Killer Walks Out of Jail Nine Hours After Murder


Jeremy Conway Hardin, 39, called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, and said he shot his girlfriend Jody Marie Watson, 38.

I assume I am entitled to call him a killer because he admitted that he did it.

According to he walked up behind Ms. Watson while she was cooking supper and shot her in the back of the head, while two of her children witnessed it. A third child of Ms. Watson’s was at school.

Hardin made the call to the Sheriff’s Department around 3:30 on Thursday afternoon, April 7, so the shooting must have been only a few minutes before that.

Hardin was arrested, booked into jail, either he contacted a bail bondsman, or perhaps there was one at the jail, and magic, he pays the bail bondsman his fee, the bail bondsman guarantees the $50,000 total bond, and Hardin is released from jail after midnight.

A cold-bloodied killer, by his own admission, walks out of jail a free man, at least for now, a product of the Jefferson County Injustice System.

What judge, may I call him dumb, set the bond at $50,000? He should be identified, and that info made public by the person running against him in the next election. Hardin’s bond should not have been any less than $1,000,000.

Ms. Watson had lived with Hardin a number of years, again according to There had been three domestic violence calls to that residence, based on Jefferson County Sheriff’s records.

How does a killer decide to murder? Hardin worked for Alabama Power. Had he been at work that day, planning to shoot Ms. Watson? Did any of his fellow workers notice anything different about him on Thursday or did he hide it so well they were totally in shock just about like the entire state of Alabama?

The house belonged to Hardin, and I imagine if Ms. Watson found it necessary to go out and find new housing for her and her three children, it might have been a financial burden on her. Perhaps that is the reason she stayed, but the only one who can tell you that for sure is dead.

Now the children are left without their mother to wind up wherever, hopefully with some relatives and not foster care, but the two that witnessed the diabolical murder will replay it in their minds over and over and over.

Their ages were not disclosed but they knew what had happened because they ran to a neighbor’s house, and told the neighbors their Mom had been shot.

What did Hardin do when he got out of jail? He’s the only one who can tell you that. Here’s my scenario. He probably called a relative to pick him up, and take him home. Can you imagine the conversation between Hardin and that relative, if there were any conversation at all? It certainly would have been awkward.

For those of you who are queasy about the gruesome details of a murder, do not read any further. For those not, I need to show the brutality of a murder scene.

When he got home, there had been no cleanup, so Ms. Watson’s blood was all over the kitchen cabinets, stove, and floor, and her brain matter was splattered on the cabinets. Do you think he tried to clean it all up, or that he grabbed a beer, went in the den, took a couple of sips, and said, “Damn, I probably should not have done that?”

The picture of the street shows well-kept houses and lawns in the community of Clay, Alabama. Neighbors said it was a quiet neighborhood. Kids played outside in the yards. Neighbors tried to look after each other, although this situation was not what anyone ever envisioned.

I’m guessing Hardin stayed up most of the night watching TV, Maybe he went back in the kitchen for another beer, glanced again at Ms. Watson’s blood and brains, and thought to himself, do I clean that up or get some professional cleaners to do it? Of course he might have had an afterthought. When the professional cleaners found out they were coming to a murder scene, and the killer was the one who would be there, they might have been a little hesitant to come.

Maybe Hardin’s relatives offered to clean up Ms. Watson’s blood and brains. Would they have had a strange feeling when they did it? I’m saying the blood and brain spray was considerable, especially if the shot exited Ms. Watson’s head.

What size gun did he kill her with? A magnum, that would have probably blown a portion of her head off, gone through the kitchen wall, through the wall of the next room, and maybe have gone out the exterior wall of the house, with the possibility of killing someone else in another yard. Wouldn’t that have been ironic?

Maybe he murdered her with a 22, which at that close range would have still exited the front of her head.

Did he use hollow-point bullets, like the ones used to kill John F. Kennedy? I think there is enough graphic representation of that on TV from time to time, enough so I don’t have to explain pictorially what happened to Kennedy or Ms. Watson.

Is Hardin up to two beers now, and starting on a third, complaining to no one there is not much on TV at this time of the night, almost morning? Maybe he decides to get a couple of hours sleep, or slouch on the couch a while longer, nothing to worry about, it’s been just another one of those ordinary days, hasn’t it?

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