Say It Again, Dr. Ben


Dr. Ben Carson has a brilliant idea. Cut the tax code down to three pages. Let’s go one step further. Federal laws will be no longer than one page—and written in plain English.

I hear various numbers for the length of the tax code, but 35,000 pages seems to be the acceptable number. I’m not sure how many IRS employees there are, but this would put a serious dent in that number. After all, how many agents do you need to interpret and enforce a three-page tax code? Many, many less than now.

Why the one-page or less limit for the laws passed by Congress? Right now they pile everything into a bill by amendments. The amendments are loaded with pork, and in addition each party puts some amendments in there they like that have nothing to do with the stated purpose of the bill, and the other party has to vote for it to get the bill passed.

Not only a one-page law, but the law only applies to one thing. For example if it’s funding for federal highways in the states, it would read that the percentage of the total appropriations will go to the states based on the miles of federal highways within that state. Should states not spend the money on federal highways and bridges, they will be penalized to the total extent that happened in the next federal highway appropriations bill. Also contractor costs to build highways or bridges or repair them will be based on a national average, and any state paying a contractor higher than the national average will be penalized that amount of money when the next federal appropriations bill is passed. In other words, contractors can’t pad the bill to pay whoever is standing in line to benefit from it.

Didn’t Alaska have a highway built to nowhere, because that’s what their Senator wanted? What about shrimp running on a treadmill? How much did that cost the taxpayers? At some point there has to be a study on dirt, that one’s state’s dirt differs from another, and the study will cost $50,000,000.

Of course there is the reverse situation where the federal government passes a law or Obama signs an Executive Order that mandates a state do something, and doesn’t provide money for the state to do that. Stop that immediately.

And those Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen standing up in front of empty chambers or almost empty, reading some garbage into the Congressional Record. Is any of that stuff ever used? I never have heard of it. Have you? I guess they log it away in voluminous computer files, but being the federal government, they’re bound to have a paper copy (called a hard copy by some) because they want a record that can be physically seen. Surely it must stretch to the planet Pluto and back several times. I wish the whole thing was on Pluto, but then again the weight would sink Pluto out of our Solar System or whatever system we’re in.

But the politicians must perpetrate themselves, must serve as long as they can, even be physically assisted to and from their offices when they are no longer sufficiently mobile. In some cases their mental capacities may be impaired as well. I’m not knocking older people, I’m old myself, but how long does their self-glorification have to last? They have one of the best retirements in the history of retirements. Why not let somebody younger who can do the job, do it?

The merry-go-round must continue to spin, never stopping for any politician to get off. Perhaps now and then, as politicians lose their grips they are slung away into oblivion, but that is too rare to consider.

I’m sure Dr. Ben has some more good ideas. I’m listening. Are you?

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