Joy Behar of The View must be the dumbest ding-dong on the face of the earth when she criticized Miss Colorado who appeared for one of the Miss America competitions in her nurse’s uniform. Miss Colorado gave a monologue about an Alzheimer’s patient she had, and what she did to try and make him feel as normal as possible.

There may have been ding-dong II to her left, because she seemed to be making disparaging remarks also. I don’t know who she is, because I don’t watch The View.

What are they on, ABC? If I were CEO of ABC, I would call those two ding-dongs on the carpet, and tell them to get their asses out there on the next show, and apologize. I thought the liberal media touted that they were for women’s rights? This is women’s rights? This is woman wronged.

How many of you have ever known a nurse or nurses because you had need of their services? Or had a relative who was in need of their services?

Both my wife and I have needed them. I’m telling you nurses must descend from Heaven every day. The things they went through for my wife and me were not easy.

When I had my colon cancer operation, why they didn’t put me out on a bed in the parking lot, and wish me good luck, I’ll never know. I was not a good patient. I’ll admit what I went through medically was not the best experience I ever had in my life, but I could have been kinder and gentler. Did the nurses ever complain? No.

I was in the hospital seven days, and along about the fifth day, these two young ladies, candy stripers I think they call them, came to my room to talk about nutrition. I didn’t want to talk about nutrition. I didn’t want to talk about anything. I wanted to break out of the joint.

They were in there about two minutes. That was long enough for them to be frightened to the extent they left, and never came back. I do hope if it was their desire to become nurses, this did not deter them, because I was probably the worst case scenario they would ever face.

I did hope they would come back, so that I could apologize to them. I was afraid to ask anybody if those two young gals had flown out to Europe that very night, never to return to American soil.

I expected one of the nurses to come in my room and ask permission to video me, and use it as training while students were in nurses’ school. I might have hesitated, because next time I had to go to the hospital or even make a trip to the emergency room, the nurses would stare at me, and say, “That’s him.”

When my wife had her pacemaker put in, she had some side effects before and after that required the nurses to be of stout mind. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say this was not the nurses’ favorite pastime. Did I ever hear a complaint from them? No.

I was engaged in a prolonged writing, the details of which I can’t disclose, but I had contact with a nurse, because she herself had a prolonged contact with the patient. This nurse and I dealt with specific details, but occasionally we had time to chat back and forth via e-mails.

She disclosed a situation to me that she had as a practicing nurse which was quite similar to the situation Miss Colorado talked about, only it was not Alzheimer’s, but as with Alzheimer’s, was terminal on a much shorter basis. I wish I were at liberty to disclose exactly what happened, and how it happened. Let’s just say this lady was indeed an Angel of Mercy in this case, because she not only provided the patient’s treatment, but was that person’s rock in the process of dying.

Joy Behar and the other person may make fun of nurses. They may think it’s fun to demean a nurse in her uniform. Well, Joy, and the other lady, if you ever need a brain scan, I don’t think the insurance company will authorize it. They’ll say it’s a waste of money. We already know what’s not up there.

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