Michelle Obama Refers to “Our People”


Michelle Obama Refers to “Our People”. Those are Michelle Obama’s words as the commencement speaker at Tuskegee University, an historically black, private university. “Our People”. I thought she was first lady for all of the people, not just her people.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, this should be disturbing to you. It is very divisive, very racist. Those were not her only words, but with these two words, I think you can get an idea of what some of her other words were. Angry words at times.

She even mentioned Ferguson. DOJ cleared the police officer in the shooting. Is she trying to incite as many blacks as possible to go out and kill white people? I have no idea, but words are meant to motivate.

What has she to be angry about? She and Barack went to fancy up east schools many could not afford, she Princeton and Harvard. Going on seven years now, she hasn’t had to cook a meal.

Even if Michelle urged the graduates on with positive comments later in her speech, she had already planted the seeds she wished to. Such a tremendous opportunity to step onto the stage, and give them a reason to succeed instead of an excuse if they failed.

Several years ago my son’s high school invited him back to be the commencement speaker, I would assume as a measure of his success. My wife and I never asked in advance what he was going to say. There were both black and white graduates.

Everything he said to all of the graduates was positive. He never said you white graduates need to do this, and you black graduates need to do this differently. He pointed out you succeed with hard work, and he had put in plenty of that. The years have proved him right for those graduates, because both black and white, have succeeded.

I’m angry at MO (Michelle) for several reasons. Let me tell you why.

Tuskegee University was founded by Booker T. Washington. Michelle chose to take the path directly opposite to what he believed. Look it up.

Tuskegee. Home of the Tuskegee airmen, a group of black pilots in WWII. In the forties they faced much more hatred and racism than Michelle Obama (MO) ever thought about. They never said our people will help your people fight your war. They fought as Americans, and were willing to die as Americans. For MO to make that statement  in the town of Tuskegee  is doubly insulting to them.

Eleanor Roosevelt, a truly first lady, insisted when she visited Tuskegee in the 1940’s, that the plane be flown by a Tuskegee airman. I’ll admit that was not a gigantic step in race relations, what with the civil rights only coming to the fore about 20 years later, but it was quite striking, considering the time and circumstances, and who she was.

In an unrelated incident which I point this out to show her graciousness never seemed to stop and was certainly genuine in all instances. In the 1950’s or early 1960’s before her death in 1962 she hosted an event at her house on the Roosevelt Estate in New York along the Hudson River long after FDR’s death. A group of army brass were there, one of whom I know, and he was amazed even then she was still the first lady she had always been, and would always be.

There is a third situation, which angers me even further with MO’s words of “Our People”. There is a fellow who does for my wife and me things that I can no longer do. He’s also a friend, because he calls us to check, and see if we are doing okay. His daughter attends Tuskegee University, and I have little doubt she was in the audience to hear MO’s words

Race between this fellow and me has never entered the picture. We are two human beings, and that’s all. I think it is disgusting that MO would try to influence his daughter in that manner, to turn her against all white people.

I’ve never met my friend’s daughter, but I know him, and that tells me all I need to know about her. She plans to be a veterinarian. He works very hard to make sure that will happen. And not once have I ever heard him complain.

When MO became first lady, I hoped she would be a good first lady. She fringed around the edges early on, but this latest display is despicable. I really don’t know how to characterize her now. I don’t want to be harsh, but this confrontational attitude at Tuskegee leads me to believe she hates white people.

I don’t hate people. That accomplishes nothing. And that is a harsh tag to attach to MO, but what other common sense explanation is there.

I will continue to call her MO, until she acts like a first lady, then I will call her the first lady. I am now convinced that will never happen, and in fact the worst is yet to come. That’s inexplicable.


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