Shoot to Kill


That’s what Arthur Gonzalez, an FBI agent at the time, did to his estranged wife, Julie Gonzalez.

I read a couple of FBI agents’ accounts that say when an FBI agent draws his gun, it is always shoot to kill.

Really? Your estranged wife?

Both “Dateline” and “48 Hours” had TV stories on this.

You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t buy Arthur Gonzalez’s version of the story. The only other version is Julie Gonzalez, and she can’t talk because she’s dead.

Arthur said Julie had come to his house, where she wasn’t supposed to be, although there was no mention of a restraining order to keep her away. She told him she was getting some of her clothes.

Arthur said she discovered some underwear in what used to be their bedroom. It wasn’t hers, but a 24-year old woman who worked at the FBI with Arthur Gonzalez. They apparently had been having sex.

Arthur Gonzalez claimed that enraged Julie, and she came at him with a knife. Don’t maybe, suppose, he didn’t see her pick up the knife, if indeed she did?

Don’t suppose he had had lunch with this FBI co-worker when he wasn’t wearing his gun, got in the car, put his gun on, drove home and got out of the car with his gun on?

Wouldn’t most people who didn’t have their gun on at lunch, not feel it necessary to put their gun on if they were driving home?

The Gonzalez family had moved from New Mexico in 2010 for Gonzalez’s new job at FBI headquarters in Quantico. Their home was in Fredericksberg, Va. Here’s a short note about Arthur Gonzalez’s personality. In New Mexico Julie around Halloween would work for a Halloween store. The owner and one of Julie’s co-workers said Arthur would come around as often as four times a day, and if Julie wasn’t home immediately after work, he would start bugging those two about where she might be. Arthur was a real congenial fellow, if you ask me.

The Gonzalez’s marriage was breaking up even when they moved to Virginia.

Wanna guess what class Arthur Gonzalez was teaching at the FBI Academy? Ethics. A man at least 42 (saw no age of him somewhere, but that was Julie’s age), having sexual relations with a 24-year old, some reports said 20, teaching ethics. He should have ethically explained that one to his sons.

There were two trials in which he was charged with murder between 2013 and 2015. Two diametrically opposed juries were hung, but in different directions. The first jury had it 10-2 for acquittal, and the second one had it 10-2 for conviction.

Both prosecution and defense agreed to a bench trial for the third trial. That’s where there is no jury. The judge makes the decision, a decision for manslaughter or not. The prosecution had dropped the murder charge.

The judge mostly relied on the court transcripts from the previous two trials, and a summation from both the prosecution and defense.

The deciding factor for the judge, and this came from her mouth on TV, was the gun powder residue on the knife that Julie was supposedly trying to kill Arthur Gonzalez with on that fateful 4/19/13 day.

Arthur shot her four times, with the bullets hitting her in the chest. The bullets were in a cluster. I’m not sure of the exact legal definition of cluster, but I think it means the bullets were like within three to four inches of each other. Close range, my readers, almost point blank range.

There was one problem. At least one of the bullets was what is termed a “shored wound”. The bullet travels through the body, and is stopped by something hard before it exits the body.

The defense tried to claim it was Julie’s bra that stopped the bullet. The prosecution argued it was the floor that stopped it. The judge agreed with the prosecution.

I don’t have to point out to my astute readers that if a bullet was stopped by the floor, then Julie was lying on the floor when the bullet coursed through her body.

Had I been the judge, that would have been my key deciding factor. He had to shoot her when she was lying on the floor dead. That merciless act would have told me all I needed to know. This whole thing was staged, and he was a cold-blooded killer.

So what if the appeals court reversed my decision. His ass would have been sitting in jail all that time, and maybe, just maybe the appeals court might have seen it as I saw it, and kept him there for the rest of his life.

Arthur Gonzalez claimed Julie had a drinking problem. He took cell phone pictures of her, one with a Vodka bottle. Gonzalez’s boss and his wife claimed Julie had a drinking problem.

Julie’s neighbor and Julie had lunch on the day she was killed.  No alcohol was drank that day, and none found in Julie’s system after she was killed.

As to the gun residue on the knife that Julie supposedly tried to kill Arthur Gonzalez with. The first shot killed Julie, in the chest, right to the heart. Arthur Gonzalez had three shots to play with. One of them he could have put the knife next to the gun and fired it, resulting in gun residue on the knife. Gonzalez is an expert on guns, was taught that when he went through the FBI Academy.

I’m not sure where their two boys were at the time of the killing. They must not have been home, otherwise either the prosecution or defense would have called them to the witness stand. They were certainly old enough to know what they saw.

No weights were given that I could find, but Arthur looked like he certainly topped 200 pounds, and Julie I would guess at 130 max. He couldn’t defend himself from a woman he outweighed by at least 70 pounds without killing her? Oh, he had a superficial cut on his upper left forearm. Superficial means it only slightly broke the skin, otherwise medically it would have been referred to as a deep cut. There is no mention that he had to have stitches in his arm. Did he superficially cut himself?

Arthur Gonzalez lost his FBI job. That’s rather amazing to me, because when his boss at Quantico was asked about the affair between Arthur and his 24-year old co-worker, his boss said as long as they kept it out of the office, it was okay. Was that the same boss that gave him that ethics class to teach? With that kind of attitude, it’s a wonder Arthur Gonzalez didn’t receive a promotion after he was declared innocent, instead of losing his job.

No report on what happened to Arthur’s 24-year old sweetie pie. I failed to mention she was married to another FBI agent in late 2012, and then showed up in Arthur’s life again in March, 2013, just about a month before Julie was killed in April. Not sure what happened to that short-lived marriage. If you ask me this woman was a real princess, with only a few flaws. Should I list them here?

To me a murderer walks among us.


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