Are Protesters Saying to Hell with the Cops’ Funerals?


Well the protesters are saying they will defy New York Mayor de Blasio’s request to not stage protests before the two murdered police officers are buried. What idiot believes they will get public support for that? Is Al Sharpton leading these protesters? And Al, those threats you say you’ve been receiving, don’t call the police for protection.

Not that Mayor de Blasio is a shining example of virtue. He ran his campaign on anti-police. Some people beat the tar out of two policemen, and he called it an alleged attack, then a week later two were killed.

Like get on TV Bill, and call the first a dastardly act, and the second an unspeakable act, or whatever bull you spewed out on TV in a manner gushing with insincerity.

Don’t huddle with the protesters and take their side only. Maybe a ride in a patrol car one night might give you a new perspective, so the police don’t turn their backs on you when you show up at a press conference to announce two of New York’s finest have been killed.

And to take a side step here, where are Eric Holder and President Obama. All we get is a written statement from Barack Hussein Obama llama. Glad he could take time from his golf game, but I think he went right back at it after those words that somebody wrote, probably not him. He gets on TV at the drop of a hat. Was it that Cambridge Prof that Obama feared might have been racially profiled, and he had to have a beer with the Prof and the policeman to iron out the difficulties, or perceived difficulties in his own mind? The liberal media ate that up with their TV long shots of the meeting. That certainly takes priority over two New York policemen being murdered.

What about all the rhetoric for all these months from Obama, Holder, DeBlasio and Sharpton? Give the protesters everything, and give the cops nothing, except bullets in the heads for two of them. The liberals are claiming that rhetoric didn’t stir up a soul, didn’t make anybody mad, had nothing to do with the cop killer fleeing from shooting his girlfriend in Baltimore, and moving on up to Brooklyn to devastate the families of the two policemen, and the entire civilized world that mourns their losses.

The liberal media calls the killer a nut case, and say he would have done what he did regardless. Rhetoric played no part. If you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land on the edge of the Okefenokee that should be a prime resort area. Want to buy it?

I think other police will have to pay with their lives. I hope not, but when we have a president who can’t get on live TV and declare he’s president of all the people and just not the black community and the protesters, you can expect it to happen.

I’m furious, because I’ve written about our local police force in another venue. I’ll match them against any police force in the country. Once when our neighbor was away, and I kept tabs on his house, I suspected some activity might have been taking place at his house at night. In two minutes the police were here with flashlights, circling the house in the darkness, at least a 150 feet from street lights. Somebody could have been waiting with a gun, but on this night they weren’t.

I don’t want our police killed. I don’t want any more NYPD killed. I don’t want any police men or women who will venture into the darkness undaunted or sitting in a patrol car on a Saturday afternoon in New York having lunch to be killed.

The only thing that stands between any of us, and the violence that happened in Ferguson are the men and women in blue.

I’m starting a fund. I’ll kick in a hundred dollars. Want to contribute? We’ll send those protesters to Cuba. After all, we are about to have normalized relations with them, or that’s what we’ve been told. If the protesters have any trouble, they can just call 911 and identify themselves as a protester.

Hey, Raul, they’re on the way.

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