Only One Murder Matters; The Other 439 Murders Don’t


That Chicago police officer who killed that 16 or 17 year-old black youth is being charged with first degree murder. I doubt that sticks. Second degree yes, unless something turns up I haven’t seen. I can find nothing in the video of the police officer shooting that 16 or 17 year-old kid in Chicago to justify it. Even if the kid was on drugs, and had a knife, he was walking away from the police. The only slight justification would be if the kid was reaching in his pocket, which the video doesn’t seem to show. Reaching in your pocket if the police are trying to arrest you is dumb, because they will assume you have a gun.

But the kid was shot sixteen times. Two before he fell from the shots and 14 afterwards. There is no excuse for that. The officer had just arrived on the scene with other officers. First degree has to be premeditated, and unless you consider a few seconds before he shot the kid to be premeditation, there is no first degree. Maybe the police officer had prior run-ins with the kid, and they can hang murder one on him for that. All of this will come out in the trial.

According to the Chicago Tribune there have been 439 murders in Chicago this year, and there is December to go. I don’t have the statistics, but I imagine many of them are black youths murdered by other black youths, no doubt some gang members who were exchanging unfriendly gunfire. There were others who had nothing to do with gangs. Totally innocent. Totally dead.

The protesters have honed in on this one murder, because it involved a white police officer killing a black youth. It seems the other dead black youths in the 439 statistic do not matter. I tried to find the number of dead black youths killed, but couldn’t. Maybe that is considered racist, and is not specified for that reason.

Let’s set the scene, Bro. Roll out the real reason the protesters are focusing on this shooting only. I’ve had to use this same scenario in another story I wrote. Why do I keep repeating myself? Because that’s how the cash register jingles, Bro.

The protesters are certainly due their lot to protest the police and the police station. What they are not due is to disrupt everybody else’s life as they did on Black Friday, ironic name wouldn’t you say, when they tried to interfere with Black Friday shopping, the biggest shopping day of the year.

Keep following me, Bro. I’ll get there. In the meantime the 439 murders are not a static figure. It will be rising.

You would expect Jesse Jackson, who lives in Chicago to be leading the protests. He was. Do we have any individual thinkers in that crowd, or does everyone follow Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Reverend Wright like they don’t have a brain of their own, and Jackson’s, Sharpton’s and Wright’s brains think good enough for them?

Jesse Jackson is in the picture. Do we have a different dynamic here? Is there something emerging here, Bro?

I think the black protesters had everyone on their side when they were protesting the police and at the police station, but when they started infringing on other people’s lives who had nothing to do with the shooting and killing, they antagonized others, making them mad, and the innocent shoppers no longer sided with the protesters.

Jesse Jackson is still with us. Continue on, Bro.

Did the protesters even stop to think about this? Like maybe let’s choose sides on this. What about people watching on TV, what do they think? They think like the people who are being antagonized in Chicago, because they cannot go shop as they wish. Those watching on TV are saying if those idiots came to my shopping center, would I be happy?

A slight diversion here while we talk about Donald Trump. Never fear though, Jesse is still here.

People criticized Donald Trump for having the Black Lives Matter protester thrown out of his rally in Birmingham. Some say the BLM fellow even got roughed up. Is the BLM fellow the only one with rights in this matter? Everybody else came to see Donald Trump. Why should they have to put up with the rantings and ravings of one BLM protester, and be disturbed by him? Had he just shown up with a BLM shirt on and walked around, I doubt anything would have happened to him. But that was not his reason for being there. Disruption, disruption, disruption.

This one fellow is like the protesters in Chicago trying to disrupt the shoppers. Totally out of place. Had the Chicago protesters only presented themselves in the malls with some kind of identifying shirt, etc, I doubt the shoppers would have been bothered by them or antagonized. But that was not their purpose. Disruption, disruption, disruption.

Be patient readers, I must set the whole scene.

Now a few people think they have the right to trample on everybody else’s rights, and they think they are right in what they are doing. BLM has disrupted meetings or rallies, at times they have snatched the mike out of the speaker’s hand, and started their ranting and raving. Or there are enough of them to be a tremendous nuisance. What about that BLM group at the Minnesota State Fair that wanted to kill police?

And the liberal media is concerned about one BLM protester at a Trump rally being thrown out on his ear? I’m waiting for one of the liberal media to be shot and killed at one of these BLM rallies. Intentional or not, it really doesn’t matter to the dead person the reason they are dead.

And what of the journalist just convicted in Iran of spying. Where is the hue and cry from the liberal media about the prosecution of a fellow journalist? I haven’t heard it, have you? That BLM Birmingham guy got more coverage.

I hope the shoppers in Chicago bought what they intended to on Friday, and they told the protesters to get out of their way. Goodness forbid if the liberal media saw it and reported it. The shoppers don’t have any rights. Only the protesters.

Food for thought for Jesse.

And Jesse Jackson, how about those 439 people who have been murdered in Chicago this year according to the Chicago Tribune. That’s four more than last year, the entire year that is. How many of those were blacks killing blacks? How many of those did you know by name, Jesse? I doubt any of them. There is no money in that for Jesse.

Did I mention money, Bro? Money and Jesse Jackson together? How rude of me.

If Jesse disrupts the shopping in malls and goes to the mall shop owners, and says he will lead protests somewhere else, if only they contribute money to him, wouldn’t be that a wonderful scam for Jesse? You don’t really think Jesse would do such a thing, do you? Ask the big companies in America how much they have paid Jesse. Ask Jesse how much of that money has trickled down to his fellow man? Guess?

Remember, protesters, with Jesse out in front leading the protesters, the only thing you see of him is his rear end, and his fat billfold.

Pardon me while I go check the murder stats at the Chicago Tribune site. The murders when I started writing this story were at 436, and now they are 439. But none of their lives matter, do they?

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