Does MSNBC Want Dead Cops?


Does MSNBC Want Dead Cops? Set the emotional aspect of this aside. That never makes it to the bottom line. Let’s do a business analysis. This will take a couple of minutes of reading before I get to the crux of the matter.

I’ve never been privy to the meeting of any of the execs at MSNBC, and never will be, but I’ve been in enough business meetings to know what goes on.

One meeting I recall involved negotiations, the side I was on, and the other side. We had friendly discussions, then had a break for supper, separately. When the meeting began again the other side couldn’t conveniently remember anything that was said prior to supper, and began lying. Lying in a business meeting is nothing to be alarmed about, it’s sometimes assumed to be a negotiating tool. You sort through the lies until the other side finally establishes some principles they are willing to live with. You don’t try to backtrack before supper, or mention the lies they’ve said up until then, you just try to stick their feet in concrete, give it enough time to dry, and use those new principles they cannot now escape to iron out any differences.

I’ve been in business meetings where a simple statement of facts served as the opening volley from each side. If you have the stronger side, you always welcome those kinds of meetings. If not, you seek some type of cover.

Any business meeting of consequence always involves the bottom line. How much is left over at the end of the day when all the expenses are paid and depreciation and/or amortization are booked. Then project that for the month, the year etc.

TV has a middle man. It’s called ratings. TV puts their shows on the air, people watch them, or not watch them, the rating agencies pull in the figures, and pass them along to the TV network, and the TV network is able to charge their advertisers based on those figures.

TV execs huddle all the time because of the changing landscape. MSNBC is owned by NBC, so I cannot imagine an NBC exec is not in the room when all of these MSNBC meetings are going on.

Every time I turn on TV, Al Sharpton’s face seems to be there. I assume MSNBC execs are pleased to have him as their front man. He is on the MSNBC network.

Little Al (he used to be big Al but has lost quite a bit of weight) was involved with the Trayvon Martin scenario, the Michael Brown scenario, the Eric Garner scenario. He headed up a protest in D. C. this past weekend. He counsels with President Obama, with New York Mayor de Blasio, and with that Sony exec who emailed a few words.

But there is a new wrinkle. This past weekend in New York the protesters called for “Dead Cops”. When did they want dead cops, “Now.”

If I had been running the execs meeting at MSNBC, I would have called them back to the office on Sunday night, and said what do we do now?

Businesses, be they regular businesses or TV networks always have certain plateaus that are established for them. With a regular business, most times it is corporate that establishes the plateau, but sometimes an employee might do something kind for a customer that resonates all the way up to corporate, and they willingly adopt that as a new plateau, one they are happy to see the whole business live up to.

In my opinion, the new plateau for MSNBC has now been established by the New York protesters. I don’t think little Al made it to New York for that protest, but little Al seems to be everywhere else, an almost omnipotent presence, if you will.

With Al Sharpton as their apparent lead man, in some cases with little Al leading the charge, MSNBC must be satisfied with what has happened up to now, including the rioting, and looting, and burning in Ferguson.

In my estimation that is the plateau where MSNBC is right now.

The odd thing about business plateaus, be they regular business or TV networks, is that the next plateau must be greater than the previous plateau, retreating isn’t too much of an option.

The MSNBC execs might not have shown up on Sunday night as I would have had them, but surely they all got in a room together at some time.

Wonder what they said? Could NBC corporate have told them at some point our name will be dragged into the decision you are about to make?

Could any of the MSNBC execs have said you know what plateau we are on now, and what the next one is?

Are any of the MSNBC execs worried about the escalating violence?

Surely, just surely, MSNBC’s next plateau cannot be a cop killed by one of the protesters.

I don’t know about you, but I would call that a conspiracy to commit murder. I would make the arrests in the MSNBC execs’ meeting, and include the NBC exec if he’s there.