement the woman reporter made was this was the worst situation she had ever encountered with the exception of the death of her father. I couldn’t believe what I heard.

The death of her father ranks first in the events in her life that have been the worst. Second is attending a Republican presidential candidate’s press conference and saying she was pulled by her arm.

When a presidential candidate starts to leave a speech or a press conference, it reminds me of a scrum in an English rugby match. Judge Jeanine said on Saturday night she had been hit in the head with a camera at an event similar in nature to this.

If this is the second worst event that has ever happened in this woman reporter’s life, she must have renounced her vows as a Nun and came directly to the press conference at Mar-a-Lago. Of course had she been a Nun, and renounced her vows, that might have ranked as the second worst thing that ever happened to her, which would move Donald Trump’s press conference to the third worst thing that ever happened to her.

When she was on Megyn Kelly’s show, did Megyn even question the honesty of that statement? I didn’t hear it if she did. According to info available Megyn’s father died when she was 15. Would going to a presidential candidate’s campaign, and the ensuing aftermath be the worst thing that happened to Megyn except her father’s death? I don’t think so.

Megyn, of all people, with the death of her father, should have questioned that statement. I think her unwillingness to even approach the woman reporter’s outlandish statement is proof that she will downgrade Trump every opportunity she gets, even if it is to the detriment and almost disregard of the importance of the death of her father. Megyn, to me, you are stooping very low here, very low. I call it a great disrespect for your father. What do you call it?

In my estimation, there are two lies this woman reporter has told? Do you trust what she said? The liberal media and Megyn apparently do because they are willing to accept her version of the event.

When people lie, and I have talked to some of them, I tend not to believe any of their conversation.

I find that is very good advice I have given myself.

Update 1 3/30/16

Whether you are for or against Donald Trump, let’s see if we can objectively examine Megyn Kelly’s last rant against him.

She spent over a third of the opening of her show on Tuesday night on the story about Donald Trump’s campaign manager who had been charged for criminal misdemeanor for pulling the arm of a woman reporter in a press conference in Florida. I believe it was at Trump’s house in West Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago that used to belong to Marjorie Merriweather Post, heiress to the Post Cereal fortune, etc.

Is that a Democrat who is prosecuting the case against Trump’s campaign manager? It must be because I think Megyn would have been front and center if it were a Republican to show it was an unbiased prosecution. On the other hand if it is a Democrat, does anyone think this is an unbiased prosecution?

On the audio tape that was available from that scene, the woman reporter claims she was jerked by her arm and almost thrown to the floor, only catching herself before she fell. The TV tape played simultaneously seems to produce no evidence that she was ever jerked back or even came close to being thrown to the floor by Trump’s campaign manager.

Whether it’s true or not I have no way of knowing, but Trump said the woman reporter grabbed his arm as he was trying to exit the press conference. Does that mean the police should file charges against her for a criminal misdemeanor? If the woman reporter did indeed grab Trump’s arm to ask him a question, Trump’s campaign manager had every right to try to restrain her, and that would include grabbing her arm. If she tried to infringe on Donald Trump too much the Secret Service would have stepped in very assertively. They do mean business when they feel it is necessary to act and act quickly.

Megyn Kelly had Newt Gingrich on her show. Newt was Speaker of the House and has been around the block a time or two. Newt asked Megyn how many press conferences she had been at where there was pushing and shoving afterwards to get to the person holding the press conference for one more question, and she indicated she had been at plenty. Yet when Newt tried to tell Megyn that Trump’s campaign manager had only been charged with a misdemeanor, she said he had been charged criminally in the tone of voice I would have used had I been referring to a man who had kidnapped, raped and murdered a woman.

Has the woman reporter’s boyfriend ever been accused of domestic violence by the woman reporter? If so, specifically for what? Has the woman reporter ever filed charges against her boyfriend for domestic violence? Those might have been good questions for Megyn to ask the woman reporter when she was on Megyn’s show shortly after the incident.

I’ve never heard of a woman having a permanent period, and not being a doctor, I have no idea whether it is even possible. With some of Megyn’s recent shows and comments, I do think Megyn should visit her gynecologist, and her psychiatrist, all in the same day. How Roger Ailes, the President and CEO of Fox News can continue to let her vent against Trump I don’t know? I would think her ratings have dropped off, because those who are Trump supporters will not continue to want to watch her what I call personally motivated attacks. If her ratings drop drastically she will be out of a job. Her line of thought at the moment seems more aligned with MSNBC, so I think she could apply there for a job.

Donald Trump has appeared numerous times on Greta Van Susteren and Bill O’Reilly, the two shows that precede Megyn Kelly, and on Sean Hannity perhaps more than any of the other shows on Fox. All three of them ask him tough questions. Greta is subtle in the way she asks tough questions. Bill is direct in how he asks tough questions, and Sean generally gives Trump a soft question before he asks him a tough one. Trump seems to have no problem appearing with those people.

Trump’s feud with Megyn lends fire to the argument that Trump hates women, all women, a misogynist. Also the argument is made that Trump attacked Ted Cruz’s wife. That was only after a super pack ran an ad trying to embarrass Trump and his wife for a picture of his wife that appeared in GQ Magazine in 2000. Trump attacked Cruz’s wife.

I don’t begin to guess how women look at the world, but if someone were attacking my wife, as Donald Trump’s wife was attacked, I would attack. I hope any normal thinking women in the world would appreciate the fact that Donald Trump was defending his wife. That should get the respect of women, not their hate.

If I didn’t defend my wife in whatever manner I had to, I wouldn’t even have respect for myself.

