So You Want to Write


So You Want to Write. I’ve decided I should give back, provided I can work my way through the maze.

I’d like to help anyone who aspires to write and has difficulty getting the correct words down on paper. I would do this at no charge.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Not quite.

My friends who have commented on my blog about stories I have written are always gracious in what they say. People I don’t know have made some nice remarks as well. Some even indicating my writing is a cut above other blogs, and we’re talking about thousands and thousands of blogs.

Others have indicated their desire to write, but have not been able to write as they wish. It is these people I’m talking about.

Now what is this maze I’ve mentioned. The Internet is a hazardous territory. You have some nice people out there, and some not so nice. It is a matter of trying to decipher which is which.

I have one person who writes me comments that have 2,500 to 3,000 words. That is certainly not one of the people I’d contact in my quest. Other comments just don’t make good sense.

For those wishing to improve their writing, they could send me a couple of paragraphs of something they have written in a comment, and we could possibly establish a dialogue. I’ll need their e-mail address or Facebook name.

I’ve written in about every imaginable form—short stories, obituaries, novels, ads, novellas, jokes, TV movie scripts, feature stories, eulogies, poems (one or two forms, but poems can be written in about 200 different ways), and there might even be forms I’ve forgotten. You do learn about writing from all of those, because they all are such different forms of writing, and the techniques can be totally different as you go from one form to the other.

This may be a complete bust. I may not be able to distinguish those who have a sincere desire to better their writing as opposed to those whose desire is to destroy anyone on the Internet they can.

I’m not looking for great numbers here. If I’m able to be of benefit to one or two people, I’d term that a success.

If only, and that is a big if, I can separate the nuts from the normal.

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