Murder on a Quiet, Modest Indianapolis Street


Rape and murder, and the victim Amanda Blackburn was pregnant. This heinous act was committed by dumb, dangerous, and deadly suspects. Three are in custody now. The police may arrest more. They call themselves the “killing gang”.

Pastor Davey Blackburn, Amanda’s husband had gone for a morning jog. The suspects had committed two previous break-ins. Then they found Amanda.

Two of the suspects allegedly went to the bank to use the Blackburn’s ATM cards while the third raped and shot Amanda, while her 15-month old son lay upstairs.

Exactly how much money these barbarians got from the ATM cards has not been disclosed. On a pastor’s salary, it could not have been much.

It was dumb of the suspects to even come into this neighborhood. It was obvious there was no major money there. Willie Sutton, maybe one of the most famous bank robbers of all time, used to say he robbed banks because that’s where the money is. These morons didn’t have sense enough to go into a neighborhood where the designer mailboxes by the street, the manicured lawns, and the immaculate and expensive houses spell money.

They were further dumb when they left the ATM receipts in the car when they used the Blackburn ATM cards they had stolen, and the police later found. Who in their dumbest, stupidest, moronic, psychopathic moments would leave ATM receipts from the use of stolen ATM cards in a stolen car they were driving around? That would be like Willie Sutton holding on to a dye pack as he left the bank, and stopping for a latte at Starbucks, and using the orange-dyed iridescent money to pay for it.

Did these suspects’ parents raise them to be that dumb? Are the parents of these idiots that dumb themselves? The parents should be tried for murder along with their suspected sons. Oh their innocent sons could not have possibly done this? Bull, momma and daddy, you must have known their inclinations toward violence. Why didn’t you report them to the police? A simple phone call, and Amanda might be alive today. Oh, my son can do no wrong? Denial mom and dad translates to your sons deserving to die, and soon, like maybe fifteen minutes, and not lingering around fifteen years for appeals.

Were the situation reversed and this had been white guys raping and murdering a black lady twenty-eight years old, the liberal media would have been hollering it’s racism. I don’t know if this is a mixed neighborhood, both blacks and whites, and from all indications this was random and not racist.

I can assure you when Amanda and Davey came from South Carolina in 2012 to start the Independent Resonate Church in Indianapolis, they had no idea what awaited Amanda in November, 2015. I’m sure they would have stayed in South Carolina, because I don’t believe any more violence could have happened to Amanda there.

Now Pastor Davey is left to raise his 15-month old son by himself. He doesn’t have to worry about the child Amanda was carrying. I don’t know if it was a boy or girl. The remaining parent often names the unborn child, and that child is cuddled in the arms of the murdered mother. Exact details of Amanda’s interment are not available, and shouldn’t be.

These dumb suspects apparently do not watch crime shows on TV. They might remove some of their dumbness. How many times have people misidentified criminals when they were staring straight at them? And I hate to say this, but if these black guys fit in with other black guys, chances of identifying them goes down further. But they are dumb guys, and you cannot rely on their I Q.’s to recognize that. Each of them was probably wearing something that would have identified them beyond a shadow of a doubt.

When those white idiots in Texas dragged Emmett Till behind a pickup truck and killed him, they had the wrong guy. I’ll drive the pick-up truck the Amanda Blackburn murderers are chained to. Let them know they face that kind of justice, and I think these guys would have walked out of that house without committing a murder. Sure Amanda would have been raped. They weren’t leaving without that trophy I. D., a black guy raping a white woman. But she would be alive to piece her life back together. Amanda you must assume would have taken that over death any day. And those white guys in Texas who killed Emmett Till. I would have personally chained them to the back of that same pick-up truck, and dragged them coast to coast.

You might think I’m still being racist? Was the victim white? Were the murderers black? I don’t really care what you think. Give me six months and you will see a precipitous drop in the crime rate.

Am I mad? You damn right I’m mad. An innocent white woman going about her daily routine has her life interrupted by black thugs. Interrupted, and then she dies.

What did she think for the length of time she had to live, not knowing whether she would live or die? What would that have been? Thirty minutes. Forty-five minutes. What if her husband had come back while they were there? He would probably have been killed himself. A two-for-one morning, the criminals would have said.

Amanda’s dead. Shot dead. You SOB murderers are alive. Let me in the execution room. I have enough chemistry background that I will fry your brain, and you will know your brain is frying before you die.

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