You want my opinion, Megyn? Blind hate gains you nothing.

Original Story Posted 3/21/16

I’ve watched Megyn Kelly ever since her first broadcast on Fox years ago. I liked Megyn Kelly. I don’t watch Megyn Kelly anymore. I don’t like Megyn Kelly anymore.

What happened? I call it personal pettiness. At the moment her “venom”, as I call it, is directed at Donald Trump, but it could be directed at anyone she doesn’t like or get along with. How many times out of Megyn Kelly’s mouth have I heard that Fox is fair and balanced? She must not hear what she’s saying.

This seems to have all started at the first GOP presidential debate that was on Fox. I think it was August of last year. The moderators I recall as Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier.

Megyn Kelly had the very first question for Donald Trump. One of the nastiest questions I’ve ever heard any moderator ask, and the sarcastic manner in which she asked it, and the content of the question. I don’t remember the exact question, but it was about women.

No questions for any of the candidates to get acquainted with the moderators, just this brutal question to begin with. Donald Trump took exception with the question and Megyn, and that seemed to be the point where Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump became enemies.

Fox said that the questions were derived by a panel of Fox people. That to me says as each question was suggested, it was evaluated by the panel. Who proposed the question that Megyn Kelly asked? Was it Megyn Kelly? That seems logical because the person coming up with the question who is a moderator should be able to ask the question.

I wanted to deny this was even happening with Megyn Kelly’s nighttime program when it started. It’s difficult to put an exact date on it, because it was subtle to begin with. Megyn would begin her program with a situation negative to Donald Trump.

Then on subsequent programs there seemed to be an expansion of the negative situations about Donald Trump.

That led into subsequent programs where Megyn would deliver a paragraph or two that was interspersed with negative words about Donald Trump. What that does is to make you feel you haven’t heard anything negative when you finish hearing it, but you feel negative about the person she was talking about.

That’s impossible you say? I do it all the time in what I write. I’ve done it for years. Either positive or negative depending on the person I’m writing about. A murderer I intersperse negative words. You don’t stop reading, but at the end you feel like this is the most vicious person on the face of the earth.

If I’m writing humor, I can inject words that add to the humor without you having to pause to think about it. Lewis Grizzard was one of the best I’ve ever seen at doing that.

Megyn does have people later on in her program who are pro-Trump, but she has already set the stage in her opening for you to be anti-Trump as much as possible, before she brings in an offset to her negativeness. At that point, the positive cannot overshadow the negative that is in people’s minds. I feel like anything positive about Trump was an afterthought, and not the main event.

Fox meteorologist Janice Dean, whom I dearly love because she shows courage every day in her fight with her illness, which I think is multiple sclerosis, tweeted this about Donald Trump.

“This obsession with @megynkelly is disturbing and not presidential. Please stop.”                

Janice, I hate to tell you, but what Megyn does on her show now is beneath the dignity of what her show was in the past, and this is five nights a week. Compare her shows in the past to what they are now, and you will see that.

I like Bret Baier. Bret Baier tweeted this in reference to one Donald Trump tweet, and also another tweet where Donald Trump called for a boycott of Megyn’s show.

“Enough. @megynkelly is not crazy-she’s not sick. We’ll continue to cover this race fairly”.

Bret, I know you’re busy with your own show, but take a look at what you get now from Megyn every night.

Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think Megyn Kelly was unhappy with Bill O’Reilly because Bill did not admonish Donald Trump for the way he treated Megyn when Donald Trump was on Bill O’Reilly’s show. Could that be more personal pettiness of Megyn on her behalf?

Megyn, I am truly disappointed in you. You know how it pains me to have to not like you anymore? I thought I could depend on what you said. You would be unbiased. You would give everyone a fair shake. All these years, and I was wrong about you. That’s about like having to say the Statue of Liberty is un-American.

You do have a chance to change Megyn Kelly, but even if you do, you’ve lost my trust. Who is your next victim?




  • Scrawl Drawl,
    Your contention that Mrs.Kelly exhibits behavior that you find distasteful, may be well founded. I cannot speak to her actions during her television program, as I do not watch it. I however realize that if I chose to watch her program and she said or did things I didn’t like, I would simply change the channel, or turn her off completely. Quite simply she is just another television news personality on a cable news channel. She wields virtually no influence on my life no matter how reprehensible her behavior may or may not be.
    I do however find it interesting that you are not as offended by Mr. Trump’s behavior as it relates to Mrs. Kelly. This man has stated some of the most vile things about this lady. He has mocked her about her menstrual cycle, he has called her vicious names, and has impugned her character.
    The very actions you claim to not like about Mrs. Kelly, Mr Trump exhibits those very same actions ten fold.

    One is a news personality, the other is running for the highest office of the land. I’d rather deal with a news personality that displays poor behavior than a presidential candidate that displays the very same behavior. Because in the end which one will have more influence on your life? The one you can change the channel on, or the one that leads your country.
    There used to be a belief in this country that Character Counted.

    I always enjoy your articles/writings, keep up the wonderful work


  • Scrawl Drawl,

    I wish to offer three possible solutions:

    1st During the 8:00 pm (cst) broadcast of the Kelly File , simply aim the remote control at the television and press the power button one time.

    2nd Press the channel direction button until a desired program appears on your television set. I personally recommend a good baseball game; however if baseball does not interest you, Nick at Nite has an assortment of classic sitcoms

    3rd Continue watching the Kelly File, which will undoubtedly provide you with material by which you may continue this rant

    Very Respectfully