Protester Coddling


Protester Coddling. New York City has decided to pay six of the protestors in the 2011 Occupy Wall Street a total of $332,500, with individual amounts ranging from $52,500 to $60,000. NYC says they’re doing it in the best interest of the city. Why is NYC paying them? The six claimed they were pepper sprayed when they weren’t supposed to be.

Did any of these six leave trash all over the place when Occupy was over? Did they do even worse than that and leave human waste? And now NYC is rewarding them with this money. If you are going to award any money, give it to the sanitation workers who had to clean up the mess.

Homeland Security could step in and tell NYC when they issue a permit like the one for Occupy Wall Street, that each protester will be identified, and will have a badge with his/her name on it and where they are from. Background checks will be run on them to see if they are collecting unemployment from any state, or welfare, or food stamps, because they apparently do not have time to work, but somehow manage to get to the protest. Who is paying for them to get to the protest?

If they are collecting benefits illegally, they themselves will be prosecuted, and the benefits cancelled, and they will be taken to jail.

The Occupy Wall Street permit should have included the following information:

There will be a minimum fee of $200,000 paid up front before this permit is issued to cover clean-up costs. Should the clean-up costs be more than that, individuals will give their names and be responsible for additional clean-up costs, and will sign a form saying they will pay for it.

When you participate in this protest, you may be subjected to pepper spray, even though you may not be directly involved in the reason the pepper spray was used.

If you are obstructing any areas, you will be asked to move. If you do not move, you will be taken to jail. Your jail sentence will be the duration of the protest. Once the protest ends, you will be driven to the city limits of the city, and let out.

If you use the bathroom on public property, you will be fined $10,000 and labeled as an unsanitary situation offender, and entered in the national data base as such.

If you are a New Yorker, and are drawing New York unemployment or welfare or food stamps, and this being the Occupy Wall Street, because Wall Street is a big payer of taxes in New York, and contributes toward your benefits, Wall Street will have the choice of your punishment.

I can imagine New Yorkers who were inconvenienced by Occupy Wall Street are thrilled that their tax money is going to pay these six people.

In addition to the Occupy Wall Street permit, permits should be issued for all protest marches, and could include some if not all of the Occupy permit. Additional conditions in other protests such as those for Baltimore and Ferguson could include:

Looters will be shot and killed. Not shot to be wounded, but shot to be dead. Looting has nothing to do with peaceful protests.

If you are rioting, expect to be taken to jail, and charged with rioting. Rioting has nothing to do with peaceful protests.

If you are destroying property, you will be fined the amount of money that it takes to restore that property.

Whatever force is necessary will be used to disperse unruly protesters, rioters, or looters. If you are in the middle of unruliness, we may not mean to kill you, but we may accidentally. We would suggest that you wait for all the facts to be in before you protest, such as the Michael Brown case.

If there are outside agitators, we will not be in a position to distinguish whom we shoot. We will be glad to collect all the Last Wills and Testaments any protesters wish to write.

You will not be allowed to protest, riot, or loot after you are dead.





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