Should One Person Change an Entire Culture?


Should One Person Change an Entire Culture? Seems like one person did. But wait just a minute, and I’ll get to that minute later.

The crime in Charleston, South Carolina was horrific. A while man killed nine innocent black people in a church after sitting there for an hour. Then they find on Facebook him displaying a Confederate Flag. Another picture showed him supposedly burning the American flag. If that’s the case the media, as usual, left out a few details, as they often do.

A TV report or two said the father gave his son, the shooter, the gun for his 21st birthday, which means the man had not had the gun long. If those reports are correct, considering the info that the shooter was already doing drugs, giving a gun to him was the dumbest idea in the last 200 years. No doubt there will be a long-drawn out court proceeding. Give me two hours with the shooter, and there will be no need for a trial. If the media wants to show exactly what I do to him, I think we will have much fewer of these types of crimes.

The display of the Confederate Flag left people with the conclusion he hates black people, although he had a black neighbor he knew who thought, based on what the white man told him, he would be targeting some college, at least according to some reports on TV. Seems the man hated everybody.

But now all things Confederate have to be removed from everywhere. This would be Confederate Flags and Confederate statues. Military posts with Southern names that go back years and years must change their names. This because one idiotic moron displayed a Confederate Flag on Facebook.

The Confederate Flag holds no special place in my heart. Although from the Deep South all my life, I was raised as an American, and always looked to the American Flag, period. But there are people who love the Confederate Flag. You would have to ask them if it’s because it represents slavery, but because those people who like to display the Confederate Flag owned no slaves themselves, I doubt that is the reason.

Had I lived in the time of slaves, and owned a Southern plantation, the only reason I would have bought slaves is to give them their freedom. I’ve never thought any human being indentured to any other human being was right. Once the slaves reached my plantation, I would have given them their choice. If they wanted to leave, I would have provided financial assistance to them and their families to get to their destination, and enough money to get established there. Those who chose to stay would have had their freedom. I would have paid them a decent wage, and provided housing and food for them. At no time would anybody have been obligated to me.

There are those who argue that the Civil War was only about slavery. There were also states’ rights issues involved.

Remember at the beginning of this I said wait a minute, and I would explain it later. This is later. If the actions of one person can be used to change a culture that has existed for years and years, then I have my own one- person culture change.

A popular Oklahoma City sportscaster Bob Barry, Jr. was killed when an illegal immigrant made a U-turn in the street and Bob Barry, Jr. crashed his motor scooter into it. One report said motor scooter, another motorcycle. Note the word illegal immigrant, as in he had been returned to Mexico three times, according to reports.

Here’s my one-person culture change. This man was an illegal immigrant. He’s the poster person for change as was the South Carolina shooter. We should deport all illegal immigrants. What?

That’s right. Deporting all illegal immigrants because this one illegal immigrant, who should not have even been in the United States, makes about as much sense as removing all things Confederate because the shooter displayed a Confederate Flag on Facebook.

And while I’m at it, I’m one person, and I’m entitled to change a culture myself. I don’t like Ulysses S. Grant’s tomb. Get rid of it.

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