Solve a Murder


There are people out there with clues of who committed a murder. For some reason they don’t want to go to the police. Maybe they are afraid the police will say they did it. Perhaps they think the police will think the clue they have is ridiculous.

There are hundreds of unsolved murders in the United States, maybe even thousands.

Maybe you have a clue because you are related to the killer. Perhaps a friend told you he/she committed a murder. There might have been someone telling a story to all who will listen that he/she murdered someone.

This is your opportunity to bring the clue forward. If I feel your clue is valid, I will pass it onto the police at the location where the murder occurred.

You cannot blatantly accuse someone of murder in public. They would sue you and me also. You can provide me with the info which I will keep confidential as to its source, and it will be given to the police in the necessary and proper manner.

Sometimes there is a reward posted for the solving of a murder. Often times there is a stipulation with the reward that there must be an arrest and conviction, which means going through the court process of convicting someone. If you feel you are entitled to the reward and do not wish to approach the authorities, I will do it, and establish the reason you should or should not be entitled to the reward. From that point, if you wish, you can deal directly with the authorities on the reward.

If legitimate, I will incorporate your clue into this story with clue updates. You should specify when the crime occurred, where, who was murdered. Your clue may not be strong enough to bring someone to trial, but someone else may have additional information about that murder, and pass it along to me, because you did likewise with your information.

There may not be enough of a response to this, but I’ll leave it up on the site awhile, and see what happens.

If you’re feeling guilty because you have information about a murder, and have not passed it on to the authorities, this is a chance to clear your conscience.

Let’s start with Jon Benet Ramsey’s killer. I just updated Jon Benet’s story yesterday. If her killer is not dead, then he’s been walking around somewhere for almost 20 years, probably doing what he did to Jon Benet. Somebody knows who he is. Very few people operate in a vacuum. The Unabomber did for a while until he wrote his manifesto, and I think his brother recognized his wording and phraseology and told the police. This crud has done something that is a giveaway to whom he is. Do the right thing. Send me a comment. Let me know who he is. Let me know if you want your name used, or if you prefer to remain anonymous. You will feel better about doing the decent thing. Jon Benet’s father John Ramsey will feel a lot better, because he said he thought Jon Benet’s killer would be caught some day. I’d like to say Jon Benet’s mother Patsy would feel better, but she died, didn’t she? You let Patsy go to her death when you sat up there with the information that would have led to the arrest and conviction of Jon Benet’s killer. Are you going to your death with this information? You might want to think about that.

There are other murders, and other clues. Let me hear from you.

If you are a relative of the killer, are friends with the killer, or have any other association with the killer, do not sit there in silence. Remember, you are probably dealing with a psychotic, and there is nothing to guarantee the next killer’s victim won’t be you.

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